If you think the race is over and no new gun laws will come about?
That's just what Obama's camp wants you to do. They are working hard to counter any calls or letters you write for the preservation of the 2nd.
Here is a newsletter a friend gets. Please continue to write and call!

Email from Obama's folks follows this line.

"Subscriber name" to say you'll keep the heat on Congress until they vote on sensible solutions to reduce gun violence.

"Dear Subscriber NAME,"

We know a thing or two about making change.

We know that doing big things means all of us doing what we can, where we live. That couldn't have been clearer on Friday for the national gun violence Day of Action.

We had 117 events in congressional districts across the country. Thousands of supporters joined in, and thousands more called and tweeted at your representatives, demanding real action from Washington to reduce gun violence. On the pavement, on the airwaves, and online, you helped put the pressure on Congress.

Check out some of the highlights.

A candlelight vigil in California:

Folks in St. Louis reminded each other -- they deserve a vote:

Supporters outside a congressman's office in New Jersey:

Volunteers in Nevada get people talking about the issues:

In Tennessee, supporters held a memorial for victims of gun violence, reminding their community of the consequences of inaction:

And folks braved the cold in Pennsylvania to show their support:

That passion and commitment will drive this organization, and that's how we'll finish what we started.

Keep it going:

"Link to report back local pockets to target:"



Jon Carson
Executive Director
Organizing for Action

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