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  1. All by myself
  2. Did everyone go to Jupiter, FL for the winter?
  3. Gun Show Suggestions
  4. Machine Gun Mystery In Sheriff's Dept.
  5. CC at Wilkes-Barre Penguins games
  6. Looking to shoot an AR this weekend before I buy one!
  8. Luzerne get together - pizza & wing nights - Tony's Pizza in Mountain Top.
  9. Meet at Vesuvios in Hazleton, Sat. March 6
  10. WHere is a good FFL to have a firearm sent?
  11. Where to shoot in Mountain Top??
  12. New Pistol Owner
  13. IDPA @ Wilkes-Barre Rifle Pistol Club
  14. NRA Alert- New Public Range near Scranton
  15. Death at the circus
  16. Daryl Metcalfe campaign signs available in Mtn.Top
  17. Looking for a place to do some trap
  18. Aw Shoot! No, really, who wants to?
  19. Lunch meet
  20. My Letter Supporting HB40
  21. New Member on the boards...
  22. Wyoming Valley Lunch meet 6-5
  23. New Guy Question
  24. Theres a new sheriff in town
  25. Getting my wife her LTCF
  26. Man pleads guilty to illegal gun purchase scheme
  27. Giants despair race
  28. place to shoot in WB?
  29. Man charged for leaving firearm in casino's restroom
  30. Hello everyone
  31. Sporting goods store owner sentenced on federal charges
  32. Lunch meet at Tonys Pizza in Mt Top
  33. Just moved to Luzerne from Berks
  34. In Hazleton area until Wed afternoon
  35. Black Creek Sportsman's Club
  36. LCCC
  37. Luzerne County LOE's,get this done!!!!
  38. Boycott Dracula's Forest!
  39. Armed robbery at Laurel Mall
  40. County implementing new gun permit system
  41. Politicians
  42. Replacing the wrecked Cherokee
  43. Home rule------L.T.C.F.????
  44. Fallen Soldier Protest in Luzerne County.
  45. GunProfessor
  46. NFA weapons in Luzurne county.
  47. Luzerne LTCF delay's
  48. Anywhere to get good tattoo work done near WB area ?
  49. Four people charged for firing guns in woods
  50. PFA alleges drawn gun, abuse between county deputy sheriff's
  51. Intruder apprehended after breaking into residences of elderly
  52. LCCC student caught with gun on campus
  53. Good shops in Wilkes-Barre?
  54. 50/50 Fun Shoot
  55. SGL range posting
  56. Black Creek Sportsman's Club
  57. lLuzerne County lowers fees
  59. Plains Township street opens after gunman not found
  60. Retreving Firearms From Law Enforcement
  61. Shooting range?
  62. Carrying Concealed out of Luzerne County
  63. Coyote
  64. Man Accused of Firing Shots
  65. Looking for a range around Wilkes Barre - Scranton to teach a beginner to shoot
  66. Susquehanna River to Crest at 38 Feet in Wilkes-Barre
  67. Hazelton OCer makes paper
  68. luzerne county LTCF references?
  69. Anyone heading to Starbucks on V-day??
  70. anyone local that can help me zero a scope?
  71. New guy
  72. New Horizon Computer Learning Center Pittston
  73. Help please I need advice
  74. psychologists for act 235?
  75. anyone know the laws for a fire pit in wilkes-barre/luzerne county
  76. CLEO signoff, current Sheriff?
  77. Factoryville
  78. penn rod and gun club?
  79. Vandalism at Shooting Range
  80. New member in Mountain Top
  81. Gun Safety Seminar
  82. New member from Larksville - a few questions too!!
  83. Hi from Wilkes Barre
  84. New guy from Pittston.
  85. Gun safety education important for children
  86. CMP Rimfire Sporter Match
  87. Shooting in Plymouth - This is why people carry in bars
  88. New girl from Wilkes-Barre
  89. Indoor range in Hazleton area
  90. FYI, new restaurant opened near Suscon range
  91. I'm new
  92. new here
  93. New congressman to co sponsor AW bill
  94. Harrisburg rally Jan. 23, 2013
  95. A place to target shoot
  96. Gun advocate takes to Public Square
  97. New member from the Back Mt.
  98. Another one from the Back Mt. Area
  99. Huntington Mills/Shickshinny area
  100. SGL 206 Range Report
  101. SKS gunsmith in Luzerne County?
  102. I"m new here in Kingston
  103. New to Wilkes-Barre
  104. Any one going to Doylestown on Sat?
  105. Cinemark & Movies 14 Policy?
  106. Luzerne is non-resident friendly....
  107. new to Wilke Barre
  108. Hazle Township man charged with bomb threat at White House
  109. Interim sheriff refuses manís request for a Class III permit
  110. Take Your Daughter*to the Range Day
  111. Newbie in NEPA
  112. First Firearm
  113. Bottlenecks and Rodano's in Wilkes-Barre
  114. anyone in the wb area have a p290rs and P238
  115. New Member - Back Mountain
  116. SKS Mags
  117. Heading down the Suscon range on Saturday....
  118. New Member, NEPA
  119. Wal-Mart Pittston ammo status
  120. Tried to renew CCW permit...FAIL!!!
  121. Rifle Range
  122. Councilman wants to raise cost of LTCF to 150.00
  123. This weather sucks.... Indoor Pistol Ranges?
  124. Self defense shooting
  125. New Sherriff in town.
  126. New here, originally PA but now OH
  127. Indoor range in Hazleton
  128. Luzerne LTCF computers down?
  129. new range rt 11
  130. Gunn Shops in / around Luzerne Cty.
  131. Does Luzerne County issue Non-Resident licenses?
  132. Concealed carry seminars
  133. Man with concealed gun arrested at bus station
  134. Question on Luzerne LTCF fee
  135. NRA First Steps Program
  136. Act 120 School
  137. Advanced Arms new hours coming
  138. Luzerne County sheriff granting machine gun permits
  139. Where is the sherriffs office these days?
  140. Suscon Road rifle range
  141. Nuangola Rod and Gun Club
  142. Man allegedly threatened people downtown with crossbow
  143. County application to sell a firearm?
  144. County give parks to state?
  145. Luzerne Explosion - OK, who was it?
  146. OC in Freeland...
  147. Open carry advocate claims malicious prosecution in civil rights action
  148. Range on RT 502
  149. New to the area, need some advice on local FFLs and ranges
  150. What's up Luzerne County?
  151. Masked Man Attacking People with Bow and Arrow in Nanticoke
  152. Electroplating
  153. IDPA at Wilkes-Barre Rod and Gun Club
  154. Hazleton indoor range
  155. D&R raided again
  156. Do they still issue LTCF's anywhere in hazleton?
  157. New gun store / range coming to the area
  158. Indoor Range coming to Wilkes-Barre
  159. Gun Show @ Luzerne County Fairgrounds??
  160. Naticoke Shooting for Visitors
  161. Another out of stater shot at sherman hills
  162. New gun shop opening in Luzerne County
  163. inspection
  164. A bit of local beer history
  165. The Cabin Armory - Indoor Range
  166. Just outside the county along Rt 309 - "Wyoming Co. Weapons"
  167. Luzerne Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance
  168. State police warn against scams during election
  169. Proposed fee increases in Wilkes-Barre
  170. 360 manufacturing jobs promised in Luzerne County
  171. 🚴*♂️ Bicyclist shares his terrifying tale of road rage in Luzerne County
  172. Bullets fired into home barely miss people inside
  173. 🤔Drag storytime held in Wilkes-Barre
  174. 🗡Officials: Man stabbed woman several times, blames marijuana cookie
  175. 🇺🇸 Tuskegee Airman returns home
  176. 🤔DBi Services shuts down, 150 people in Luzerne County out of work
  177. 🦇Assisting bat hibernation in Luzerne County
  178. 🤔 Police: Man fired shots into the air in Luzerne County apartment
  179. 😐Luzerne County woman sentenced for Capitol riot
  180. ⚠️ Scam Alert: Fake mail arrest warrants coming in the mail
  181. 🚧 Cash coming to smooth the roads in Wilkes-Barre
  182. 🎸Rockin' the River returns this summer🎷
  183. Looking for bbq
  184. 🚫Road closures set for visit from let's go Brandon
  185. 🤗Ski chair auction benefits first responders
  186. 🔧🔩Concerns over proposed bridge project
  187. 😲Man shot, killed after trying to run over police
  188. ⚖Bikers observe Wrongful Conviction Day
  190. 🤔 Five armed men nabbed by police near school
  191. Luzerne County LTCF Application - Turn Around Time, Reference Questions?
  192. 📧 Election investigation and replacing county manager in Luzerne County
  193. 😲 UPDATE: Loud explosion in Sugar Notch shakes homes in Luzerne County
  194. Wyoming Area Regional Police Department.
  195. 🚴*♂️ Lehigh Valley bike trail $1.65M to connect Bristol to Allentown to Mountain top
  196. 🎂WWII veteran celebrates 100th
  197. 😡 Police in Luzerne County investigating after tires found dumped in creek
  198. 🐕Animal shelter temporarily closed due to virus
  199. 😲Two children attacked by bear in Luzerne County
  200. Range recommendations.
  201. ⚠️ Card skimmer found at Walmart checkout station
  202. 💰 Powerball ticket worth $2 million sold in Luzerne County
  203. 🇺🇸 World War II veteran from Luzerne County Passed Away
  204. ⚠️Child missing in Luzerne County
  205. 💰Lottery scratch-off ticket worth $1 million sold in Luzerne County
  206. 💸 Federal cash to help with heat, utilities in Luzerne County
  207. looking for a range dallas area
  208. Barren Acres
  209. 😲Luzerne County man arrested after firing shot into a vehicle
  210. 🔗 Missing link coming to Frances Slocum State Park
  211. 🤗Tractor Supply Company coming to Pittston Township
  212. ⚠️Water to be shut off in the Hazleton area
  213. 😲Beef With Biosolids: Concern Spreads in Pennsylvania County