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    Arrow Your Pennsylvania Gun Rights ~Handy flyer on carry and Pa. gun laws and rights

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    For discussion on this flyer, please see this thread:

    EDIT: 4/2008
    Flyer has been updated. Less legalese and more facts about CC, OC and now transporting and buying/selling.

    Below is the link to download a handy tri-fold flyer for giving to curious citizens.

    It's a tri-fold intended for two main purposes.
    1) Your own reference.
    2) Providing to the general populace, particularly when they ask you carry related Q's.
    This is about educating the public, spreading the word, to counter the misconceptions and even outright lies that the uninformed have been spreading for years throughout the commonwealth.
    These are not intended to be passed out at the airport like the religious nuts
    I keep these in my car and in my man-purse or day-bag.
    If the topic of firearms comes up, or someone asks about my open carry, etc. these are a handy way to provide information and links to information.


    The content is heavily weighted towards open carry since there is much myth and mis-information regarding OC. Concealed carry is covered as well but because concealed carry is typically understood more in terms of statute it may seem disproportionately discussed in the flyer.

    The flyer It is two sided (displays as two pages in the PDF doc) intended to be printed on std 8x10 paper (both sides) and then folded.
    The margins are tight so you may need to tweak your print settings to get everything to line up right. If you select "scale to paper" or "shrink to fit" I have found that it shrinks the page too much, causing the graphic box to not be centered on the front fold.
    On the two printers I've printed this on I had to adjust the scaling % manually in the advanced properties to get it to print perfectly. All printers are likely to be different in how they manage minimum margins so just a heads up.

    Feel free to add suggestions for improvements or changes.

    For discussion on this flyer, please see this thread:

    _Right_ Click the link and select "Save as" or "Save link/target as" to save file to your computer.
    Flyer: PennsylvaniaGunRights.pdf

    Flyers can also be purchased through
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    danbus wrote: ...Like I said before, I open carry because you don't, I fight for all my rights because
    you won't, I will not sit with my thumb up my bum and complain, because you will.
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