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  1. SR9c OWB holster
  2. AZ non resident ccw
  3. Long rifles in Maryland
  4. New Taurus TCP - So far so good
  5. School Zones
  6. Moving. Do I need to update address on LTCF
  7. Concealment T-Shirts??
  8. Jolly's Piano Bar in Philly, CC friendly?
  9. Setting off store detectors?
  11. Can a Municipality Prohibit Its Employees from Carrying at Work?
  12. Tired of living in fear
  13. Probably asked before... but firearms alternatives in people's republik's (NJ, NY)
  14. Will i be able to buy my first handgun?
  15. Thoughts on US Concealed Carry for Utah Class Requirement
  16. Schuylkill County Sheriff Joe Groody announces License to Carry Firearms Day
  17. Lawrence County LTCF Questions
  18. Interesting Conversation While Getting Finger Printed
  19. Sole Dominion? Keeping a handgun in a locker at work
  20. Church fake kidnapping
  21. Met an avid anti
  22. Glock 26 or Glock 27? (please read...)
  23. Heading to Inner Harbor MD and I Feel Nauseous Already!
  24. Any reccomended trails at the water gap?
  25. I wish the uninformed would stay quiet!!!!!!!
  26. Heading Gods Call planning a protest Good Friday
  27. permit
  28. Carry permit question
  29. Carrying out of state
  30. Security at Independence Hall
  31. LTCF Renewal
  32. An interesting talk with a LEO
  33. How to Remain Silent when Questioned by the Police - Open Carry
  34. Out of State carrier
  35. Passing through the mouth of the beast tomorrow
  36. Vacation in Williamsburg VA
  37. My exciting day at the Lehigh Courthouse
  38. I would like to share another persons "gun story",the kind you don't hear on the news
  39. ar was taken due to "not finding orig owner"
  40. Slanted CCW survey from a college student
  41. Carrying at Independence Mall Philly
  42. Had a conversation with a cop tonight while at work
  43. Changing Counties
  44. Printing :-S
  45. Arrested with 6 day old expired permit to carry illegal?
  46. Holster for Kahr CW45??
  47. Carrying at a Senators game?
  48. Good Video FROM PBS!! but read the message from VCDL first!
  49. Reading Anthracite-carry friendly?
  50. Another successful defensive gun use
  51. Federal Lawsuit Against Philadelphia
  52. Driving through Hazleton today
  53. great article on conceal carry
  54. Interesting read/video about the NRA convention and CC laws
  55. how embarrassing!
  56. How Will You Carry To The PA Republican Primary?
  57. need advise pls
  58. Question regarding LTCF in Lehigh County
  59. AZ non-res no good in OH
  60. Thought about this.
  61. Ahh, a costly non-encounter.
  62. Little frustrated
  63. "I'll kill you!". Cond red in a Gun free zone.
  64. Gun taken in traffic stop
  65. embarassing encounter tonight
  66. Interesting conversation with a State Trooper
  67. Northampton community college
  68. Did PA ever have a CCW Permit?
  69. OC = racist?
  70. Carrying in Gettysburg
  71. US Military and LCTF / Residency Information
  72. Exton district court 15-4-03 in violation of preemption?
  73. Hey we are trying over here in Wisconsin
  74. electioneering rules for pa. Can I OC?
  75. 16 OCers vs multiple LEOs...
  76. LTCF reference
  77. Firearm in employee parking lot?
  78. Gun carrying man ends stabbing spree at Salt Lake grocery store
  79. Denied Ltcf Due to Past Charge
  80. Another kudo for Bucks
  81. We Will Soon Have Mississippi
  82. A gun saves the day....
  83. Question RE: Firearms License
  84. traveling to Delaware Tomorrow
  85. First Carrying faux pas
  86. Hypothetical Question
  87. my wife just got her ltcf
  88. banning of OC
  89. LTCF Eligibility Question
  90. Carrying in NM just got alot harder.
  91. Carry at workplace Question
  92. Local Parks
  93. What kind of business would condone carrying in the workplace?
  94. Can Sheriffs Legally Refuse to Issue Nonres LTCF?
  95. Need support for victim / activist
  96. OC "Firearms Must Be Checked In" Sign!
  97. Dash CAM footage
  98. Carrying during state of emergency
  99. Rule #1
  100. very very long story short
  101. Preemption Violation Letter
  102. Newbie with question about carry across State Lines
  103. Swarmed leaving Walmart...
  104. Philadelphia LTCF turn around time
  105. work for state cant carry on grounds
  106. I drew my gun, and had to defend myself for doing it.
  107. LTCF suspension story
  108. contemplating going from chambered carry to unchambered carry temporarily
  109. Got a little flak from a "guard" at the Montco Courthouse
  110. Two good encounters
  111. audio recorders
  112. ID and carry questions
  113. Carrying at Sovereign Bank Stadium in York
  114. a little bit of fun revenge
  115. Le Sigh...Wish I was confrontational
  116. Will ported guns blind you at night?
  117. Traveling Without LTCF
  118. Crazy lady on my porch
  119. This article makes all OCers appear bad
  120. THUMBS UP for PA State Police...
  121. What would be your reaction?
  122. Encounter with a crazy guy
  123. Confused about laws
  124. Need some Harrisburg/Lower Dauphin love
  125. Two examples of defense in our town
  126. Utah CFP Special for PAFOA-$50
  127. So what happened with Maryland???
  128. az ccw but still need pa ltcf?
  129. Glock 20 Holster
  130. LTCF: Don't leave home without it!
  131. I am so tired of these kinds of incidents...!!
  132. 18 ss 6109 (e) (ix)
  133. Is the Chesco Sheriff's deputy wrong, or am I? UPDATED: The Sheriff responds
  134. Question about tomorrow.
  135. When asked why I carry...
  136. Question about talking to cops
  137. 2A radio advert from CTD
  138. i love stirring the pot, BUT
  139. anyone who OC's deserves what's coming to them!
  140. Check Card Jurisdiction Dilemna
  141. Bushkill falls CC
  142. Lawful demand of LTCF when OC and CC
  143. OC Video
  144. Muzzle swept the other day while reprimanded for how I carry...
  145. NYPD Sgt Threatens Suspect
  146. finally got a pic of the sign preemption violation
  147. (State College Area)...police seeking information related to robbery and assault
  148. Open Carry
  149. My Little 7-11 encounter with the police.
  150. Preemption Victory!
  151. My experiences, or lack thereof, with my local cops
  152. Holster Review, Desantis Intruder
  153. What a mess
  154. Township of Kennett UFA 6120 Violation?
  155. Hypothetical situation on "printing"
  156. PPD issuance letter (scanned for reference)
  157. So I'm 2 for 2 so far...
  158. Need help, Carrying in NYC for security for friends music business??
  159. Open carry in WV or VA?
  160. What type of Ammo is in your carry gun?
  161. going to Virginia on vacation
  162. Shooting an attacker to save someone else?
  163. Shoot to kill vs shoot to stop a threat
  164. Visiting family in Maryland - Gun (no ammo)?
  165. Hatfield McCoy Trails, WV...
  166. Carry on Prison property
  167. Do you fit into one or more of these categories? (Philadelphia)
  168. im 99.55% sure i was right, someone want to confirm the other .45%?
  169. Stories of CC/OC on SEPTA
  170. Found a good one!!
  171. Condition Orange Core Creek Park
  172. "No Firearms" sign on D&L bike trail between Bethlehem and Easton
  173. Acceptable classes for Arizona CCW?
  174. Any LTCF app problems?
  175. Drexell University in Philly...
  176. 12 things to Know Poster
  177. Just when I was about to... update in post #25
  178. New gun owner, long time gun enthusiast!
  179. Throwing knives and Philly
  180. PHL Intl Airport?
  181. Was this a good shoot?
  182. Reciprocity question (Kind of complicated)
  183. Something I heard
  184. No Carry at Harrisburg gun show
  185. In PA, can one carry an ASP / Baton (telescopic baton) without a licence?
  186. Hypothesis: Good Guy Gun?
  187. Scheduling: MEET AND EAT - The Court Diner in Media, PA (DelCo)
  188. Does anyone carry a dirty gun?
  189. Fort Hunter: Rules/Reg & Firearms
  190. What Do You Think?
  191. Headed out to the flight 93 memorial.
  192. Address change and applying for ltcf
  193. Odd Wal Mart Encounter
  194. Benefit of Act 235 License
  195. Question
  196. So...interesting talk with Hellertown police a few weeks ago.
  197. Going camping in VA, travelling through MD and DE
  198. Need holster/carry ideas.
  199. Butler Co. Same-Day Issuance for New Applicant
  200. My girlfriend robbed at gunpoint / pistol whipped
  201. Mingo Creek Preemption Violation?
  202. rep to bethlehem township pd
  203. New to PA...
  204. dont know how in the world im going to wait the 6 months.
  205. Federal Court Building
  206. PA resident with VA ccp
  207. Denied my carry permit - help?
  208. A great tool for anybody who carries.
  209. new carrier in Philadelphia
  210. Maine Reciprocity!
  211. Question about firearm purchase for my vacation home
  212. Am I totally SOL for a PA LTCF for the following?
  213. Only $3.00 for replacement LTCF!
  214. Road trip to Texas
  215. Address change and LTCF
  216. Some cc questions from a non-carrying person
  217. ammo question
  218. Benefit of Obtaining Non-resident CWP?
  219. general carry question.
  220. Carrying while hunting
  221. Turned away for PHL LTCF Application: Advice?
  222. I'm famous!!!
  223. The kind of cops you should encounter whilst carrying!
  224. IWB?
  225. Looking for info on certain prohibited offensive weapons
  226. Having a lawyer at the ready question
  227. GP100 Holster
  228. San Francisco County Sheriff and your thoughts..
  229. Old Faithful Holster
  230. Looking for a range near northeast PA.
  231. Powered wheelchair/scooter question.
  232. lancaster man defends store
  233. Carrying a weapon... in a kayak?
  234. Interesting article written by a law student on the 4th Amendment and gun owners.
  235. "Need to be able to Record Police Stop?" There's an APP for that..
  236. Settlers Cabin Park Preemptin Violation
  237. Traveling to TN
  238. Question about LTCF
  239. CC & OC RANT...I will no longer agree to disagree
  240. Words of Caution (LTCF Letter) Questions
  241. Good discussion while deep sea fishing today.
  242. you got to see this
  243. almost peed in my pants today...lol
  244. Getting your LTCF before your 21
  245. Short Convo w/ PPD Officer
  246. Going to KY questions
  247. whats the deal with corps engineering land
  248. A good LEO encounter
  249. Destroyed an anti's mind with logic
  250. Musikfest Bethlehem, PA