Semi-Annual Egg & Flying Block shoot at Lebanon Valley Sportsmen Club. Egg shoot starts at 9:00 a.m. Flying Blocks start at 12:00 noon.

You can shoot pistols, rifles with open sights or rifles with scopes. You can also shoot your bow!!

Cost is $5 per round. You get three shots at two eggs hung by a string. Eggs must be broken by shot (not fall to ground). Break 1 egg, you win a chicken. Break both eggs you win a turkey!

For open sight handguns you shoot at 25 yards standing, no support.

For open sight rifles or scoped handguns you shoot at 50 yards standing, no support.

For scoped rifles you shoot at 100 yards standing, no support.

Flying block shoot on trap range. Shoot actual wooden block. Prize is a turkey for each squad. I think there are ten per squad. (Not sure as I am usually on the rifle range!)

The archery range is open for bow shooters too......

It's a fun day and it benefits our club. Weather is suppose to be really nice. Refreshments available ;-)

EASY to get to. Route 422 just west of Wernersville, Berks County. Turn South on Sportsmen Road at Wernersville State Hospital sign. Go through hospital complex, turn right onto Sportsmen Road. Club is 1 1/2 miles on right.

PM for more info. Thanks!!!!