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  1. Jarbola wants guns destroyed
  2. Armed man arrested after 2-hour public standoff with police in Old Forge
  3. Can I shoot your AR before I buy one?
  4. Hows SR300 doing these days? Is the clay area still open?
  5. Denny's in DC no longer has the 'No Firearms' sign......
  6. Crime Increases in Scranton
  7. So.....where was the Walking Stilts Bridge in Scranton (pic inside)
  8. 112th District Democrat primary debate
  9. Looking for any Gun Shops in ....
  10. 4-H Shooting Sports in Lackawanna County
  11. Scranton Marine KIA
  12. Local gun raffle
  13. Free used furniture
  14. Dunmore Boy
  15. Meet Corey O'Brien this Thursday
  16. New Public Range in Danger of Close?
  17. Anyone going to the Tea Party on the 15th?
  18. getting my LTCF tomorrow
  19. Looking for a GunSmith in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Area
  20. Killed a copperhead
  21. Hey all
  22. SBR
  23. Looking
  24. New Premption Violation at the county level, 26 May2010
  25. Need a hand
  26. Cleaning Brass for Reloading using Ultrasonics.
  27. Ransom range sues over fliers...
  28. Anyone going to the 2gun match on aug 28th?
  29. Boycott Draculas Forrest!
  30. Archbald: Range Rules Clarified
  31. Ni LTCFs to be processed on Sept 29 in Lackawanna
  32. Anti HB40 Scranton Times editorial
  33. LTCF process in Lackawanna Co
  34. Guns prohibited at Marquee Cinema in downtown Scranton
  35. .50 Caliber Restrictions on Game Land Ranges
  36. Charging to shoot at SGL ranges ????
  37. Archbald Range Sunday May 1st
  38. Training Courses in NEPA
  39. Things to do in Scranton.
  40. Looking for a FFL in W-B to do an FTF
  41. OC at Tomatoe Festival Tomorrow:
  42. Archbald range
  43. Once Fired Brass
  44. Just got my LTCF
  45. Got my LTCF
  46. me and gf thinking of moving
  47. Moscow PA here I come
  48. Iron-Tree Data Networks
  49. Big Bass Lake
  50. No PAFOA at Moses Taylor Hospital in Scranton
  51. Factoryville
  52. FYI Archbald range rules
  53. Black Desert Dilemma
  54. Black Desert Dilemma
  55. Clarks Summit man accused of shooting hunter
  56. Harrisburg Rally on the 23rd - whos going?
  57. Lackawanna Cty Sheriff to be Appointed?
  58. wtt primers and bullets
  59. 2A rally at Lackawanna Courthouse on 2.23
  60. Gun rally in Scranton
  61. May 21, 2013 LC Primary Election Referenda
  62. State Game Land #300 - Archbald
  63. New to the Forum and Wanted to Introduce Myself
  64. Manetti vs. McAndrew for Sheriff
  65. New Sheriff in town
  66. Sheriff McAndrews = NFA-friendly
  67. PAGC Wildlife Conservation Officer Morrow
  68. Archbald: Range Closed for repairs 07/07/2014-07/10/2014
  69. New to the Scranton area, looking for some advice
  70. Archbald: Range Closed 07/17/2014
  71. Archbald: Range Closed 09/13/2014
  72. First time at Archbald range
  73. Melanie Madeira (District 114 candidate) gun rights position statement
  74. Scranton club
  75. LEOSA Instructors in Lackawanna County
  76. Ice box gun show, dont even bother
  77. gun clubs near Moscow PA
  78. Saiga 7.62 x 39 mags
  79. No guns allowed at Jessup carnival
  80. Open carry to the fireworks this evening/ tonight (July 3rd).
  81. Target practice
  82. Need a Pennsylvania 2A Lawyer
  83. State Game Land #300 - Archbald-> Rifle ranges fenced off and posted
  84. Pavilion at Montage
  85. New Guy here
  86. Big Rich American Sports Shop closing
  87. Are Scranton City Parks CCW Friendly?
  88. Archbald Range 9/9/17
  89. non resident permit
  90. free hour at Roll Call's indoor range in Scranton
  91. SGL Range #300 Archbald - Some Questions
  92. Roll Call & OnSight Firearms Training - some events and oppotunities for 2020
  93. SGL Range #300 Archbald
  94. First cat in Pennsylvania tests positive for COVID-19
  95. Operator of sewage treatment plants sentenced
  96. On my own land
  97. 😔 Fatal injury after gun malfunction in Lackawanna County
  98. 🤕 Man accused of making explosives in Lackawanna County
  99. 😲 Man steals lawnmower at gunpoint from Home Depot in Dickson City
  100. Man shot during argument in Scranton
  101. 😠Renters beware: Woman scammed over lake house rental
  102. 😲 Officials: Teens charged for plotting mass murder
  103. 😔Residents react to another Santa Parade cancellation
  104. 😴President Biden to visit Scranton this week
  105. Never Reject The Gift of Tubers
  106. ⚠️ Lackawanna County Sheriff warns of phone scam
  107. Walther PDP sights install
  108. 💡Calling all future troopers! Camp Cadet now taking applications for summer
  109. Anyone notice an attitude change at the sheriff's office ?
  110. 😓 Preferred Meals shutting down Moosic facility, laying off hundreds
  111. 🚫Old Forge bans toy guns in parks
  112. Cigar maker moving out of Lackawanna County and the country
  113. 🤔 Troubled tip Questions about $3,000 left for waitress
  114. ⚠️Bird flu detected in geese in Lackawanna County
  115. 🚗 State charges garages, car dealers with 'title washing' fraud
  116. 🇺🇸 'Freedom Fighter' statue to be unveiled
  117. 🎅 Holiday blow mold auction in Lackawanna County
  118. Renewal ltcf
  119. 🍩 Duck Donuts workers training for Lackawanna County grand opening
  120. 🐕If you live in Jessup, here's how you can get some free dog food
  121. ⚾️ RailRiders fans will see 'robot umpires' at PNC Field this season
  122. 🤔 PennDOT offers solution to peeling, illegible license plates
  123. 😎 After nearly 50 years, a coal mine attraction in Scranton is ready to open
  124. ⚠️ Recycling event this weekend in Moosic
  125. 😲Teen found armed near Scranton High School faces slew of charges
  126. Ground conditions?