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    Default Re: Act 235 & New Jersey

    Quote Originally Posted by Tommydesigns View Post
    This is the response I got back from them today.

    Our office where all our vans and trucks leaves from is in Moorestown, NJ.
    We have routes that go PA, NJ, DE, MD and NY.

    The reason we require the PA 235 is so that new hires can work the PA
    routes while the 4-6 month process of applying for a NJ permit takes
    place. Once a guard received a NJ permit he can legally carry a weapon in
    all 50 states.

    If you are interested, please submit your resume, but please note that
    without a current PA 235 we cannot hire any applicant.
    I'm confused.

    If it's true that the NJ permit is required for 50 state carry (presumably under 15 USC 5902 - see post #16), the implication is that the PA 235 alone is not valid while in NJ - i.e. there is no Federal protection qualification.

    Given that all trucks are dispatched/return to Morrestown, NJ then I have to ask a simple question:

    Under what statute does the PA Act 235 guard legally possess/transport his firearm while in NJ before getting the NJ license??? (Similarly for new non-NJ licensed guards from MD, NY, etc.)

    It doesn't compute.

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    Default Re: Act 235 & New Jersey

    ACT 235 has been around for years and other states in past had nothing similar.

    They only need one card, from their respective State. Below is a post I made in 2010.

    Armored Car drivers. With a valid State card, they can carry over State lines. This was not always true and drove the Industry crazy. Can you imagine the logistic nightmare of getting multiple State cards for your employees and trying to match them up to what states their routes took them. Congress passed the "Armored Car Industry Reciprocity Act of 1993" forcing States like NJ and MD to accept out of state cards. The Act passed by voice vote in both the House and Senate. Too bad this same sense of urgency and speed is not applied to those of us with their respective states LTCF,permits,CCW's etc.
    You can google the Act by name and read the full text and various amendments that have been added over the years. "

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    Default Re: Act 235 & New Jersey

    Quote Originally Posted by HiredGoon View Post
    Curious... what is the NJ equivalent of a PA Act 235 certification?
    NJ law does not meet the minimum requirements outlined in the federal law. NJ does not require a firearm qualification, just a permit process based on the Company CEO. Using Act 235 standards puts you into compliance with the federal law.

    NJ Statute: 2C:58-4.1. Employee of armored car company; application; letter from chief executive officer.

    The requirements of N.J.S. 2C:58-4 any application to carry a handgun by an employee of an armored car company shall be accompanied by a letter from the chief executive officer of the armored car company verifying employment of the applicant; endorsing approval of the application; and agreeing to notify the superintendent forthwith upon the termination of the employee of any person to whom a permit is issued and to obtain from the employee the permit which shall thereupon be surrendered to the superintendent.
    L.1981, c. 135, s. 2.

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