His name is Steven Armbruster.

Here is his opening letter on his web site http://armbruster4sheriff.com/
And there is a lot more info you should read on his website. This guy rules.

"Dear Citizens of Carbon County,

The most important aspect of the county sheriff’s authority is that he is elected by and for the people. He is not appointed, nor is he a bureaucrat. The sheriff is elected with the charge of protecting the civil liberties of the citizenry. He is answerable only to the citizens of his county.

As sheriff, I will erect barriers between the county authorities and the state and federal governments. In performing this function, I will enforce structural constitutional protections that safeguard liberty. A double security will be established by separating these powers, thus keeping government in check.

With respect to government officials who ignore the will of the people or refuse to abide by the mandates of the Constitution, we cannot expect to see these officials - many of whom hold high positions - miraculously realize the error of their ways. We must elect a county sheriff with the courage and dedication to defend our way of life and our natural (self-evident) God-given freedoms.

If given the opportunity by the voters of Carbon County, I will do just that.

In Defense of Liberty,

Steven Armbruster"

Also check out his "Sheriff's Posse Program"