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  1. Holster for carrying
  2. good viewpoint on carry
  3. brought gun out of the holster
  4. good day for poen carry
  5. Going to a Dauphin County courthouse in Harrisburg City
  6. To the thread would you shoot t kill
  7. Enjoy Your Stay
  8. Do I need to update address on LTCF?
  9. A kink in everyones dink
  10. How many people in justified shootings are sued in PA?
  11. Phil Kline: Saturday May 22 @ Hellertown
  13. Can another carry my registered gun
  14. Why I carry openly (humor boys, HUMOR!)
  15. Value of my CCW...
  16. Are you better behaved because you have an LTCF?
  17. Reason for denial
  18. One in the hole...
  19. Told not to OC by NRA instructor
  20. Will I be OK?
  21. California Open Carry Training bulletins
  22. Big day for the Plinkers
  23. Forcibly removed from apartment and disarmed - with no crime comitted
  24. Is there anything we can do about this?
  25. A Town Interested in Self Protection
  26. pro 2A carry story tomorrow ...
  27. Vacation to NC next week
  28. Forgot your voice recorder?
  29. Fox 29 Philly / Florida Loophole Story
  30. DSM Safety Products
  31. 20 y/o can i have a handgun for target shooting?
  32. Delaware!
  33. CC a Rifle?
  34. Peters township community center.. able to have no weapons in the rules for members?
  35. IWB Holster That Sits Low
  36. Cross Draw- How do you guys feel about it
  37. Out of State
  38. What? TWO Jersey threads? Yup.
  39. Visiting courthouse for very quick errand, do you still carry?
  40. Carry at Allentown Mayfair
  41. Need a mag holder
  42. Green Lane Park
  43. I'm so confused
  44. An incident that could have ended badly.
  45. Asked if my firearm was registered?
  46. 3rd Part Carry Story (situation involved)
  47. LTCF permit
  48. Which .32 revolver?
  49. First Serious Open Carry
  50. Latest edition of "PA Laws Relating To Firearms"
  51. New PA resident, originally from Kalifornistan.
  52. LTCF issued in montgomery county
  53. Out of state Military Licensing
  54. Carry at macungie memorial park
  55. Looking for Lawyer to Handle Appeal of LTCF revocation in Montgomery County
  56. Pocono Raceway?
  57. ALERT-PA residents w/ Out of state LTCF permit HB 2536 June 23,10 vote
  58. gun free school zone question...
  59. So I'm sitting having breakfast
  60. What can truckers carry in Pa and cross country?
  61. Few questions on stand your ground and castle doctrin.
  62. Might try open carry of a Taser X26 or X3. Anyone try it?
  63. Penalty for carrying in a state park?
  64. Can you refuse a search of your vehicle or to step out?
  65. What states should I get a license to carry in?
  66. At what point would you use lethal force?
  67. Pulled Over While CC (Uneventful)
  68. Switch Out Your Carry Ammo?
  69. Utah CFP Class - Harrisburg - OC Diatribe
  70. PSP encounter today
  71. PA police acting outside of the law again?
  72. Good talk with the Tastykake guy
  73. Something disturbing I just read on facebook. UPDATED with audio
  74. The waiting game..
  75. No holds barred.
  76. Attacked while CCing today
  77. Ohio question
  78. Criminal Modes of Carry
  79. Georgia Carry:No more Racist Public Gathering clause
  80. Carrying in Monroe County Administration Building
  81. How To Quickly Break In Leather Holsters
  82. Where can you CC with a LTCF
  83. Resident Evil Jill Valentine's shoulder holster?
  84. Checked firearm on airline question...
  85. Dear Abby today
  86. EDMC Firearms Policy
  87. 2 Questions: 1. Holster 2. Trigger
  88. Can I walk through the woods with a loaded rifle?
  89. Took the wife to the Court House...
  90. Name Change on LTCF
  91. PD Run weapon serial and LCTF numbers?
  92. LEO and Gut Rd in Manchester
  93. Need your help...
  94. Need some help w/ statisics
  95. Can someone tell me what this new anti reciprocity bill is?
  96. Do PA res. Have To Get LTCF from Home County?
  97. LTCF
  98. Ruger LCP Carry question??
  99. Alcohol and CCW
  100. Alabama Reciprocity - Fast?
  101. Duty to inform in Philly?????
  102. Newbie Questions. CC and Bars/Drinking
  103. Lost LTCF, York County Sheriff office A+
  104. Outdoor Federal Property in a City
  105. Florida Loophole Bill
  106. Carrying with out practicing.
  107. 1911 holster
  108. Few Questions about Concealed/Open Carry
  109. Is it me?
  110. York County parks NCR trail
  111. HB2536 (letter to the members of the House Judiciary Committee)
  112. Transporting a Weapon Through Non-Reciprocity States?
  113. Gun in car
  114. FOPA Protection through MD
  115. Ordered my SuperTuck
  116. Preemption Violation Elizabethtown Borough
  117. hypothetical question regarding carrying from pa to nj
  118. John Stossel gun link new show from last night
  119. Denial of carry permit
  120. Vehicle Carry Question
  121. Kel-tec PF9 Uncle Mike's IWB what size?
  122. Open carry myths busted
  123. Interesting situation I'm in...
  124. Check your carry ammo!
  125. PA Supreme Court Decisions
  126. Father On His Way To Philly
  127. is carrying at an amtrack station legal?
  128. Does anyone else find it odd
  129. Uneventful Traffic Stop
  130. SCCC @ CCAC the Saga Continues - protecting the 2nd Amendment w/the 1st
  131. Is it legal to CC or OC in a liquor store or bar?
  132. Do you carry pepper spray
  133. Encounter at Chester County Justice Center
  134. Philly LTCF application question...
  135. Coca cola park question.
  136. Firearm Check-in at Lehigh County Courthouse
  137. Carrying out west
  138. Carrying at Trexlertown Walmart last night...
  139. NC and Tennessee gun laws
  140. New here, Hello!
  141. 4th of July Open Carry
  142. About LTCF renewal
  143. Helium Comedy Club...
  144. Non Res Florida Concealed Carry License. Act 235 as approved training?
  145. Which county to apply for LTCF
  146. LTCF & Moving
  147. UT class in NY Times
  148. NPR story about Utah CFPs
  149. Got my LTCF today...!
  150. Hatfields and Mc Coy's in West Virginia
  151. Heritage Day In Easton
  152. able to possess/carry?
  153. Hypothetical situation - WWYD?
  154. Do you guys and or girls carry an extra mags...?
  155. Are you weird about where you sit while dining?
  156. How can I carry in Maryland, Rhode Island, and California?
  157. Galco belts - do they stretch?
  158. Going to the Union game today.
  159. PRNJ to benefit from McDonald?
  160. The nerve of some people
  161. Cops shot by own guns vs. armed citizens shot by own guns
  162. Fear at the Mason-Dixon line
  163. LTCF Form
  164. I only had to wait a week for my FL CCW, not 90 days
  165. Starlake (first niagra pavillion)
  166. Concealed Carry and Gay Marriage
  167. Awesome LEO encounter Fri night, got new PAFOA member(s)?
  168. delaware county-50 days and reference restriction
  169. Video Taping Police
  170. Scared the crap out of the dentist
  171. Gary Birks LGS, Senator Pat Brown , Lesley Darrin (?), Clarification please
  172. No ltcf, what are transport laws for weekend in hotel?
  173. State park carry with out of state license?
  174. Conclusion: It's about the bang
  175. Comparison bwtwn LTCF and PA DL
  176. Hypothetical armed robbery "what would you do"
  177. PA to NJ Rifle Transportation Q's
  178. fixed place of business case law??
  179. sportmans permit
  181. Heritage Rail Trail Park...This is odd
  182. So Ive always wondered...
  183. Wilderness Belt..3 stitch or 5?
  184. LEO community supporting private (citizens)carry
  185. strange carry pistols
  186. Gun Permit Allows Visitors Quick Access to Texas Capitol
  187. glock dealers
  188. pick up my ltcf tomorrow
  189. Called into WEEU this morning.
  190. Going out of state and want to make sure I'll be legal
  191. Damaged licensed to carry ID
  192. Utah LTCF
  193. Backup voice recorder
  194. Bail enforcement agent
  195. Travelling to OH - your input is requested
  196. Police shooting in Reading, PA
  197. proud to live in pa
  198. Constitution doesn't apply here.
  199. LTCF in Lancaster County--EASY!
  200. From the peoples republic with a question..
  201. Phila L & I attorney is Montco County contracted Attorney
  202. Carrying as a BEA
  203. Yet another reason to carry at Walmart
  204. Concealed Carry course (Easton Area)
  205. 6109(e)(3): discretion vs policy vs regulation
  206. Concealed Carry Video Part 1
  207. What would YOU do?
  208. First experience checking my sidearm at courthouse
  209. LTCF Question
  210. Hospital non event.
  211. Ohio questions
  212. To All You Permit Nazis - LTCF=License=Permit
  213. Very newbie question
  214. Preemtion violation reversed in Ben Avon
  215. Dealing with Citizens Legally Carrying a Concealed Weapon
  216. Rifle in Pick-up, Legal Question
  217. How many members load their mags with rubber gloves to keep their fingerprints...
  218. Carry with out LTCF in possesion
  219. Dealing with citizens legally carrying a concealed weapon
  220. LTCF background check requirements
  221. carrying while wearing scrubs
  222. Tonight could be a good night for some carry.
  223. Dads old Philly "permit"
  224. Lucky clerk fends off armed robber
  225. This crap has got to stop! Police violating rights.
  226. Can my brother carry my guns and vice versa?
  227. WDVE
  228. taking a trip to VA need to make sure im 100% legal
  229. Banking as it Should Be
  230. Driving to FL
  231. Range experience with a former competitions shooter and LTCF's
  232. Get together in Gettysburg, anyone interested?
  233. NYC Carry Permits
  234. Cleveland
  235. Kudos to Greentree PD
  236. PICS Challenge Form Question
  237. What if scenario
  238. Can a LTCF be used to process a PICS check?
  239. north philly
  240. 2A in Pa. yesterday
  241. how often do you draw your weapon?
  242. Cops and Armed Citizens
  243. County Library Rules
  244. Has anyone renewed FL recently?
  245. Carrying in KY
  246. quick LTCF question
  247. Phillies Game
  248. bucks county park system in violation of state preemtion laws
  249. what happened to castle doctrine?
  250. NJ resident- Non resident FL license- Cant find answer