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  1. Hello Berks!! and Neighbors
  2. ok berks people lets get talking
  3. Ranges near us
  4. ALERT: Permit Holders in Berks County
  5. Funny Phone Call to the Berks County Sheriff
  6. To those whose identity was diclosed by the Berks County Sheriff
  7. Looking for a Range near Southern Berks Co.
  8. Lehigh Valley Firearms Coalition -Berks
  9. SIGs in Berks County
  10. Looking for long range shooting around Berks County
  11. Berks County, I need your help
  12. Moved from Lancaster to Berks - What do I do?
  13. anyone else a member of the northwestern berks rod & gun ? bethel PA
  14. Anyone have an FFL in the Berks area?
  15. Smith for basic 1911 work around Berks County?
  16. Possible move to Berks County
  17. Berks area group shoot?
  18. Moving to Berks
  19. Another MASA or Berks group shoot?
  20. OC Dog Walk in Berks
  21. How many in Berks will OC on the 4th?
  22. PA Safety Course in Berks?
  23. Where to buy AR-15 mags near Berks?
  24. Berks Co.
  25. obtaining ffl in Berks
  26. 1911 Smiths in Reading/Berks?
  27. Antique Gun Appraiser in Berks?
  28. Anyone know of a Reloader in Berks?
  29. anywhere to shoot semi auto ak in berks?
  30. NFA in Berks County
  31. Gunsmith in Berks County for AR rail / gas block work
  32. clays in Berks?
  33. Land in Berks county
  34. Berks County Voters, look here please.
  35. Gun dealers? Indoor ranges?
  36. what Shops are on file with what online dealers?
  37. Which club should I join?
  38. Wing Pointe - Sporting Clays
  39. Noob friendly range?
  40. Starbucks Appreciation Day – Sunday Feb 21
  41. Gray (silver??) Dodge truck with PAFOA sticker on it?
  42. Indoor Range in the Greater Reading area?
  43. Ruger MKII
  44. Wing Pointe - Real Estate Auction - Saturday, May 15, 2010 — 11:00 AM
  45. MASA Fun Shoot 2010 - Saturday May 22nd
  46. French Creek Outfitters
  47. Stony Creek Outfitters indoor range now open
  48. Looking for a club with long rifle ranges . . .
  49. Informal rifle match at Mohnton Club
  50. MASA Range closed?????
  51. nw to the form
  54. NRA Women On Target Shooting Clinic
  55. Just Moved
  56. Mt. Aetna Bicentennial
  57. Gun Safe Move
  58. Best way to sell long guns?
  59. Reading handgun ranges
  60. Firearms Transfer
  61. Public ranges around lenhartsville area
  62. Looking for a range/club
  63. Daniel Boone Rod and Gun Club Membership Referral
  64. Jerk shooting pumkins at MASA
  65. Anyone belong to Mohnton?
  66. Looking for clay targets in berks area
  67. Suggestions for someone wanting to learn the basics?
  68. New to Forum
  69. I need help to join a range!
  70. M.A.S.A. ok for pin shooting
  71. Anyone belong to Green Hills Sportman's Club?
  72. Transfer through Sheriff
  73. Leesport gun club
  74. Looking for Vihtavuori N320 powder
  75. MASA Fun Shoot - Saturday May 14th 2011
  76. Need more info on Cacoosing Gun Club
  77. Lebanon Valley Sportsmens club
  78. Berks LTCF Application.
  79. Berk's County Sheriff Weaknecht
  80. Reading area outdoor range (public)
  81. Berks Solicitor?
  82. Yet another Sheriff Weaknecht thread.
  83. Competitive Shooting in Berks
  84. Kutztown Rod and Gun Club
  86. Public Range in/near Berks county
  87. Outdoor Archery
  88. bboro gun club
  89. Night predator hunting
  90. Looking to join a local club
  91. How do I join Leesport?
  92. Self Defense Training
  93. Preemption Violation - your Arms can be on Fire in Berks County Parks
  94. New-ish to the area, Carry Questions
  95. New Member Question
  96. Favorite gun shop in Berks co.?
  97. hunting Clubs
  98. MASA Citizen's Firearms Law Seminar
  99. Berks County 2011 homicides
  100. FFL in Berks County
  101. SBR in Reading?
  102. Seeking gun buddy
  103. Thun Trail
  104. Competition
  105. New Gun Shop at Stony Creek?
  106. Gun clubs in the area
  107. Daniel Boone Rod and Gun Club
  108. Any Mohton club members here?
  109. Shot Timer and Custom Molded Ear Plugs
  110. Mohnton Members
  111. Shooting near Cemetery Lane
  112. Gun Gallery / Stony Creek range re-opening ?
  113. OC while Voting at Maxatawny Township Building?
  114. any outdoor ranges near reading beside lebanon valley?
  115. MASA Fun Shoot 2012 - Saturday May 19th
  116. Self Protection Unlimited Range -Status?
  117. New Gunsmith in Berks
  118. Douglassville-Area Meet-n-Greet Anyone?
  119. Sig 50 caliber rifle at cabelas
  120. Need an experienced 45 ACP realoader
  121. transfers near Reading PA?
  122. Question about Reading
  123. Any Indoor Ranges near Reading?
  124. Pike Township Sportsman Association
  125. Need a Job
  126. Stone mason near Exeter Twp?
  127. Wyomissing, Anyone fix cars or can tow them
  128. This Saturday Meet & Greet PA Senatorial Candidate Karen Mogel for the 11th District
  129. Where and When to get LTCF
  130. Duryea Drive in Reading
  131. Hi There
  132. CLOSED
  133. NRA First Steps Berks/Lebanon/Lancaster
  134. Carpool for Responsible Citizens March
  135. What's the latest on the LTCF's?
  136. Local Reloading Supplies
  137. Where to buy ammo around here?
  138. Dicks Gun Shop
  139. Anybody go to masa? (muhlenberg)
  140. Where To Get Handguns in Berks?
  141. Has anyone called/written to Weaknecht yet?
  142. Discharge Laws.
  143. Spring Township pre-emption violation
  144. BCTV on Gun Reform..Pro and Con.. great speakers
  145. Looking For A Place To Shoot
  146. Boycott and relay the hard facts.....
  147. Split a case of 357SIG?
  148. I'm in Berks! @Renningers
  149. Industry Update
  150. Rockland Gun Club
  151. Magazine Pouches
  152. Small pistol primers
  153. Child freindly ranges
  154. Holster Repair
  155. New member berks county
  156. 3/22/13....Something horrific?? Please read...
  157. Old info...indicating last 5 years can be erased
  158. Hello all another f.n.g. Here
  159. Ranges
  160. Opinions on Subaru dealer service dept.
  161. Places to fish in or near Berks without a boat?
  162. CLOSED nagant wooden crate near 19606
  163. Airsoft
  164. Bizarre Letter To The Editor
  165. Daniel Boone Rod & Gun members?
  166. Utah class
  167. Firearms and Defensive Tactics Training in Greater Reading Pa Area!
  168. grid black out planned for November 13-14???
  169. Info on Douglassville
  170. Good Pistol and Rifle range in Berks?
  171. berks firearms
  173. Looking for a gun-friendly doc...
  174. Perry Twp Game Association
  175. Rifle ranges that allow standing position?
  176. Shipping a firearm
  177. Is anyone here a member of the Kutztown or Kempton Rod and Gun Club?
  178. Muhlenberg Township - looking for a person
  179. pricetown gun club
  180. MASA Fun Shoot May 17th... Anyone Going?
  181. Cacoosing Gun Club will host a presentation facilitated by Sheriff Eric Weaknecht
  182. Napa engine stand 19606
  183. welding help near 19606
  184. Moving To Reading where to live?
  185. Gun Laws w/Sheriff On BCTV Sept 22 at 8PM
  186. Local Lawyer
  187. To ask or not to ask
  188. Fireworks
  189. Gun Shop near Wyomissing
  190. Crime Alert
  191. Pro-police rally. Support your local cops
  192. Berks Jury Duty Question
  193. Anyone a Strausstown Gun Club Member?
  194. 2015 MASA Fun Shoot
  195. Reading Phillies concealed carry
  196. PA BBQ fest leesport
  197. Pet adoption fees waived
  198. berks county district attorney
  199. Non-Resident status
  200. Local(ish) places that teach about guns
  201. Walmart Wyomissing has 26 federal 22LR 325 packs on the shelf
  202. Antlered & Antllerless Archery Sat Sept 19th WMU 5C...check out this "training"video!
  203. Need sponsor for Pricetown R&P Club
  204. Hostetter Butcher - Deer Processing - Mohnton, PA - open till 8pm today
  205. Willie Nelson - Merle Haggard
  206. Hazardous Waste Collection
  207. Hamburg PA Military Surplus
  208. Non resident PA concealed carry permit
  209. Could Bass Pro buy out Cabela’s?
  210. Walmart Exeter has nine Federal 22LR AutoMatch 325 packs on the shelf
  211. Philadelphia Flyers legends to play alumni game at Santander Arena in Reading
  212. Vietnam Veterans Memorial Moving Wall
  213. Backyard range in Douglas Twp?
  214. Sportsmans Flea Market
  215. Trap Shoot
  216. Santander Bank
  217. Anyone know a place to hunt Groundhogs in Berks?
  218. Replacement Home Windows - Berks
  219. Moving to Berks county from Philly after 35+ years
  220. Reading mayor says metal detectors are coming to City Hall
  221. Firefighters battle blaze at French Creek State Park
  222. Anybody have a Bighorn safe with electronic keypad?
  223. Feel the Burn
  224. HSA Steel Challenge
  225. MASA FUN SHoot-May 21 2016
  226. Any thoughts on Berks County for building a retirement home
  227. Maine
  228. Surplus rifle shoot at Heidelberg Sportsmen Assn.
  229. Kittens
  230. Army Navy Hockey game
  231. Pennsylvania's Newest Christmas Display - First Energy Stadium
  232. $50 Cabela's Gift Card For Only $40!! - FREE Mail Delivery - Limit 5
  233. Tractor Supply in Temple has FAT 50's for $12.99 on clearance - call before going
  234. Berks County Patriots
  236. Anti Trump rally
  237. Friends of NRA banquet
  238. Non-resident LTCF: Big Thanks to Sheriff Weaknecht!
  239. Daniel Boone Rod and Gun
  240. Need a gun club sponsorship
  241. Kutztown antiques market
  242. Casting mentor
  243. Sherriff Weaknecht's I Carry Class was Great!
  244. Meeting at BCP this month
  245. My 1st taste of getting my LTCF in Berks
  246. Legal fund for Robert Horst, owner of Firearm Solutions
  247. Meet Scott Uehlinger
  248. Hi speed internet provider
  249. Looking for a range to join
  250. Do any outdoor ranges around Kutztown allow full auto?