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    Default Fixing campus carry one child-rape allegation at a time

    Anyone who is familiar with State College, PA and Penn State University knows that there is a drinking town with a football problem. I suspect, however, that there is a special groupthink overlap between PSU sports cultism, and the liberal establishment cultism that has caused a PSU student-and-faculty gun ban. If the Board of Trustees are willing to tear down a dynasty by firing Joe Paterno (and Graham Spanier), perhaps now is the time to rebuild PSU into a place that doesn't inspire hate for Americans (because I couldn't think what else teaching students the normalcy of gun bans could possibly otherwise intend.)

    Rodney Erickson is now the interim president. What do we know about him in relation to firearms? Does the president have the power either to set the policy, or strongly suggest it, as to the state of firearms on campus?

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    Default Re: Fixing campus carry one child-rape allegation at a time

    I think you summed it up about college towns and colleges in general. Liberal, anitgun, drinking, football problem, etc. Did I mention cover up, money? PSU isn`t alone in this sort of thing, but, what happened there was really kind of nasty and deep reaching.

    We here at PAFOA belive in the Constitution and that everyone is innocent until proven guilty....I guess it comes down to, do we believe that our government will fairly judge the people implicated and and deal justice fairly?

    If I ask myself that question, I have to ask, why then, did it take a decade plus for this to have come to light? The first incident was suppoesdly reported 12 years ago, and yet NOTHING, I repeat, NOTHING was done about it. Not even a call to the police!

    These are the people educating our children!!


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    Default Re: Fixing campus carry one child-rape allegation at a time

    A while back, I wrote (then) President Spanier about the weapons policy and if there was any way to allow handguns on campus. I forget his exact words (I'm on my phone and the email is on my PC), but basically he said the campus police are ultimately responsible for the weapons policy. So I contacted them and their reply was along the lines of a snowball's chance in hell of changing it.

    Having met Erickson before, I doubt there's much he could or would do. But I should preface that with the fact that I'm not fond of him anyway.
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