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  1. Who was the guy in the green Ford SUV
  2. CCW Denial? Really?
  3. Another Philly Police Officer Killed :(
  4. Double shooting at Bridge movie theater
  5. Another Armed Robbery in Northern Liberties
  6. Man critical after Market Street shooting
  7. Applying for LTCF tomorrow...
  8. 2nd Pizza Deliveryman Killed In Less Than 2 Weeks
  9. Taking Preemptive Action
  10. Help support Gerald
  11. Teens Charged in Center City Rampage
  12. seeking those who lost LTCF
  13. Philly Concealed carry questions
  14. come rally 2/20/2010
  15. I applied for my LTCF.
  16. What is a good price on a used shotgun in Philly or anywhere close ?
  17. Banks with metal detectors
  18. Shooting only Doors away from my job
  19. Woman shot after break-in at fire official's home
  20. Dicks SG Franklin Mills
  21. 'Animal' Sought In Olney Sexual Assault, Beating
  22. journalist seeking interview subjects
  23. Philadelphia Police Warn of Rash of Break-In Assaults
  24. Philadelphia Tax Day Tea Party 2010?
  26. PA LTCF has been approved
  27. need help transitioning
  28. teenage fan tased mid-field at phillies game by philadelphia police
  29. shots fired
  30. 2 await & shoot Olney bar owner, video shows
  31. Philadelphia L&I for Firearms
  32. A half-dozen people hospitalized after weekend shootings in Philly
  33. 3 gun
  34. Philadelphia County Members
  35. ID on woman raped, strangled in Northern Liberties
  36. cheap hotel/motel near convention center?
  37. Another feral teenager
  38. LTCF Question
  39. In Philadelphia Only, would you inform?
  40. Concealed carry in Philadelphia parks?
  41. legal question
  42. Looking for info on a range by I95 on the Delaware river.
  43. Greater Philadelphia; SE PA Get Together
  44. Nope - not happening
  45. Flash mob forms after 4th of July celebration
  46. Yo! Why do we say "wooder" instead of "water"
  47. A story of guns and money in Philadelphia.
  48. Dirty cops on the PPD
  49. moving up in a few weeks
  50. Philadelphia Tow Truck War?
  51. New guy looking for some training/noob friendly range
  52. Philadelphia OC get together.
  53. Philadelphia Spends Tax money to Hire Outside Attorney to handle denials
  54. Hoagies for guns
  55. Video shows cop stealing from N.E. Philly bar
  56. Focus Political Action on Philly, or Consider it a lost cause
  57. Accused murderer escapes in NE Philly
  58. PPD Seeks Suspects Terrorizing Women in Center City
  59. Pantless Rape Suspect
  60. Springfield day at SPAG
  61. wanting to shoot a cz75b and/or sp01!!
  62. Hittin SPAG Thur 09Sep10
  63. Reports: Woman shoots at least 3 in Kraft Food plant
  64. When did Philadelphia become Shall Issue
  65. Frank's Gun Shop-Double Tap Shooting Range
  66. Plinking in the Philadelphia area?
  67. Looking for outdoor ranges
  68. Checkmating RAS against Phila Police
  69. Philadelphia "suggestions"
  70. Whats wrong with this picture?
  71. Indoor range in Philly?
  72. Westboro Church Plans New Philly Protests
  73. Community wants safety regulation for gun stores
  74. SKS in Philly?
  75. To ALL Philadelphia Gun Owners
  76. pistol transfer in west philly
  77. Nearly 300 Guns Removed From Holmesburg Home
  78. Current wait time for Philadelphia LTCF
  79. Gerald Ung trial coming up on 2-7-11
  80. Ung is found NOT GUILTY
  81. Best tatto parlor?
  82. firingline in south philly
  83. shipping firearm with ups?
  84. Another flash mob
  85. New shooter needs help.
  86. LTCF Philadelphia
  87. 1401 jfk carry ok?
  88. bersa thunder 380 22 rd drum mag
  89. AK selection
  90. Free 100yd rifle range near Philly?
  91. Thinking about moving to Philly, but I love guns
  92. Open Carry Philadelphia Police encounter
  93. lucky i wasnt shot by police
  94. Group Size
  95. Public Range in Philadelphia
  96. Cops: Boy accidentally shot by his friend in Mantua
  97. Can I CC in a hospital in Philadelphia
  98. Indoor range Close to PHILLY
  99. M1A question?
  100. John Featherman - Mayor?
  101. Need to Shoot My AR-15!
  102. World Cafe Live
  103. bore sighter
  104. VIDEO - Son of Phila. Cop Has Butt Beat in Bar Brawl - PPD Launches Manhunt
  105. Scope recommendation
  106. Joshua West for Philadelphia Sheriff
  107. Atlantic Tactical
  108. Philly Gun Permit Unit Headaches
  109. Anyone know if it's ok to CC at Tower Theater
  110. So, you're visiting/moving to/passing through Philadelphia
  111. Philly Town Watch guidelines
  112. Motorcycle (Harley) repair in Philly?
  113. dicks, franklin mills
  114. United States Mint
  115. Shots fired at SEPTA bus in N. Phila.
  116. franks, aka double tap on blakiston st.
  117. AR-15 question
  118. Hello, first forum post
  119. Mathodone Clinic Trying to Open in Philly - They Didn't Expect This to Happen
  120. Marina in Philly area
  121. Philadelphians for Ethical Leadership
  122. Dick's Sporting Goods, Plymouth Meeting
  123. New to Philadelphia
  124. Phila. FOP Headquarters Arson Attempt
  125. Need to take some new shooters to a range...
  126. Urban disaster preparedness?
  127. Must Philadelphia LTCF references be Pennsylvania residents?
  128. My home is 500 feet from a school
  129. Applying for LTCF
  130. wouldn't take my application
  131. Student Film Project... S. Philly
  132. LTCF Application 10/3/2011
  133. Joshua West for Philadelphia Sheriff
  134. Maybe there is a cool philly cop?
  135. Why Are Nutter, Chief Ramsey Playing Games With Philly Murder Rate?
  136. 3 gun car/travel poo to heidelburg
  137. Raccoons and possums
  138. Best Gunsmith in Philly Area?
  139. Gunfire Erupts On Packed Philadelphia SEPTA Train
  140. Public Rifle Range
  141. Sunday at SPAG
  142. Two repeat intruders shot dead
  143. Philadelphia LTCF rule violations
  144. First Test of Castle Doctrine in SEPA
  145. Warlocks MC closed its HQ in Philly?
  146. Looking for a place to shoot 100+ yards
  147. SBR in Philadelphia.....is it possible?
  148. ladies' day/night at SPAG
  149. Philadelphia tops list of homicide rates
  150. Utah/Florida license class in Philly?
  151. Just another unarmed murder victim
  152. New to PFOA. I think I was unjustly denied my CCW in Philly. Appeal in Feb. Thoughts?
  153. Lookin' for a primary care practitioner.
  154. Philadelphia Home Defense
  155. Philly concealed carry permit DISAPPROVED?!
  156. pulled over py PPD, 7 guns in the back seat, went very well
  157. Already have PA LTCF, but just moved into Philadelphia...
  158. Must wait a year to re-apply for LTCF
  159. Not a good idea to carry with a Philly LTCF?
  160. State Parks with Ranges
  161. New to the area, looking to go shooting...
  162. Need range recommendations
  163. Do you fall into the following categories?
  164. Philadelphia Payroll Taxes?
  165. attempted suicide at SPAG
  166. Philly and CeasefirePA finally moving in the right direction
  167. Guy shot near Drexel for "carrying" a gun
  168. Carry Permit in Philly, How Long?
  169. Photographer looking for gun owners.
  170. L&I Map--also shows LTCF appeals
  171. Firearm registration/transfer approval?
  172. anyone going to Springfield day at SPAG?
  173. No guns sign at Jefferson Hospital
  174. 2 Teens Shot on Broad Street Subway Today
  175. Flight Attendant's gun " Goes Off"
  176. Philly Gun Permit Unit closed?
  177. Shooting in SW
  178. Anyone know lawyers for appeal?
  179. The Gun Range (Old Colosimo's range)
  180. Applying for FFL03 in Philly
  181. Reasonable FFL transfers in Philly?
  182. Build a private range in my factory
  183. Carrying long guns on SEPTA - new hunter
  184. 500+ yard range
  185. let's sue philadelphia
  186. Cleo signoff in Philadelphia
  187. Questions about gun ownership in Phila.
  188. Phila. area gun owners....
  189. LTCF Philly
  190. New(er) crime mapping site
  191. I am pissed at The moran Nutter. Come to the rally on the 23
  192. Sheriff Jewel Williams: NFA Friendly?
  193. What are my chances in Philly?
  194. First Philadelphia Purchase
  195. Your range membership...
  196. New to the board
  197. Philadelphia homeowner defends his family and kills a burgler
  198. Philadelphia OC Rally - RSVP at the link
  199. The Official Philadelphia Gun Rights March - Saturday, May 25th, 2013
  200. Tuesday April 9th - Another anti-gun Protest in Philadelphia
  201. A quick hello & intro.
  202. Heading to GPU for renewal tomorrow
  203. Need a custom OWB, or IWB kydex holster? Stop by our shop!
  204. Mayors Against Guns conter-protest April 13 (by Love Park in Philly)
  205. Magazine (Round number) limit in Philly?
  206. FYI: The Gun Range of Philly has TONS of 5.7
  207. Spirit of Philadelphia cruises (weapons allowed?)
  208. Cirque Du Soleil (Camden, NJ) Security?
  209. CHOP carry?
  210. Come shoot with us tomorrow!!
  211. Delco f&s members
  212. Pretty quiet
  213. Quick Question from Philly Newbie
  214. Moving from south Philly to mt Airy
  215. New to the board and to firearms
  216. Philadelphia Regional Port Authority
  217. Phila. City Council Bans Using 3-D Printers To Make Guns
  218. Need a brake pinned/welded
  219. Accidental School Shooting in Philly
  220. Enter to win a Free Case of .223
  221. SPAG: Glock day Sat Apr 5th, 2014
  222. New to the board here
  223. Woman Store Owner Kills Robber After He Threatens Her With Knife
  224. Concealed Carry on Spirit Cruise?
  225. Pistol confiscated, but I'm not being charged... any advice?
  226. New Shop
  227. traveling through phillie arptHi,
  228. Philly Gun Range is looking for part time instructors:
  229. LTCF In Philadelphia Question
  230. The Day After The Verdict
  231. Where to go for a 50m zero?
  232. Phila class action payout
  233. Legal to take shotgun to Philly gun show?
  234. Phila Tolls Gun Related Laws in city code
  235. LTCF Denial
  236. Anti-gun protests at Firing Line on Saturday
  237. Concealed carrier (Retired LEO) stopped by Philly PD
  238. Philly LTCF protocol - still full of BS or not?
  239. Reputable silver / gold dealer in Philly
  240. Open Carry on the Pope Weekend
  241. out of town visitor
  242. Off limits places in Philly?
  243. 7.62x54r
  244. Philly area dog lovers
  245. Philadelphia Gun Permit Unit is saying 10 weeks for basic renewals
  246. Philadelphia LTCF question
  247. The Gun Range and zoning issues
  248. 2016 Updates on LTCF
  249. Self-defense shooting in Philadelphia's Queen Village
  250. Done with this one. Delete me.