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    Default Re: The A-Ville Inn Arendtsville

    Quote Originally Posted by jpaulw71 View Post
    Kinda hard not to notice when someone is carrying a gun. Me being gay has nothing to do with it! If I was, "Checking Them Out," I would have said so. I am not afraid. Anybody who knows me, knows that. However, the then owner ( My Aunt,) Nancy E. Wolfe, felt uncomfortable with guns in general. She did not want the neighborhood to think it unsafe for children to eat in an establishment that allows guns. So she included that in our House Policy which is viewable by our public for their over-all concerns. With that said, A licensed establishment must have a House Policy posted in order for the law to be enforced. House Policy is used in conjunction with local, state, & federal laws. If it is not stated in the Licensed Establishment House Policy- it may or may not be ENFORCED. Those establishments not stipulating in their House Policy of guns--- That in the event a Gun Owner, in said licensed establishment, appears to be Visibly Intoxicated and is unable to respond Cohesively? The tender on-duty MUST contact the State Authorities to have that Gun Owner Removed from the premises. No-One else may do so. So, to say that bars discriminate against gun owners is untrue. Bars discriminate against anyone who does not abide by the House Policies. And, as a customer, if you do not like the House Policy then it is your choice not to be there. I am all for anyone who goes through the appropriate channels of owning a gun. It is our right to do so. It is also our right to ensure the safety of everyone who attends our establishment for patronage. Thanks for the understanding.
    It must have really eaten at you that you dragged this out of the land of dead posts a year and a half later.

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    Default Re: The A-Ville Inn Arendtsville

    It must have really eaten at you that you dragged this out of the land of dead posts a year and a half later.
    As this member just joined and this is his first post, I'd imagine he ran across this while Googling his aunt's tavern and felt he needed to respond, even though the incident in question was over 2 years ago.

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