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    Default Re: Share Deals on Guns Ammo Accessories Here

    Quote Originally Posted by Emptymag View Post
    My Olight PL Turbo and friends arrived yesterday.

    Initial impression of PL Turbo weapon light:
    Appears extremely well made - excellent fit/finish
    Light is plenty bright for my needs. Good brightness to price ratio for sure.
    The on/off tabs work well. Could be an issue if putting gun in a case if the foam/padding presses switch. (rifle more so than pistol)
    I was concerned that the center hot spot would be TOO hot, but it seems fine - indoors on a dismal, cold day.
    I haven't tried it at night.

    Definitely worth the sale price for sure.
    Got mine the other day also. Really nice and bright. EM also got me to thinking about the PL-Pro Valkyrie so I grabbed one of those on sale also. I'm actually a lot more impressed with the PL Turbo, wish I'd done 2 of those. PL-Pro is a little too yellow for my taste. (May actually see about returning the Pro for a swap, still TBD.)

    Also picked up some of the red AR mags, so thanks, EM, for spending all my $$ for me . . .

    Oh, and some XTP bullets for reloading are due in on Saturday. Terrible week . . .
    Blessed are they who, faced with danger, think only of the front sight. -- Jeff Cooper

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    Default Re: Share Deals on Guns Ammo Accessories Here

    My wallet lives vicariously through the spending of others.

    I called to check my ZIP CODE!....DY-NO-MITE!!!

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