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  1. Philly mandates the carry of firearms?
  2. Self-defense shooting hypothetical: any thoughts?
  3. Pistol Grip Shot Gun - OC or NO Go
  4. National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2011
  5. Looking for Some Application Help
  6. Question on PA and DE carry.
  7. Theater of the Living Arts (TLA)???
  8. Pennsylvania and Maine have signed a Reciprocity Agreement
  9. 'They're Crazy,' VA AG Cuccinelli Says of GMU Officials
  10. CC and OC statistics
  11. What's the law say about CCing in your SOs purse
  12. First time poster, I have a few questions.
  13. Chuck Gallo Trial Info, Please Plan on attending
  14. OHIO CC
  15. Anyone ever deal with Falco Leather?
  16. Anyone get pulled over tonight?
  17. Councilman says Florida gun permits are on their way out in Philly
  18. CC, then OC at Cristkindlmarkt Bethlehem
  19. Court OKs challenging post office gun ban
  20. Lovely Excursion to Allegheny Co. Courthouse
  21. That gun make you tuff
  22. Prohibited or not?
  23. Rejected today in Philly -- legal advice needed
  24. Bedford County - MDJ Court and Lockers?
  25. When should you disclose?
  26. CC Questions
  27. I live on lake Erie , Can I carry on my boat in lake Erie?
  28. when to show LTCF
  29. Positive CC, OC encounter today
  30. Are you new to carry? Slim? Never tried a proper gunbelt?
  31. first vacation were the gun won't be staying home
  32. Harrisburg mandatory metal detectors?
  33. Concealed Carry Now Allowed At Liberty University
  34. Lounging around the house: Carry solutions.
  35. 'Run the Serial Number...'
  36. Looking for holster opinions for Beretta 96 D full size pistol.
  37. Carrying friends Gun (VA resident)
  38. Wilderness Belt - 5 Stitch or CSM?
  39. cc while Not in possesion of ltcf???
  40. What did you put?
  41. Can a friend carry my gun
  42. Local Gunshop, bad experience
  43. Funny Story....
  44. Lower Nazareth man accidentally shoots self with handgun
  45. Rwb1500 Reviews The DeSantis Nemesis Pocket Holster (IN 3D!)
  46. Berkshire Mall weapons policy
  47. taken gun apart by state police
  48. Had a bit of a scare tonight...
  49. Home invasions on the rise
  50. 2 part q: (1) carry at work question, (2) universal carry permit?
  51. One fatally shot and one wounded by self defense- Boyertown, Pa
  52. GunFight at carwash
  53. Correction Officers Carry Questions
  54. Used My firearm for a defensive shooting today (kind of)
  55. another Castle Doctrine test case
  56. shoulder rig set up
  57. Need some help FL declined
  58. New Holster
  59. Philly....
  60. Florida Permit Renewal-fingerprint card
  61. Why do you open carry?
  62. When do you trust your new gun?
  63. K of P Mall - I won't go back without a CCW
  64. ammo for defense in dwellings
  65. Pistol Packin' Mama in Philadelphia Kills Man Trying to Rob Her Son: Police
  66. Need some advise from the PA boys
  67. Question about signage?
  68. Gun Carry law to which you can carry accoss borders.
  69. Crazy woman takes gun to 9/11 memorial
  70. Question re: concealed carry in my vehicle
  71. Meredith Graves concealed carry holder arrested in NYC
  72. How often do you unload/reload your ccw?
  73. Transportation w/o LTCW
  74. What do we know about Jeb Bush and concealed carry?
  75. holster for M&p 9.
  76. Holster or no holster for a Kaltec P3AT.
  77. Florida CCW in under 2 weeks!
  78. Please check which states honor your states LCTF.
  79. Flashpoint and real life
  80. should pa have training requirements to get ltcf?
  81. Traveling with your gun(s)???
  82. Texas Traffic Stop
  83. A "Sort Of" Encounter at Wawa
  84. LTCW Application Question
  85. this is disturbing
  86. Lasermax lasersight on my G26...which holster now still fits?
  87. Stuff Snagged in your Carry Gear
  88. Chamber Check
  89. What county will issue a Concealed Carry License in Pa to an out of state resident
  90. Bankruptcy Meeting
  91. LTCF not valid for LCB?
  92. New Member - First Time gun owner seeking information and guidance
  93. Fingerprint's ?
  94. NY and PA
  95. how often do you clean your gun(s)
  96. So it begins: Gerald Ung & 5 Bars Being Sued in Civil Court
  97. New Glock 23! Holster?!
  98. Stadium North in Hatfield, PA NOT gun friendly
  99. Obtaining a LTCF in Doylestown PA area?
  100. 76 ers games
  101. Carry in Car Holster
  102. Concealed carry hypothetical NYC - what would you do?
  104. Getting thru Maryland???
  105. how can i get ltoc
  106. ?? I have CCP Can I Open carry?
  107. The wait begins
  108. SHould I wait to get denied by Phila before filing for FL, VA, AZ?
  109. Cumberland County Court House / Jury Duty -- UPDATE
  110. Can PennDot employees CC at work?
  111. Had a chat with an office worker.
  112. A smartcarry question
  113. Uncle Mike Belly Band LCP/CT
  114. Will there ever be concealed carry for Public School Employees
  115. OC'er asked to cover up in temple sanctuary
  116. Displayed my gun at the bank today
  117. Excuse me sir, is that legal????
  118. First step toward open carry
  119. Castle Doctrine Questions
  120. Dave and Busters Not Very Polite!
  121. New Uncle Mike's belly band
  122. Armed Female Suspect
  123. Interesting story - Bicyclist Attacked, Shoots Attackers
  124. The trouble with opinionated politicians (aka carry incident)
  125. Was told I CAN'T carry
  126. Game Warden, any duty to inform, etc?
  127. PA Judges: No constitutional right to have firearm when working for PA government
  128. pulled over again, good job lower merion pd
  129. Just had a traffic incident
  130. possible 4th amendment violation...
  131. Why does Philly hate OC so much when.....
  132. Traveled to Florida with my firearm
  133. question about passenger carry in a car
  134. Firearms in a vehicle on company property
  135. Self defense question
  136. background laws PLEASE HELP!
  137. New Shooter!!!
  138. Need an answer!!
  139. PASSHE Schools and College Carry
  140. can one be in chamber when carrying concealed or open.
  141. thoughts on carrying in a bar or while drinking
  142. Got my LTCF, super easy!
  143. Moved and LTCF question
  144. concealed carry in state parks question
  145. Extra Mag?
  146. I may start to OC
  147. kinda new but not really...
  148. kool 72yr old Sams club worker
  149. DCFS carry rules
  150. Concealed Carry Badge
  151. Quick LTCF question - does county matter?
  152. OC in the car
  153. Permit Question
  154. CC'ing at the Eastern Sports Show in Harrisburg
  155. Legal for cop to disarm you?
  156. this came up on my facebook today
  157. watched a straw hat purchase today...
  158. What caliber...
  159. Interesting OC vs CC article:
  160. Another Dumb Question
  161. Converting nonresident LTCF to resident
  162. odd tv commercial about lung cancer?
  163. Will i be denied?
  164. bad encounter question?
  165. Alessi hoster
  166. Carrying a back up
  167. Epic Fail ..... and bad press for LTCF's - ND in Church
  168. concealed wepon licence
  169. Starbucks Counter-Protest
  170. Heinz Field Question
  171. az finally arrives...
  172. 1/2 way converted :D
  173. Carry at the PMA?
  174. Arguing with Antis at work today.....
  175. Philadelphia LTCF Fee
  176. South Carolina cc/oc
  177. Ignorance of law clears Orange County Sheriff's top lobbyist in gun controversy
  178. Another case on workplace carry decided in Jan.
  179. Texas Officer visiting PA
  180. Man's gun goes off in Walmart bathroom stall
  181. Lead foot = no permit
  182. Threatened in my own HOME!
  183. York County LTCF now credit card style
  184. Hunting / Guns Question
  185. Wrong Info on Card
  186. A question for the veteran CC and OCers
  187. My first day carrying
  188. safety slugs
  189. Carry Question
  190. Funny Encounter - OC/CC
  191. got my LTCF today!
  192. VERY brief perspective of CC from an officer in Mercer County
  193. Mag pouches for $1 +tax :)
  194. Do you think this was appropriate at Dicks Sporting Goods
  195. Calling all units - Gun Free School Zone
  196. G&A: Tips When Stopped By Police
  197. Another anti-gun business on the West Shore
  198. Toys R US anti gun policy
  199. Almost had to draw
  200. Carry of a Pistol not registered in your name!
  201. What the big deal with getting a Utah CCW?
  202. Don't talk to the police? Not so fast...
  203. how long before you are considered a resident?
  204. Expired LTCF
  205. Let's ask the PSP and Local PD.
  206. 2 new carrys
  207. police have my firearm
  208. Would this really be considered a victory for those who carry???
  209. Looking for more input about pre-emption
  210. Just got my LTCF from Monroe county
  211. Juvenile record and CC permit
  212. pocket pistol problem
  213. SD Ammo for my .45 ACP - debating between two of DoubleTap's rounds. Opinions?
  214. Thought I had my first MWAG call...
  215. Handgun permit
  216. Delco permit times
  217. School board member oc on campus
  218. MD Federal Court Declares "May Issue" Concealed Carry Law Unconstitutional
  219. Old Law
  220. wow this is going to get someone killed
  221. Got denied 2 years ago but now...
  222. Questions- going on tour with a band, LTCF reciprocity, non-resident permits, etc.
  223. Firearm Discharge Laws
  224. Trasporting from MD to PA
  225. Retired LEO on Durgin show discussing gun registration
  226. May be moving to VA in August for school
  227. Anyone experience Mercer County LTCF Procedure?
  228. ltcf pottstown local check card
  229. Walking that thine red line!
  230. Lost the Lady today.
  231. Senate National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Bill
  232. Clip Draw question
  233. PA resident want to carry in DE
  234. question
  235. Need to inform federal park rangers.
  236. Anyone with character clause problems outside Philadelphia with a ltcf?
  237. LTCF and PFA question.....
  238. State Agency's ability to regulate firearms
  239. gander mountain erie pa
  240. What was she afraid of?
  241. NJ to PA
  242. Man fires warning shot at thiefs in WB!
  243. Man who shot dogs may do time.
  244. perk trail
  245. Are pistol hi-cap mags banned in PA, for carry, etc.?
  246. To conceal or not to conceal
  247. PDW Concealed Carry
  248. LTCF question..
  249. Non-resident LTCF
  250. 18 Pa.C.S. 6115 Question/ clarification