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    Default The return of 'The Paper Plate Challenge'

    OK....for anyone who wishes to participate - a nice and simple pistol challenge!

    Target - Standard paper plate
    Distance - 10 yards
    Course - 5 rounds in 5 seconds or less. Start time from 'low gun' position.
    Gun - Any CENTERFIRE pistol or revolver. (no rimfires)
    End date - August 1st.

    Once you have shot your paper a pic here and the person with the tightest grouping will be declared the WINNER!

    Just thought this would be fun and easy....everyone should have access to a paper plate and this should be a test of your rapid fire accuracy. I figure that the time frame (almost 30 days) should give people the ability to get to the range and shoot-em-up!

    Lets see those plates!! I will be shooting soon and post my results.

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    Default Re: The return of 'The Paper Plate Challenge'

    I'm in... will post plate this weekend

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    Default Re: The return of 'The Paper Plate Challenge'

    I'm in. Are we allowed 3 tries with 3 plates or unlimited or just 1?
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    Default Re: The return of 'The Paper Plate Challenge'

    Gun: S&W model 66 no dash 4" barrel
    Ammo: 158gr lead swc 357 magnum 5.4gr Green dot

    Measured 4.333 inches.

    First 3 grouped nice but with rapid fire I pulled the last 2 a little.
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    Default Re: The return of 'The Paper Plate Challenge'

    Damn....I have got to read with better attention to detail. I missed the part about "paper" and now the wife is really pissed. Anyone know where I can get a deal on Fiestaware (the old stuff, you know...the ones that get hits on a geiger counter)?
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    Default Re: The return of 'The Paper Plate Challenge'

    For those shooting at PAG, this is how you set the timer

    1, send target out to 10yrds (30feet)
    2, press timer, then press it again until you get the amount of sec needed (5)
    3, press start, the target will turn side way so you can't shoot it, randomly, the target will face you, and you'll have the amount of secs you set, when time is up the target will turn sideway again.
    4, press "FOE" to have the target face you so you can see your tight group.

    5, repeat.

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