Pro-gun bloggers have been soliciting donations for a group of pro-gun academics who will be filing an Amicus Brief before the United States Supreme Court in support of Mr. Heller in his effort to affirm the decision of the DC Circuit Court striking down its gun ban.

They are called Academics for the Second Amendment.

Filing an amicus brief before the Supreme Court isn't cheap, and the bills will be piling up as the deadline for submission of the brief draws closer. All these gentlemen have dedicated much of their careers to the preservation of the second amendment, and their scholarly work is a big part of why we've come to this point, where the highest court very well may begin to uphold the true meaning of the second amendment.

There is no fight in our life times that will matter to gun rights more than this one, and I hope you will join me in sending a few bucks their way, to help cover the costs of filing this brief. As gun owners, we need to stand by the people who stand by us.

To donate, you can either visit their site here, or send a donation to:

Academics for the Second Amendment
PO BOX 131254
St. Paul, MN 55113

A2A's federal tax id is 41-1725998, and your contribution is deductible.