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Thread: Looking for!?!?

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    Default Looking for!?!?

    I've been doing a lot of reading up and enternet research and am very interested in finding a galil or valmet. I'm not entirely interested in the galoni, but looking for the action arms galil. Has anybody seen any for sale at all anywhere? Seems it's just tough to find them. Thanks for you help.

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    If you are a riverboat gambler, follow the Galil threads over at Uzitalk for Golani posts -

    The Golani's are the typical Century-sub-contracted guns, some are built great, some are duds.
    A regular poster at Galil Talk is "Tenngalil" - a Galilsmith extraordinaire that works magic with Golanis.

    That said, the Golani I had on layaway at Dunhams was pretty frickin nice, it was one without the bayo lug but it did have the milled recvr.

    Almost snagged it, but decided to give up my layaway as it is just too heavy for what it is - a 5.56 carbine.

    That and the mags for the Galils - like the awesome C93/HK93/V93 style rifles or VALMETs - are not your everyday NATO STANAGs, so now you end up having to accumulate a bunch of unique mags.

    But at least you can find GAlil mags easily, VALMET mags are harder and you end up converting mags to fit.

    All that in consideration; I decided to stick to the AR platform for my 5.56-fix.
    All of my guns are lubed with BACON GREASE.


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