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    Default Sniper Competition 2 man team Sept 27-29 West Virginia

    3 days September 27-29
    2 man teams

    Just signed up for this, looks like a great experience. Three days of shooting long range, carbine, pistol, and field craft. Better start training now!

    COF and sign up sheet

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    Default Re: Sniper Competition 2 man team Sept 27-29 West Virginia

    Just read all the way through the CoF, looks like the bees knees with a lot of ukd.

    Too bad I won't have enough magnification ( in time for this year) for several stages where you have to find the targets.
    Because I can't fit Catman in my pocket.

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    Default Re: Sniper Competition 2 man team Sept 27-29 West Virginia

    I signed up as soon as I read the COF. It is not too far from eastern PA and is just right over the border for central/western PA.

    Just to clarify, it is only$250 per shooter for a 2 man 3 day sniper competition.

    Hey, careful, man, there's a beverage here!

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