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  1. Just spotted a Bald Eagle
  2. Pocono Mountain - 8% property tax
  3. Get together. 2/6 11am Billys Pocono Diner, Tannersville PA
  4. gun lawyer in Monroe
  5. Permits almost at a stop for 2009
  6. Hi All - Where Are Primers In Stock?
  7. Utah Non-Resident Concealed Carry Course-Monroe
  8. Greetings All, Just an brief Introduction.
  9. Effort man pulls gun in Kinsleys Market
  10. New Here - Need and education on gun ownership!
  11. Burger King Brodheadsville, Stabbings
  12. Greetings from a new member
  13. Don't speed on Rt 209
  14. What do I need to Purchase a hand gun in PA?
  15. new guy on the block
  16. Something to occupy the youngins?
  17. 30 days ... Finally .. No more whining from me.
  18. Another new face
  19. What is your favorite place to shop for guns and ammo in Monroe.
  20. Mugging in East Stroudsburg 2/20
  21. Safety Inspection requirements for cars in Monroe?
  22. New register
  23. Pocono Mountain job cuts
  24. I need a garbageman and a cableman
  25. Special thanks to all you Monroe guys.
  26. Census numbers... and benefits?
  27. Glacier Closed?
  28. Monroe county references
  29. Ross Township Park - Gun Free Zone
  30. Chestnuthill Township Park, in violation of UFA
  31. Planting for Deer, Turkey, rabbits and other tasty things..
  33. Friend robbed at gunpoint, east stroudsburg walmart
  34. Here we go again - Paying for police "coverage"
  36. Sam Rohrer at Pocono Inn, DWG 7:00 pm
  37. Mikes Pizza in Mount Effort
  38. Positive at Tobyhanna Range
  39. Anyone know of Hunting land in Monroe?
  40. ???Are you guys going this month???
  41. PV looking for 6% tax increase
  42. Concealed carry classes/Florida CCW
  43. Its Race Weekend!
  44. Want to know what someone paid for their house?
  45. Yet another robbery
  46. Stroudsburg school... your increase will be 7.3%
  47. OC dinner some time this week?
  48. 2nd fatality in 2 days on Rt 33/209...
  49. Why do people live like this?
  50. Just what we need... another development!
  51. Stroud Mall is getting a REAL movie theater!!
  52. Pleasent Valley - planned 6% increase
  53. Suggest me a realtor.
  54. Speed traps on Rt 209/33
  55. Man hit with rock while on ATV
  56. Armed Robbery Thwarted by Unwilling Victims
  57. Robbery at Gateway Motel?
  58. Its race weekend again...
  59. Monroe County Man Acquitted, Self Defense Justified
  60. shooting this week?
  61. Monroe residents to back NCC campus expansion
  62. Stabbing in IML
  63. Attempted to lure
  64. Gun Clubs?
  65. Hunter Safety Course???
  66. Private land for real training
  67. Tobyhanna Range Closed For Repairs Until 10/1
  68. ESU arsonist charged
  69. Looking for a gym...
  70. Answering anti-gun newspaper pieces
  71. Monroe County Election Day Issues???
  72. Any great Flea Markets in Monroe, Pike etc.
  73. How do you know its NOT your day?
  74. Where can I get some Steel Drums?
  75. Tobyhanna SGL Range Reports
  76. Lost gun!
  77. New guy here
  78. 19 y/o arrested at Luna Rosa
  79. another idiot arressted for robbery
  80. Propane question
  81. Range options near Canadensis
  82. Yeah we made the news again!
  83. Snow Removal issues this year?
  84. Cheap AK?
  85. Where to buy Pure Lead locally?
  86. New from NC, formerly from Poconos
  87. Housing in Monroe/Pike
  89. What a Terrible loss....because of a inpsection sticker....
  90. Monroe 3rd in state in growth
  91. Got a call from Rosemary Brown today...
  92. Thinking of Opening Gym on Rt 196
  93. pocono school board
  94. Shooting At Home
  95. Good/bad areas around Brodheadsville?
  96. VFW POST $17,000 THEFT
  97. looking for a range
  98. LTCF Processing Time at Stroudsburg
  99. Spotted a CCer in Kinsley's, Brodheadsville
  100. NY Population dropping like a rock
  101. Range near Arrowhead Lake?
  102. West End Fair 2011
  103. "Smooth Roads"... hah
  104. LTCF
  105. monroe DMAP zone 928 tags?
  106. New to the area and Site. I'm looking for Turkey/Ham Shoots
  107. Looking for a Church in Monroe County
  108. Missing gun paperwork.
  109. The Armory
  110. So Long York!
  111. Wow traffic sucks
  112. New to PA
  113. 4 mill tax hike
  114. MetEd meter guessing
  115. Still no rep for Monroe...
  116. Part time resident
  117. all the years living here and i never.....
  118. Smitty's Blakeslee Sport Shop
  119. Where can I find CCI 500 Small pistol primers?
  120. Tobyhanna SGL Range Question ?
  121. Monroe County court house
  122. Looking for a good public-like place to shoot in Stroudsburg area.
  123. Price of 357 magnum ammo ?
  124. new owner/shooter - mossberg 500
  125. First Time LTCF Applicant
  126. Monroe Cty Courthouse Security
  127. Chestnuthill Twp. to reconsider gun-possession ordinance
  128. Possible meet and eat at Jock and Jills
  129. CLEO question
  130. Pocono Medical Center
  131. Two Tail Groundhog
  132. Found at Chestnut Hill Park
  133. Price Township
  134. Clubs near Mt. Pocono
  135. Dunkelberger's MAIG Problem?
  136. "Open Spaces" vote in Nov
  137. Dentist?
  138. Hurricane Sandy
  139. Fall Turkeys 2012
  141. Where do I find decent self defense ammo locally?
  142. Moving your way, what to expect?
  143. Brand New on all counts of firearm ownership
  144. plinking on private property
  145. new to rifles, need help.???
  146. Tactical night at pocono pistol.. thursday nights
  147. Belfast Edelman Sportsman Association
  148. Rep Mario Scavello is on Our Side
  149. a gunsmith that answers the phone?
  150. Looking for a new club to join, BRCV ?
  151. Opinion wanted
  152. The wonderful Route 6 Range - Pike
  153. Walmart RT 940 AMMO ! ALERT
  154. Pike Friends of NRA Meeting FYI
  155. Looking to shoot Today!
  156. LTCF
  157. walmart east stroudsburg
  158. Cinemark Movie theater Stroud Mall
  159. Will be New to the Monroe county area soon.
  160. Some Assistance
  161. Can anyone help with my LTCF permit?
  162. Pocono Pistol Range
  163. Anyone in Monroe County with a Mustang programmer?
  164. New Member and New Resident
  165. Any OC'ers in the Poconos?
  166. range off of rt 380 question.
  167. Any Good shops in the area?
  168. No Firearm Permitted
  169. Will I get an NR LTCF? NJ Resident.
  170. Mount Pocono - no on property firearm discharge ordenance?
  171. Wait time for LTCF, is this normal.
  172. Gas Station owner question
  173. Full auto fire near saylorsburg/cherry valley????
  174. Route 940 gun shop
  175. Newbie stepping in to say hello
  176. Where can I hike/offroad/explore around here?
  177. Suppressor Laws/ Experience Monroe County PA.
  178. Bald Eagle sighting near Stroudsburg
  179. prospects for the new 115th district
  180. Ffl question
  181. Voting on 5/20 in Monroe county
  182. Anywhere to get pmags?
  183. Eddie Eagle Gun Safety for Children
  184. Anyone have contact info for Penn Resort Investments LLC?
  185. Non resident pistol permit
  186. Local Area 01FFL with reasonable transfer rates?
  188. Fill dirt in pocono lake pa
  189. Eric Frein
  190. Eric Freins poll
  191. Berkheimer and LTCF
  192. Range Advisory
  193. "White Trash Racing Team-Delaware Water Gap"
  194. Concealed carry question
  195. Public Shooting pits/ranges? (not SGL)
  196. wait times for Conceal carry license
  197. Splitrock gun show any good?
  198. Honest Auto Body Repair in the Poconos?
  199. New Sheriff
  200. old resident of monroe county now in New York
  201. new gun shop on 209 by chestnut hill diner
  202. Gun safe mover
  203. Swiftwater Gun Shop closed
  204. Sheriff Martin Sued over LTCF Policies
  205. Pair of bald eagles sighted
  206. Looking for shotgun info
  207. LTCF woes
  208. New Gun Shop on Route 209 Marshall's Creek
  209. Classified ads latley ?
  210. New member just saying hello
  211. O/T - ISO handyman/handyperson to repair window on home
  212. Wildland Fire
  213. Open Range near Pocono Manor?
  214. Moving to Polk Twp, looking for details about firearm laws
  215. Reasonable dumpster company
  217. New member
  218. Pocono Mountain medical center (Hosipital) a gun free zone?
  219. New member and soon to be resident
  220. I'll buy you lunch! [monroe county]
  221. Local References (bullpucky)
  222. Looking to buy a 3 acre property in Monroe County. Would I be able to shoot on it?
  223. Mold Remediation?
  224. electric heat problems?
  225. Attempted break in at the Armory
  226. oops
  227. closed
  228. closed
  229. Buck Hill Firearms Has Moved
  230. Armed man on the loose,
  231. Pistol Ranges
  232. Ammo Sales
  233. New Member
  234. A Good LTCF Experience!?
  235. Worth going to Cabelas on the 24th?
  236. Pocono Pistol Free Pass
  237. Arrowhead lake MT Pocono
  239. Anybody looking to be a Mayor?
  240. Monroe county sheriffs office very unprofessional
  241. Custom Gunsmithing Services in the Pocono area
  242. Need clarification/ info on non-resident permit
  243. Feedback on Gun Clubs (Blue Ridge Cherry Valley and Indian Mountain)
  244. New to PA
  245. Shotgun shooting on private property.
  246. Kurt Cummings accepts Democratic nomination for Monroe Sheriff
  247. Meat Shoots
  248. I surveyed the Sheriff candidates on LTCF applications
  249. Thoughts on training?
  250. Gunsmith Recommendation in Monroe County