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    Default Defensive Carbine

    Defensive Carbine / 1 Day
    This class is the rifle equivalent of our Defensive Handgun. Whether you carry a rifle as part of your profession or plan to utilize a carbine as part of your defensive strategy, this course is for you. Training will focus on rifle & equipment selection, rifle set-up, zeroing, combat rifle marksmanship, firing positions, rifle manipulations, reloading the rifle, malfunction clearance and defensive strategies with the carbine.

    Prerequisite: Completion of a D.A.T. Level I course or comparable training as approved by D.A.T. Staff

    Cost $250.00

    Minimum enrollment: 8 students
    Maximum enrollment: 16 students

    ****Student Responsibility****

    500 rounds

    Modern Defensive Carbine i.e. AR15, M4, SCAR, Sig 556, HK91-93, etc.
    (3+) magazines
    Tactical sling, One-Point or Two-Point
    Pants with belt
    Sturdy footwear
    Hat with a brim
    Weather appropriate gear
    Eye and ear protection
    *All student carbines must have front and rear iron sights. Tactical optics that permit co witness of front and rear sights, such as the Aimpoint or EoTech, may be used during the course, but do not substitute for iron sights.

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    Default Re: Defensive Carbine

    Is this course still scheduled to take place?

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