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    Default Oath Keeper to Run For Carbon Sheriff

    The Pennsylvania Chapter President of the Oath Keeper organization has cast his bid to run for Carbon County Sheriff.

    His platform includes organizing a Sheriff's posse and a pledge to disobey any orders or edicts from the President of the United States that would over ride the second amendment by US treaty.

    Future events planned are a political rally in conjunction with an open carry event in Jim Thorpe...all are welcome to attend.

    Please follow his campaign on facebook at: "Steven Armbruster For Carbon County Sheriff".

    Veteran officer announces bid for Carbon Sheriff

    Veteran police officer and Pennsylvania Chapter President of the Oath Keeper organization has announced that he has cast his bid for Carbon County sheriff.

    Steven Armbruster is a 20 year veteran and police corporal employed by the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. He has held positions as a Lehigh County Deputy Sheriff, Military police officer/investigator and also as a patrolman for Emmaus Borough. He currently holds instructorships in NRA police firearms instruction, defensive tactics and also taser instruction.

    In October of 2009 Armbruster received national recognition from the Oath Keeper organization and was named their "Peace Officer of the year." This was for his defense of the US Constitution regarding an incident that occurred on the Kutztown University Campus involving a group of Christians who were peacefully engaged in constitutionally protected expressive activities.

    Mr. Armbruster self identifies himself as a freedom activist and will campaign as a Constitutional Sheriff promising to protect the citizens of Carbon County from the gradual encroachment of excess governmental power. Mr. Armbruster believes that the County Sheriff has the authority, the power and duty to end "venal and oppressive government." He ascribes to the philosophy that the County Sheriff is our nations LAST LINE OF DEFENSE, for the preservation and return to, fundamental and individual liberty. Where ever the civil rights of the citizenry are being violated, at that point, there the duly elected County Sheriff must be also.

    The County Sheriff as an employee of the people exists to serve and protect them in all matters.

    Armbruster is dedicated to the preservation of our constitutional freedoms that so many have fought and died for. He is opposed to the current growing Marxist creed that seeks to redistribute wealth, remove our religious and expressive freedoms and also to force gun control.

    The Oath Keeper organization has been featured on the O’Reilly Factor, a CNN documentary on the patriot movement and also Hardball with Chris Matthews.

    In August of 2010 Armbruster was featured in a soon to be released segment for a documentary that was filmed in downtown Jim Thorpe. European ARTE-TV is producing the film on the growing Oath keeper and constitutional Sheriff’s movement. It will be released across Europe, Canada, and Israel.
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