This thread replaces the original preemption thread.

As that thread grew, it quickly became difficult to find information on a specific community, and the thread also became cluttered with side conversations related to specific efforts to change these violations. That thread will not be deleted/hidden, but has been closed in deference to what I hope will be a better solution.

Anyone who becomes aware of a preemption violation is encouraged to start a thread related to that specific situation in the Pennsylvania forum, after first searching to see if one already exists. Please include the name of the governing municipality (the one that enacted the regulation which is in violation) in the thread title to make searching easier for others.

I have created a Google Document that I hope will serve as the one-stop repository of violations, ongoing challenges, and victories. All of these different classifications may be useful for different reasons, so it makes sense (at least to me ) to have it all together. As of this post, I am the 'owner' of the Google Document, and I currently have two 'collaborators'. As needs require, ownership can be changed, and collaborators can be added and subtracted. This will remove the need for a single person here to make any future changes, and not place any additional burden on whomever the current forum staff may be. The current owner/collaborators are listed at the top of the Google Document.

A Google map illustrating these violations can be found here. Red placemarks indicate existing issues, green indicates resolved issues. Yellow pins are issues 'in progress' (meaning they are being challenged in some form, but a final resolution has not been reached). As of this post, the map is very much in need of an update. That is planned soon. Ultimately, that will be updated based on the information contained in the spreadsheet. I have worked with the collaborators over the last couple of weeks to ensure that the spreadsheet is as up to date as it can be, given our own personal knowledge, but it still needs input from the community at large before we use it to start making changes to other spin-off projects like the map.

Please take a few moments to glance at the spreadsheet and make either myself, or one of the collaborators, aware of any discrepancies you may notice.

Going forward, if you post a new issue here on the forum, or have a status change with an issue you are working on, please check the spreadsheet a few days later, and alert one of us if the change has not yet been noted there.

Thank you in advance for your input! As things move forward, we may include things like links to related discussions here and/or news articles related to these situations. If you have a suggestion for additional data to include and/or an interest in incorporating that data, or maintaining the spreadsheet in general, please let me know.