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    Default YDR editorial on castle doctrine unfair

    YDR editorial on castle doctrine unfair

    Updated: 06/17/2011 01:11:34 PM EDT

    Ihave always had a great deal of respect for the editorial capability of newspapers to comment on the issues of the day, and I fully support the right of an individual newspaper to disagree with a position I happen to have. However, I must take issue with the York Daily Record editorial of June 12 titled "Anti-government rhetoric alarming."

    I feel this editorial took a quote from another newspaper article completely and totally out of context. The original story, written by the Allentown Morning Call, quoted me as saying, "It's sad that we have to advocate for what is God-given and constitutionally given.

    We must be able not only to hunt but to protect ourselves from an overbearing government that does not do the will of the people. We would like to see crime diminish, and anything that empowers people to defend themselves is going to do that."

    The reference to the right of the citizenry to protect themselves "from an overbearing government that does not do the will of the people" does not come from anti-government radicalism, but is extrapolated from what one of the founding fathers of this nation, Thomas Jefferson, said in defense of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution:

    "The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."

    For the past two sessions of the General Assembly, I have advocated strongly for the castle doctrine, contained in House Bill 40.

    As I have made very clear in media and personal appearances, this legislation is designed merely to return the right of self-defense to the law-abiding citizen, taking away the current advantage that the criminal has in Pennsylvania.

    Again, to be clear, the "duty to retreat" on the part of the law-abiding citizen is what gives the criminal the advantage. In no way whatsoever is my legislation a call to uprising against our government or way of life.
    Indeed, I have and continue to serve my country, my commonwealth and my community through my duty with the Pennsylvania Army National Guard, and as an elected member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

    I am a loyal American, a proud American and a proud Pennsylvanian.

    I find the insinuation that, somehow, I am trying to stir an insurrection to be quite irresponsible, unbelievable and wholly unbecoming of a mainstream newspaper such as yours. I was absolutely taken back when I read your editorial.

    I will not stand idly by while the York Daily Record, or any other newspaper, attempts character assassination via editorial. If you disagree with my position on an issue, that's fine -- but in the future, please do so in a fair, reasoned and mature manner.

    Rep. Scott Perry, R-Carroll Township, represents the 92nd District of the state House of Representatives.

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    Default Re: YDR editorial on castle doctrine unfair

    Just another journalist putting his twist on something without proper research. I look at newspapers as all trying to be like the Enquirer.

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    Default Re: YDR editorial on castle doctrine unfair

    I hate the Record.

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    Default Re: YDR editorial on castle doctrine unfair

    Bird cage liners. That's all newspapers are good for anymore. I really do pity anyone that cannot use a computer to get their news. It's become the only way to get news without the state controlled media lying to you about most things.
    " The Seeds of Oppression Will One Day Bear The Fruit of Rebellion."

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    Default Re: YDR editorial on castle doctrine unfair

    The Rep's reply was clear, concise, and well-thought. Keep the papers straight. God knows they need it.

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    Default Re: YDR editorial on castle doctrine unfair

    This is not a new problem.... Newspapers since forever have had biased story selection and editorials... It is only recently that the various mass media has foisted on the public this 'Myth of Impartiality'....

    If you remember, newspapers used to have names like Hometown Democrat or Crosstown Republican.... It was obvious by their banner what point of view they were going to be reporting from... and you could read a few different newspapers to get a few different perspectives...

    Nothing has actually changed in the newspaper business, vis-a-vis, the bias aspect (except that maybe now it's 90% liberal) but the Masthead and Mantra has changed to claim 'impariality' so as to disguise the lopsided reporting and one-sided editorials that are forthcoming...

    These claims of 'impartiality' are simply the BIG AND BOLD LIE that precede the smaller but constant lying that is contained within the pages....

    Good for Rep. Perry in standing up for truthfulness....


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