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    Default Garand Springfield match at Liberty Twp Sportsmen's Club 8/17

    Liberty Township Sportsman's Club will be holding a Garand Springfield match on Saturday, Aug 17. The match starts at 9 and registration starts at 8. There is a $10 entry fee.

    The match is open to all semiauto and bolt action vintage military rifles. Bring your AR's if you want, Mosins, Mausers, K31s, M1 Carbines, whatever you want. It's just a fun match, no prizes so we don't care what you shoot.

    The match is broken into 2 separate matches. each is 30 rounds for record and unlimited sighters. All firing is done from 100 yds and each match consists of 3 stages, 10 shots, slowfire prone. 10 shots rapid fire prone with a magazine change. and 10 shots slowfire standing. You can shoot one gun for both matches or different guns, again, we don't care.

    LTSC is located on Marsh creek road near Beech Creek.
    GPS coords are (41.074397, -77.650611)
    Google Maps:

    Come out and shoot. You'll have fun!

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    Default Re: Garand Springfield match at Liberty Twp Sportsmen's Club 8/17

    If you really want people to attend this match, you should start at home; announce it on the club website and put the match on the club website calendar. If your website is strapped for space, you could take down the Coyote Hunt Results from March to make room. Waiting until a week before the match date to announce it on a general firearms forum such as PAFOA as opposed to the club website is not good planning. I hope you get a better turn out this time than you did in the last two.

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