Hi all,

I am looking for a range near West Chester that I can to do on Saturday (morning or mid day through the afternoon). Whatever time is good for you. 8am? 10am? Leave at 2pm? 4pm? Later? Pretty flexible.

I am looking at http://www.kfga.net/ , etc... but I don't go to the range enough to justify being a member (but I am trying to force myself out more to do good, skill building activities such as this).

I qualify as expert marksman, know the four rules, follow the four rules, enjoy talking about firearms and cars, and pretty easy to get along with.

No tolerance for unsafe behavior. Would just be nice to get out. Have my own firearms and ammo, and I'm okay with sharing. =)

Please PM, post, or email. We can do telephone once we are good to go!

Trying to keep it within 30 minutes of West Chester, unless it's someplace really special.

Happy Trails,