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  1. Carrying in Blair county
  2. Blair County get together
  3. Blair county and surrounding area meet and greet-December 3rd at 600pm
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  6. Blair county Part II thursday 2/29/09 6-630pm at el campensino
  7. Blair County Part II-El Camp revisited January 29 2009 at 600pm
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  15. Going Shooting
  16. need info on gunshow.
  17. New Blair County Sheriff: NFA friendly?
  18. Any EMT or Paramedics out there!
  19. Hi BC members!
  20. Are you fishing?
  21. shooting 1st weekend of april
  22. Shoot/Camp/Hang out?
  23. New to the forum
  24. Any interest in a 2/3 gun match?
  25. Memorial weekend shoot
  26. Bow Hunters Wanted!!
  27. H-burg Carbine course
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  30. El camp weds sept 15th dinner
  31. El camp or cold weather shooting?
  32. Court House Questions...
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  34. Cheapest gun transfers in the area
  35. Martindale range.
  36. Range time?
  37. Just sold my beretta, had some extra ammo
  38. Non-Resident LTCF in Blair County
  39. Prescion Lead Placement
  40. anyone want to freeze or get some food at the end of the month
  41. Saying Hello
  42. Open Carry gatherings near roaring spring
  43. with the exception of a snow storm want to shoot.
  44. Best place to shoot near Altoona?
  45. Shooting
  46. Outlaw 3 Gun at HSC
  47. Castle Law Protects Homeowner
  48. East Coast Gun Sales
  49. shoot
  50. any class 3 dealers near blair
  51. Altoona Walmart
  52. Good FFL in Altoona or Hollidaysburg
  53. New member.
  54. Hollidaysburg and Bellwood Sportsmen - Questions about the ranges.
  55. AR 15 mags in stock
  56. Blair county Firearm safety classes?
  57. Going shooting
  58. John Lott debates for gun rights at Penn State Altoona College on Tuesday 4/16/2013
  59. Range time
  60. New member from Altoona
  61. 3 Gun Event
  62. Upcoming events at Riggles Gap Sportsmens Club, Altoona, PA
  63. group shoot
  64. Altoona Indoor Range
  65. Prior Tyrone resident, hopefully on my way back to Blair county
  66. Renew your permit.
  67. Super Secret Facility in Altoona.
  68. Pioneer Gunshop owner passed away yesterday.
  69. Rumor has it; Highpower/Service matches return to Bellwood Sportsmans Range
  70. Soft body armor at the grocery store today
  71. Any ranges closing?
  72. Blair county finds out they got the bug
  73. LEOs where they usually aren't
  75. 2021 Check IN
  76. Assault with a deadly toilet bowl
  77. Altoona School District Authorizes School Police Use Of Semiautomatic Rifles
  78. The Alligator of Altoona