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    Default Daisytown Sportsmans Club

    Hi I am trying to become a member at Daisytown sportsmans club.. I am an nra member which I know you have to be to be a member there.. my only problem is I dont know anyone who is a member that could sponsor me.. I know there is a meeting there tomorrow night I dont know if anyone on here is a member who could give me advice on how to become a member I would really appreciate it.. just looking for a range to do some target practice for pistol and sight my rifle in near deer season... thank you

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    Take a look at the site some. I didn't know anyone either and went to the fun shoot and singed up. Next meeting I went and was voted in.

    We ask you to come to the regular meeting on the 3rd Monday @ 8PM. That is the quickest way for you to be considered for membership and voted in. If you cannot attend a meeting due to conflicting schedule your name must be brought before two (2) meetings for consideration.
    I know there are a few guys that check in here every so often that have been members a while and know the process better. I'm going to be doing the same thing again here soon since I'm moving back to Pittsburgh.

    Good luck and it is a nice range and club.

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    Default Re: Daisytown Sportsmans Club

    If you didn't attend yesterday's meeting and need a sponsor , I'll sponsor you .Wait till October's meeting then you'll be paid up for next year also .
    PM me if you need further info .

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