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    Default How a bill becomes law in Pennsylvania

    More info coming soon.

    Info is being reviewed by a friend for accuracy, and may not be complete/accurate so long as this disclaimer is visible.

    This process may vary slightly from session to session (2 year time-span) as the rules may be changed at the beginning of each new session. The sessions always begin on the odd year, and end in the even year (2009-2010, etc.)

    If legislation originates in the House:
    *Bills are introduced on the floor of the House, then sent to the House Judiciary Committee. (House Rule 18)

    *The Committee Chair decides if and when a bill is voted on by the Committee. After 15 days, a Discharge Resolution can be offered to force a bill out of Committee to prevent the Chair from singlehandedly derailing proposed legislation. (House Rule 53)

    *Once the legislation has been reported to the House floor, bills must be considered (and passed) on three different days to move forward (House Rule 21)

    *After the first consideration, the bill is removed from the Calendar and laid on the table. After 15 days, it automatically returns to the Calendar. It may also be removed (before the 15-day automatic return) by the Majority Leader, or a designee, for second consideration on the next legislative day. (House Rule 22)

    *Bills on second consideration shall be considered in their calendar order and shall be subject to amendment. No House bill on second consideration shall be considered until called up by a member. (House Rule 23)

    If legislation originates in the Senate:

    Reference info:
    Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

    Rules of the House of Representatives of Pennsylvania

    Rules of the Senate of Pennsylvania
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