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    Default CeraKote, DuraCoat, any interest in...

    Having someone somewhat locally that you can go to to have it done?

    I'm thinking about getting the equipment to do this kind of coating but I'm not going to put out the money if I can't recoup my investment. Here are a few of the things needed to do it properly:

    Sand blaster (for some coatings you have blast for the best results)
    Good air brush system (no runs, no drips, no errors)
    Curing oven (you have to accurately set and maintain temperatures)
    Accurate temperature probe for the oven
    The coatings (and hardeners as needed)
    Blasting media
    Mixing containers
    paint filters

    The top five make up the biggest cost, even if you get a small blaster and oven.

    If there is enough interest from people I'll probably start to do it.

    Coatings can be done on handguns or long arms. Many people want to camo their shotgun barrels but want something that is longer lasting than camo tape. Others want to do something special to a plain black synthetic stock. Maybe you want to recolor the frame or slide of your pistol.

    Let me know what you think. If there's enough interest, I'll work up a price chart.
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    Default Re: CeraKote, DuraCoat, any interest in...

    I do this now. Use Moly Resin, Dura-Coat. Do some Hard Chrome, Nickle, Black Oxide, Black Chrome.
    There doesn't seem to be a big call for it around here, I'm certainly not making any big profits.
    I did it mostly for the ones I build, but have done some outside work.
    If you know there is a big call for it in your area, you could make some money.
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    Default Re: CeraKote, DuraCoat, any interest in...

    Ron I was actually planning on asking you about the same thing. My Super 90 is scratched up a lot and I figured one of those fancy coatings would be the way to go. Let us know if you decide to go through with it!

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