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  1. another one from Allegheny county
  2. Allegheny and Beaver
  3. Character references in allegheny county
  4. Allegheny Trade Company
  5. Allegheny pwns you all.
  6. Possible violation in Allegheny LTCF process
  7. Any weekly steel shoots in Allegheny County? (preferrably around Pitt)
  9. gun shops in Allegheny County..
  10. Moved from Washington to Allegheny what to do about CCW
  11. Allegheny Country Rifle Club???
  12. looking for ranges in Bradford Cty and Allegheny Cty.
  13. Allegheny County Courthouse
  14. Allegheny County Carry Permit, mine expired
  15. Alert Allegheny Residents firearm permit holders
  16. LTCF and change of address in Allegheny County
  18. Any Allegheny Sheriff Deputys here?
  19. Goods for Guns program - Allegheny County
  20. allegheny county tresure sherrif's castle bulding room 109
  21. Allegheny County- thought I'd share.
  22. Carry Permit for Allegheny County
  23. Small Victory and Allegheny County
  24. Any NFA experiences in Allegheny County?
  25. Allegheny County District Attorney Admits Defeat
  26. Allegheny Arsenal in Verona near Pittsburgh
  27. List of Shops Around Pittsburgh
  28. Allegheny Co. Parks - carry ok?
  29. Any Allegheny County Dillon 550 users?
  30. Philly mayor, 2 Allegheny lawmakers push gun laws
  31. Gun Clubs around Allegheny County
  32. Applying for LTCF in Allegheny via Email?
  33. Who is chief law enforcement officer in Allegheny county?
  34. From Bucks County to Allegheny
  35. Allegheny County Sheriff's Reserve
  36. any ak builders in allegheny county?
  37. H&K dealer's in allegheny
  38. Allegheny County shootings
  39. Allegheny Co. Rifle Club - Schitzen Park Rd, North Hills
  40. Allegheny LTCF
  41. Allegheny County
  42. Allegheny LTCF renewal
  43. Allegheny County SWAT not happy campers
  44. Allegheny County tops list for CCW permits
  45. Question about Allegheny County
  46. Allegheny County Sheriff office - Wrong/Incorrect info ?
  47. Allegheny County IDPA
  48. LTCF allegheny county
  49. LTCF Allegheny County
  50. Allegheny LTCF Recived
  51. Realestate & Property Tax Law Question PA/Allegheny County
  52. Allegheny County LTCF renewal
  53. Allegheny County Renewal 11 Days
  54. allegheny sheriff firearms are fed up with me calling?
  55. Securing a pistol at the Allegheny City/County Building
  56. New to PA (Allegheny County) and need some advice
  57. Allegheny County LEO's getting millions in stimulus $
  58. Allegheny Co. gives retired LEOs big discount on LTCFs
  59. Allegheny Sheriff's Office Misinformation
  60. Best shooting club in Allegheny county?
  61. Please Recommend a FFL in northern Allegheny county or southern Butler county
  62. Allegheny County Park - Rules - Does this need challenging?
  63. Premetion Violation: Allegheny County - Pittsburg International Airport
  64. Allegheny County homosexual special rights Ordinance 4201-08
  65. Clairton (Allegheny County) adopts missing handgun ordinance
  66. Allegheny County Police Issue - Handgun was taken...
  67. Allegheny County residents: Help needed with ammo purchase
  68. Friend's stepdad denied LTCF Allegheny county
  69. AMC-Loews tweaks policies
  70. Bavington Gun Range?
  71. IDPA near Chippewa, PA
  72. PMSC
  73. Best local place to pick up an AK?
  74. Help - need to remove Duracoat
  75. Police Chief and Sherrif, What are they like?
  76. Local Gun/Cash Bash???
  77. Steelers Player has CCW Revoked
  78. Ross Township Community Center Gun Free zone?
  79. Allgh County License
  80. PMSC ?
  81. Anyone have an Aimpoint Micro with the factory mount around Pittsburgh?
  82. Possible move to North Fayette/Imperial area with questions
  83. M14 / M1A source with good prices around us?
  84. State of emergency and US Mail?
  85. Pet shop gun friendly
  86. Cheapest FFL to ship firearms through.
  87. Gun Tickets
  88. Need a Friendly Indoor Range
  89. Any lawyer recommendations?
  90. Cinemark, Settlers Ridge
  91. Anyone live in sq hill/greenfield?
  92. LTCF in 9 days
  93. act 235 cert Denial
  94. Looking to shoot MP9c or SIG p250 9c or 9sc
  95. dirtbiking
  96. Looking for a rifle range beyond 200 yds
  97. Looking for a PF9
  98. Can't get a scope sighted in
  99. Is Ross Township denying us our rights again?
  100. ACSO calls it a 'gun permit' and first CC
  101. Gun Bash
  102. Tac Gear
  103. Know of a Good Oral Surgeon?
  104. McKeesport to consider L&S
  105. Monroeville Barnes & Noble Attack ???
  106. Anyone work/worked at Zenith Infotech in Warrendale?
  107. Local source for Federal HST?
  108. NRA Classes around Pittsburgh??
  109. Seeking appraiser to evaluate 2 Colt 38s
  110. Local place for Black Hills Match .308?
  111. Gun Tickets Round 2
  112. Range Report Wexford SGL
  113. Moving into Bethel Park, PA this weekend!
  114. Gun Club Near Ross Township?
  115. .45 auto non existent?
  116. Indoor pistol range allowing holsters in North Hills area? Rosedale?
  117. gunsmith near n.vers
  118. Obama to speak at CMU tomorrow
  119. Stripped lowers in Allegheny Co.?
  120. Where to sell some of my toys?
  121. Good Gunsmith?
  122. Good local banks?
  123. Dealer/Range
  124. New to the shooting community
  125. NRA sues Pittsburgh
  126. Good place to shoot shot?
  127. Maybe We Can Help Each Other... Affordable Lawn Care / Handyman Services
  128. Any electricians want to make some cash doing a side job?
  129. Desantis Nemesis for LCP in Pittsburgh
  130. Place to Shoot in Southwest PA
  131. Range?
  132. Archery Shop
  133. WHO carries AR parts
  134. Anyone going to see the LST in Pittsburgh this weekend?
  135. Local parkerizing in pittsburgh area?
  136. Good holster selections in the PGH area?
  137. Went in an filled out my LTCF Application today...
  138. I want to shoot a Saiga 12.
  139. Just A Word Of Warning
  140. Need advice on a bachelor party
  141. Anyone own an M&P Compact in .45?
  142. Why . . .
  143. Atomic Dog Holsters (Custom Kydex)
  144. HELP In Greensburg 9/3 thru 9/7
  147. t/c hawken parts
  148. AR-15 lowers near Pittsburgh?
  149. ***Important Event Notice-Support Pro-Gun Candidate Rick Saccone
  150. Notary, North Hills
  151. Trial outcome
  152. New To Area- Rifle Ranges? Hunting Buddies?
  153. Told my g/f we could go to Light Up Night...
  154. New to shooting, looking for a good range.
  155. Metal Detectors at Club Oxygen in Harmar, PA
  156. Trying to find a classic car to use for a wedding limo
  157. gun thefts at wexford gun range
  158. Monroville gun show
  159. Female Shooter in Shadyside looking for Gun Range
  160. Pittsburgh
  161. Any Good Gunsmiths Around North Hills?
  162. AK-47
  163. LTB Saiga 12
  164. how are the roads?
  165. Junky Burglar Meets His Match....
  166. AR Optics
  167. How do I join PMSC?
  168. lost ltcf card how do i get another and cost
  169. Any 500+ yard rifle ranges in Allegheny county or nearby?
  170. Wood Planer
  171. Do you ever get paranoid?
  172. Pitcairn-Monroeville Sportsman Club
  173. Josh Wander for city council
  174. Carmen L. Robinson for Common Pleas Court
  175. New-ish to this area, looking for a range
  176. New Gun Owner in Pittsburgh
  177. What county to get LTCF?
  178. Things to do in Pittsburgh...?
  179. Does the Sheriff's Office ever answer the phone?
  180. Where to find a 8mm Mauser?
  181. PGH area rock climbing
  182. ACT 235 School in the PGH Area
  183. Millvale Sportsmans Club or Northside Sportsmans Association?
  184. Looking for 26.5 mm Ammo
  185. trap shooting in pittsburgh (beginner)
  186. any good public ranges around the North Hills or surrounding area?
  187. Motorcycle help, any experts out there?
  188. Possible Preemption violation in Township of Pine
  189. Need some money for my wedding - will make you a website for cheap
  190. Mt Lebanon Dormont Sportsman's club
  191. Application Submitted!
  192. New Guy
  193. New guy from MD
  194. Wexford range?
  195. Need ACRC info...
  196. CCW ? please help.
  197. Crafton VFD Poker Run
  198. Anyone want some 3 1/2" 12 GA shells?
  199. ND in Brentwood last week!
  200. PMSC membership
  201. Any one have an AR stolen?
  202. Anyone have any Dillos Dust?
  203. New to Trap in Wexford/Cranberry Area
  204. Pittsburgh Handgun Exchange (PHH) closed?
  205. Shenanigans bar no cc/oc
  206. Looking for places to shoot/people to shoot with.
  207. Firearm rental for new shooters
  208. Western PA BBQ Gathering Group Picture
  209. Allegheny County Sheriff Reserves
  210. HVAC Pittsburgh
  211. SCAR 17s, Dealers?
  212. SA/DA or DAO?
  213. Ruger SR1911
  214. Gun show at Pittsburgh Mills, 10-11 September
  215. Cheapest FNP 40?
  216. NonResident LTCF in Pittsburgh
  217. Western PA Meet and Greet
  218. Kim Stolfer on TV PCNC Night Talk 9-22-2011
  219. New member saying Hi
  220. Anyone go to the Washington gun show today?
  221. LTCF Question regarding county
  222. New PAFOA member interested in PMSC
  223. Pittsburgh City Council opposes federal bill on concealed handguns
  224. New to PAFOA, moving to Pittsburgh
  225. Allegheny County CLEO Signing for Class III?
  226. Western PA Meet & Greet Pictures
  227. Allegheny County Executive Candidates views on gun control?
  228. new member looking for free rifle range
  229. Trust Lawyer and Class 3 dealer questions
  230. New member looking for 'Smith that des Ak/Galil work
  231. Another new member
  232. Any places open to public hunting in southern Allegheny County?
  233. Legal Heat Utah Permit Class 1/5/12
  234. Need help finding a local person to make a holster.
  235. Revitalization of the PMSC Group Shoot
  236. Anybody here yet effected by enhanced background check
  237. Need to find an apartment in the Pittsburgh area
  238. Jury duty.
  239. Moon twp Pizza shop hiring drivers
  240. Best price in Pittsburgh for LCR w/CT Laser
  241. Allegheny County LTCF renewal times
  242. Richland Sportsmans club
  243. Richland Sportsmans club
  244. PMSC Members?
  245. Last Day of Hunting Season?
  246. Group Buy on steel targets
  247. Thule Products Group Buy
  248. Going to Oakland UPMC Presbyterian Thurs 2-9.
  249. Concerns about Monroeville PA
  250. Good action pistol practice/training in/near Pittsburgh