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    Default Want to join gun club, but work nights..

    Hi guys,
    My father and I want to join a gun club that has a rifle, pistol range, and trap. Only problem is that every gun club around here needs you to go to a meeting once or twice to become a member. I currently work Night shift which is from 3-12 so I could never go to a meeting.. My father works during the days but doesn't get home till 9 at night. Any suggestions for trying to get into a club?? Thanks guys!

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    Default Re: Want to join gun club, but work nights..

    Have you contacted any local clubs? See if any are willing to work with you on a compromise.

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    Default Re: Want to join gun club, but work nights..

    Try northern chester county sportsman club. You may be able to work around that.
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    Default Re: Want to join gun club, but work nights..

    I joined a range in Morgantown a couple of years ago and their meetings were held on Saturday morning.

    Most clubs have a monthly meeting in the evening during the week...IE Elverson.

    Some clubs you don't even need to show up to join. The club I'm thinking about is a hike in Pine Grove, PA.

    Look around as not all clubs require you to attend a meeting.

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    Default Re: Want to join gun club, but work nights..

    If its a club that requires sponsorship, see if your sponsor can speak on your behalf at the club meeting. Some clubs allow this.
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    Default Re: Want to join gun club, but work nights..

    Oley Fish and Game
    Show up on a Sunday morning when they have sporting clays and they will sign you up on the spot if you are an NRA member.
    I think they have sporting clays every other Sunday. This coming Sunday there should be a shoot.

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