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    Default Beaver tail on 1911 Mil Spec

    I just got a Springfield armory 1911 Mil Spec. I would like to get an extended beaver tail for this. Can I do this with this gun? Can you recommend where and what to get.

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    Default Re: Beaver tail on 1911 Mil Spec

    imo, of the many, MANY aftermarket gimmicks for the 1911, that one is a nesisity.

    the frame will most likley have to be modified. i have bought ones that advritise "no fitting required, fits on std frames" and they never do.

    its not a hard job, i just hand fit them, but if your worried about it, you can get a jig to file it perfectly, but to do one gun, it may not be cost effictive.

    or if it wirries you stripping it and working on it, take it to a smith.
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