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    Default New to Bradford County area

    Hi guys,
    I am new here..just moved up from sunny florida...I know...what was I thinking! Anyways I moved to Sayre PA and I work in NY. I picked PA as they are WAY more gun friendly than NY. I just got directions to Sayre Sportsmans club. I was wondering if anyone here has any land or knows of where we can go hunting or plinking. I dont mind punching paper but sometimes I like to just hike around and do some small game or some plinking. I am into class 3 items (mostly silencers and SBR's as I lost all my full auto due to a divorce). I just wanted to say HI and see if anyone has any advice for a newcomer! Thanks Again!

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    Default Re: New to Bradford County area

    Welcome to the foum, Bradford County and SSC.

    Sayre Sportsman's Club is OK, get to know some of the guys there and they'll turn you onto hunting areas. You might also check the PA Game Commission website for the location of State Game Lands, Bradford has a couple and so does Susquehanna, on on the Brad/Sus border is 5000 Acs.

    With luck, I'll see you there.

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