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  1. County Carry Permit Information - We need your help gathering information.
  2. Places we can't conceal-carry in PA
  3. Hersheypark
  4. Anyone tried to carry to the Berks Courthouse?
  5. Kydex/Fobus/Plasticky Holsters?
  6. Heroic CCW'ers who have been "eraed" from the news accounts ....
  7. Ban on Weapons in Berks County Parks
  8. Anyone who carries ever have to use it?
  9. Your Pennsylvania Gun Rights ~Handy flyer to carry with you.
  10. READ FIRST: Where you CAN and CANNOT Carry weapons in the State of Pennsylvania
  11. Cumru Township, Berks County
  12. Knoebels: weapons/firearms policy?
  13. PA LTCF Questions - newbie
  14. Have YOU ever had to use your concealed pistol in self defense?
  15. Philadelphia Zoo - Again
  16. More women pack heat - Safety fears spark jump in concealed weapons permits
  17. Lackawanna LTCF
  18. Berks County Courthouse
  19. Is it legal to OC on a Waverunner?
  20. North Park
  21. "Man tries to take loaded gun to hearing"
  22. Mifflinburg PA: Man with gun at football game
  23. Licensed carry on SEPTA
  24. FAQ: Interstate Transportation of Firearms
  25. No Guns at Dorney Park
  26. How do I appeal a denial of LTCF?
  27. Gloves while CC'ing?
  28. Maryland carry permit
  29. OC/CC event for March....
  30. Carried to court house today, Stroudsburg/ Monroe County
  31. OC Story (Condition light-Orange)
  32. Well it finally happened...
  33. Bullet-Proofing the Mind - A MUST for every concealed-carrier
  34. Alcohol and CC/OC
  35. Catch-22 Averted Thanks to Berks Sheriff
  36. Phone call with Temple University's Police Dept today
  37. carried to erie county court house
  38. Carrying at Sovereign Bank Stadium
  39. States where PA ccw is valid
  40. Just Applied for LTCF
  41. Berks Sheriffs Guns Safety Brochure
  42. Do they wand/metal detector @ Croc Rock in Allentown?
  43. Lehigh LTCF Time
  44. LTCF... Refrences/Employer
  45. Blue Marsh Lake, Berks County
  46. LTCF fees
  47. Crichton-McCormick Park, Portage Boro in violation
  48. School District Administrative Offices
  49. New CCer Here, How My Mind Has Changed About +1
  50. Liacouras Center
  51. East Goshen Park regulations - No Carry- UPDATE!
  52. Man arrested for having gun on school property
  53. LTCF Denial question; can I appeal?
  54. MadamRaven & AMGibson Arrested
  55. MadamRaven & AMGibson arrest - (mostly) just the facts
  56. OCing in Adams County
  57. Bucks Co. members, I need your help. UPDATE: Please see post #1
  59. Legality of carrying in a national guard armory???
  60. This Is Why You Always Keep It Chambered...
  61. WOW, PA, DE, and VA licenses/permits could be valid in MD
  62. Must a LTCF be carried on your person ?
  63. Scary Situation
  64. Do the PA police know?
  65. Right to Carry - 1986 to 2006
  66. Moving to PA for school, PA residency question
  67. My First Weekend of the Year...
  68. ltcf eligability
  69. Ammo Capacity Limit When Carrying?
  70. Wilderness Safepacker
  71. "Do you have any *OTHER* weapons in the vehicle...?"
  72. Good Holster
  73. Got my LTCF!
  74. Beltman Belt Review
  75. Freaked out nurse at doctors office
  77. Carrying rifle while hiking in parks?
  78. Constitutional Right and Social Obligation to Carry a Gun
  79. Carrying a knife
  80. Downhill Skiing and carrying a firearm.
  81. This guy doesn't like people who carry...
  82. Gun free school zone notice
  83. ATF State laws
  84. Traffic stop-In which states does the cop know about your CCW permit?
  85. LTCF Revoked 6 years ago...
  86. Driving Holsters
  87. Looking to get a NY non resident LTC
  88. Going to New York
  89. Two arrested in ME for gun possession
  90. Best rebuttal to "You live in [small town], why do you need..."
  91. What do I need to know about CC/OC in Virginia
  92. A Risky Move
  93. terminal ballistic performance discussion
  94. Positive LEO experience with CC
  95. After completing probation, am I eligible for LTCF?
  96. Concealed interstate travel
  97. Positive "Non-encounter"
  98. How Do You Carry Your Beretta PX4 Storm?
  99. Has Anyone Dealt with Holsterama or Master's Holsters? Thoughts?
  100. Can A Township Make Its Own Rules? - [Guilford Twp.]
  101. Westmorland County Sheriff was issuing LTCF on the spot at the PGCA gun show
  102. Restricted home state license
  103. Shooting a dog
  104. UFC fighters view of guns
  105. Act 235
  106. A Sensible Gun Registration Plan That Will Work
  107. Maryland HB58?
  108. EMT in PA CC?
  109. New Forum/LTCF member needing some help
  110. Man Defends himself gets charged with crime
  111. Information on Utah Class???
  112. Delaware ccw question
  113. Stage 1 Complete. G/f Is Aquiring LTCF.
  114. WBAL Watercooler Question of the Day!
  115. Moving from Montco to Bucks; New LTCF?
  116. I'm carrying again.
  117. Liberty Bell and Surrounding Areas Carry
  118. Transportation into MD.?
  119. Pennsylvania Sheriff Project?
  120. Duty Holster choice: Safariland 6280 or 6360 ?
  121. Going to South Joysie For A Few Days -
  122. Lehigh County's Misinformation Campaign
  123. Bethlehem Brew Works
  124. Class discussion!
  125. Remember my thread about getting a ticket for OCing an empty holster ? Court Tonite
  126. case for pistol that locks for in the car?
  127. Carry at an armed forces recruiting center?
  128. If you carry because of your job...
  129. new to the board
  130. Just bought my first real holster for cc.
  131. License to Carry Firearms?
  132. You don't take for granted your freedoms until....
  133. OC/CC during a State of Emergency
  134. Anyone use the gunclip?
  135. My First Trip To Cabela's (West Virginia); Odd Carry Info in WV
  136. Crossbreed Supertuck
  137. Carry loaded in a vehicle
  138. Update on Appeal
  139. Northampton County LTCF
  140. State Forest OC?
  141. Qualifiying Factors
  142. New PLCF in lackawanna
  143. Questions About PA CCW Law
  144. Quick Question About Lending
  145. Visiting Ridgway, PA
  146. Self Defense and Fishing Permit
  147. Time limit to file appeal for LTCF a liability?
  148. Anti-Rage
  149. PA Convention Center CC
  150. Finally did it.
  151. PSP stop. Non-issue after spotting my LTCF
  152. Travel question
  153. holster for 5" Kimber w/ rail and light attached
  154. Carry at Perkins?
  155. Transporting shotgun in other states; NY, MI, OH, CT, RI
  156. OC at the Olive Garden?
  157. First OC/CC.
  158. Man with HIV needle // shoot or not?
  159. Traffic stop???
  160. Can arizona become a CC without a permit state? How about Pa?
  161. wife's giving me a hard time about deciding to carry.
  162. Columbia County Refused to Issue Me An Application For A CWL. What Now?
  163. CCW Question
  164. Philly Art Museum...
  165. OC in HR Block?
  166. Anywhere you choose not to carry?
  167. This is grim.
  168. Hair triggers
  169. Poll on your carry history...What came first, the CC or the OC
  170. Military member, CA LIcense, LIVE in PA for work.
  171. Must Produce ID if carrying in public ?? (Attorney Mirowitz)
  172. Stabler Arena CC
  173. New guy here, ton of questions:
  174. If you are CC does it have to stay 100 percent concealed? And some random rhetorics.
  175. PSP challenge
  176. Video underscores dangers for deputies
  177. Speeding with OCing!
  178. Pulled over while CC,State PoliceX2
  179. Brady Campain "No guns in Starbucks"
  180. What Dremel attachment for cutting Serpa?
  181. Anyone have a concealed carry or act 235 badge?
  182. Why I Carry
  183. OC'ing w/Current Pittsburgh State of Emergency
  184. New to Site, need some help
  185. PA LTCF - No Mandatory Training - But Seek Florida & Utah Permit
  186. PA Rocks
  187. A newer member finally possessed his LTCF in PA.
  188. Breaking through the anti carry propaganda
  189. Tannersville breakfast
  190. Westmoreland County Parks in violation of 6120, UPDATE PAGE 6
  191. Hospital and Carrying Scenario
  192. Potentially bad situation avoided by roommate(s)
  193. No Weapons Allowed (Lycoming Mall)
  194. Disturbing Encounter While Attempting To Check Firearm At Montco Courthouse
  195. Carrying after surgery. Anyone else ever do it?
  196. Question Regarding Reciprocity
  197. Utah Application time limit
  198. Anybody ever check their gun at the Fayette Co. courthouse?
  199. Applying at Westmoreland SATELLITE Location
  200. Being a Gun Whore
  201. Girlfriend driving my car w handgun
  202. Carry at York Hospital
  203. a "what if" question.
  204. What do illegal CCWers who get caught usually catch?
  205. How old is your carry gun?
  206. Situational awareness on Valentine's Day
  207. Shotgun Transportation
  208. Disarmings The Threat Is Real
  209. Is my holster safe?
  210. Bucks County LTCF Warning
  211. What other gear do you carry?
  212. strong hand injury
  213. Why Extra Mags?
  214. Ok - Another question - multiple attackers.
  215. My letter and responses it generated
  216. NRA director elections
  217. Quick Philadelphia Municipal Building carry question. . .
  218. Starbucks Appreciation Day Sunday Feb 21
  219. suggest a holster
  220. Arrest by Warrant - What should LEOs and CC or OC citizen do?
  221. blackhawk cpc belt
  222. national park carry
  223. Blackhawk Serpa - Configurations...
  224. Transporting pistol on airlines
  225. a better recorder?
  226. Got my LTCF in the mail today.....
  227. Hit piece on new State Park Law in Local paper
  228. First time shooting
  229. Gun carry on college campuses
  230. Situational Awareness lesson
  231. Good article about D.C. open carry case
  232. Beaver County LTCF Denial
  233. A letter for the Philadelphia Gun Permits & Tracking Unit
  234. Carrying Into The Wayne County Courthouse
  235. I haz LTCF!!! (Update on Letter to the Sheriff - Post #28!)
  236. sigh...
  237. I thought I might have to draw on someone at Target?!
  238. My concealed carry permit applictaion was denied???
  239. Obtaining Pistol Permit in PA?
  240. Anyone see about the shooting in Altoona?
  241. Are signs going up
  242. Close Call Tonight
  243. New LTCF
  244. Transporting an AR15/M4
  245. VFC CC & OC Question
  246. University of Tennessee bans guns of athletes
  247. Interaction with state policeman
  248. Legal Eagles: Church w/ a Pre-School
  249. New Law - No More by Mail?
  250. Uncle's LTCF not renewed