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    Default Smethport gun shop

    Friend of mine was passing through this area and came across a gun shop/surplus store. He said this place had a sks for $1000. Since I collect them my curiosity is up. Anyone been there? If so any info about this gun. Sure it's not made of gold. I'm always up for a road trip. Thanks

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    Default Re: Smethport gun shop

    Sounds like McKean County E-Sales, a resale shop / antique store / eBay seller in the middle of town with a few dozen guns and a little ammo in the back. Highly overpriced guns and ammo.

    Could also be Austin Sales, on the east side of town next to the M113 armored personnel carriers and across US 6 from the car wash. Extremely overpriced firearms.

    Drive on by. Nothing to see at either shop.

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    Default Re: Smethport gun shop

    I agree both sucker baiters. unless that SKS in N. Korean, N. Vietnamese or Chinese type 68 it is not worth $1k. I think I know which one it is too, Austin sales has had a SKS-D & SKS-M on auction arms for 2 years and both are priced at $1k neither are worth more than $500.

    No point in stopping at either unless you enjoy being ripped off.
    30-06, because everything else is just ammo.

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    Default Re: Smethport gun shop

    So I'm moving to Mckean county, any good gun shops I should know about?

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