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    Default ***Members*** USE THE RIGHT FORUMS!!!!***

    if you have a question concerning a pistol, use the Pistol Forum

    if you have a question about CCW or LTCF, then use the CC oir Open Carry Forum

    if a question is about ammo or reloading use the Ammunition and Reloading Forum

    if its about optics/sights/lasers, use the Optics Forum.

    if its about a rifle, use the Rifles Forum

    if its about.....get the picture yet?

    the Q&A forum is for FIREARM RELATED things that don't fit in the other categories.

    use the appropriate forum, thats why there are forums for so many different things

    Please use the right forums so we dont have to move threads all over.

    moved threads will NOT be left with a redirect.

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    Default If It Isn't Gun Related..

    If it isn't gun related, do not start the thread in the General, Pennsylvania, or National sections.

    The only place for non-firearm related material is the Lounge.
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