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    Default Different Qualification Courses for People to Try Out

    A thread in the Pistol section got me thinking about this:
    Would it be worthwhile to start a thread where we can exchange qualification courses of fire for people to try out?

    I know that there are some high-speed types that "poo-poo" qualification courses, but for some of us they are a way of comparing our skill levels to our peers, so we can see where we stand and what specific things we need or should be working on.

    I know that there are some qualification courses that have some pretty good drills in them. Others, not so much.

    I'll start by attaching a link to some pretty good Handgun Standards/Qual Courses:

    Here is also a link to some different drills:

    I'll also attach a Word document with the qualification course that we (Personal Security Consultants) use, it is based (with some changes/modifications) on the qualification course that Kent P.D. ran while I worked with them.

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