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    Default Back in PA for a few days...where to shoot?

    Hey all, I'll be back in PA over the 4th and a little bit the next week, I'm applying in York County (since I straddle the York County line) for my LTCF and I'm hoping to get out and shoot a little bit while I'm back. Is there a good outdoor range where I can take my two teenage brothers and shoot some .223, 9mm, and .45 that won't charge me an arm and a leg for a couple hours of shooting?

    I'm from Dillsburg, and I'm willing to drive a little bit if there's a good range nearby, preferably within 45 minutes. I've shot at the gamelands before, which is great for a hunting rifle zero, but not great for just burning up some ammo...

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    Default Re: Back in PA for a few days...where to shoot?

    Hey Andrew,

    I just actually moved to Hanover a month or so back and joined ACSHA, fees are very fair ($40/yr 1st year, $25/yr thereafter). I took Mr.FiredUp as a guest, he might join also. Its about 15(ish) minutes north of Gettysburg, so I would think about a 30-40 minute drive from Dillsburg?? There are 2 pistol bays and 1 100yd rifle bay, I have fun shooting there.

    I'm new to PA so if for some reason I have the area your in wrong please forgive

    I can take a guest if you would like to tour the facilities beforehand and I could meet you somewhere close by. Just PM me or reply in thread

    Josh the club president is a member here, djturnz, email him if you would like some more specific info.
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