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    Default Re: LTCF Application (Columbia County) Experience

    Quote Originally Posted by RBELARDI View Post
    I dont undersdtand why all the technology for all the counties isnt the same . . . It takes me 20 minutes max in Lackawanna County . . .

    Walk in
    Fill out the app
    Wait 10 min
    Smile for the camera
    Pay $20
    Walk out . . .

    ^^ this thats all I had to do also. 20-25 minutes tops

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    Default Re: LTCF Application (Columbia County) Experience

    All I gotta say is whoever that lady is working at the sherrifs office is, is super arrogant..
    Asked a few questions and she looked at me and answered my questions like Im supposed to know.. and god forbid they give you a call and say "hey were done come pick it up"
    Ya know since I have to do all the other work....
    Since im paying the 20.00 for the licence cant they give at least 1 courtesy??
    Columbia county sheriffs the work for us....
    Lol should be thier motto....
    Any other county surrounding us is an in and out proccess.
    Why is columbia county so SLOW!!!!

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