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  1. Gun Laws are Ridiculous
  2. Starbucks speaks out: "Letting customers wear guns is just business"
  3. Support Starbucks On April 20th www.supportstarbucks.com
  4. Yikes! Just saw in the UFA a part where a LTCF is called a "permit"!
  5. who carries a full size?
  6. Who trumps who?
  7. Waiting Period ???? If any ???
  8. Establishments that tolerate/encourage carrying, and those that do not
  9. starbucks poll
  10. New P.A. resident
  11. Please excuse my ignorance, but...1of the 3% Please enlighten me.
  12. Carrying in WAWA!
  13. Am I reading the UFA correctly?
  14. Why Carry Full Size when there are compacts
  15. Pa drivers license and LTCF in one day
  16. Anti-depression meds and guns
  17. Depressing conversation with my Dad
  18. Spooked A Tailor Today.
  19. Coventry Mall Close Call
  20. Listen UP
  21. Application Process Question
  22. Ohio CCW permit and PA
  23. We'll honor yours if you'll honor ours
  24. Law Class at HSA today Sunday 3-7
  25. Corps of engineers lakes? and Township property
  26. Presque Isle State Park and carrying
  27. FL LTCF...anyone have experience?
  28. Scranton Carrier Arrested
  29. Letter with CC license
  30. 2 questions from a Noob
  31. carrying on delware canal?
  32. Lansdale Borough Building - interesting conversation
  33. Some people...
  34. Fedex Depot Carry Dilema
  35. your opinions?
  36. Still waiting for LCTF in Lehigh County
  37. say it ain't so?!
  38. Another LTCF Letter
  39. Should I holster my concealed weapon?
  40. Shoulder Holster advice
  41. Had an eye bugging moment tonight, lol
  42. Warren [County] Times Observer Article: 'Packing Heat'
  43. Amount of carry ammo VS. judgment of intent
  44. Question on being disarmed...
  45. Would like to take my Weapon to Maine
  46. Probably flying to California this summer... questions
  47. concealment holster
  48. Questions from New Jersey
  49. Open Carry And Concealed Carry In State Parks & State Forests
  50. Carry to a High School Basketball game
  51. Anyone use a 5.11 select carry sling pack? Patrol title?
  52. Cabelas(Hamburg) shopping
  53. ? for you Bristol Boro guys
  54. WOW.. Crazy!
  55. just received my Utah card today
  56. Umm, This cop needs checked!
  57. Good ol' Washington DC
  58. Need some info quick in regards to ID
  59. Am I "paranoid"?
  60. National Cemetery??
  61. BBC Piece: Armed and Ready to Shop (in WI)
  62. Anyone CC in Rivers Casino
  63. Drunk in public and packing heat
  64. Recourse for Carriers permit once deinied
  65. Delaware CCDW any help?
  66. Made a big whoopsie last night
  67. What are your thoughts on the following?
  68. LTCF question, applying shortly before 21st birthday
  69. Leaving round in Ruger LCP .380 at all times
  70. Many in PA think you need a License to own a firearm. Even some firearm owners.
  71. OBX?
  72. Confidentiality for those who have NOT applied for a LTCF?
  73. What's the deal with Ohio?
  74. LTCF is ready
  75. New Post Office in the Allentown Goose???
  76. [FUNDRAISER] - Potential test case for "other lawful purpose" language in §912
  77. Is my LTCF valid when I move?
  78. recommend a shoulder holster to me please
  79. carrying on the appalachian trail
  80. How does everyone carry an extra magazine?
  81. Conceal Carry At Penn State University
  82. MSNBC Pro CCW
  83. Lackawanna County Courthouse
  84. Wachovia Arena in Philidelphia
  85. My harebrained reciprocity idea
  86. How do you feel about your boss limiting how you carry?
  87. Is this open or concealed?
  88. Can I switch from CC to OC and back very 5 seconds?
  89. Received my LTCF - The experience
  90. Convicted felon in vehicle with LTCF holder
  91. Carry in a pulic assistance office.
  92. Local PD had a class today.
  93. Anyone ever have to show their Utah cfp
  94. Overcharged for LTCF? It's time to act (Updates Page 23)
  95. Township Park Carry
  96. Lefty...????
  97. Car accident/medical emergency while carrying
  98. april no-foolin kholster sale
  99. Car Carry?
  100. walmart and no where to go
  101. Sterling Hotel Allentown
  102. Does anyone else carry at home
  103. Concealed carry to/from and during the NRA convension.
  104. Concealed Carry Dilemma
  105. Legal Expense Insurance for Firearms Carriers?
  106. Md Hotel, Can I Have My Gun
  107. Pa resident transporting shotgun to NJ
  108. inter-state traveling
  109. Just saw on TV.
  110. Official Response from Regal Entertainment Group about OC/CC
  111. Stats on Gun Crime vs Gun Laws?
  112. "Drinky's" in Easton... secretly wanding AFTER entering
  113. does anyone CC using a clipdraw?
  114. cc in rivers casino
  115. My response to an article in the local paper about the ebensburg gun ban
  116. ammo for carry gun?
  117. carrying at a elemetary school under construction
  118. Never thought of this
  119. My thoughts on "other lawful purpose" as a father
  120. gun pulled at bar, what would you do?
  121. carrying a long gun on a hike
  122. My dad is applying for his LTCF
  123. Yay for Easter
  124. Two local bank stories
  125. So a covered holster is concealed or not concealed?
  126. Pittsburgh Zoo firearms policy?
  127. Some people should not be allowed to own guns
  128. Flying to Texas in the next month or so -
  129. Moral Dilemma concerning LTCF
  130. Jury Duty, Montco
  131. More Shooters and Carriers
  132. Florida Non Resident - valid in Washington reply from Washington AG office
  133. Anybody ever carry in Northumberland courthouse
  134. PSP Barracks
  135. OCing on a bicycle?
  138. Police seize LTCF
  139. Where do you carry your LTCF?
  140. "The registry"
  141. LTCF Not Accepted as ID at West Chester Bryn Mawr Trust
  142. Leather Holster for Kahr CW9?
  143. My dad is an .......
  144. Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank - CCW Friendly?
  145. Help getting laws changed!
  146. Deadly force and carrying.
  147. Now Fuddruckers anti-gun???
  148. Concealed guns with no permits nearly OK (AZ)
  149. applying for a LTCF online?
  150. Business gun policy enforcement.
  151. What I hate about Antis
  152. okay time for my beating
  153. Can a home be stolen?
  154. Pulling your gun on an officer who is illegally harming you?
  155. Getting a resident LTCF without a PA address?
  156. Where is the line between paranoia and protection?
  157. ACT-235
  158. Need feedback from Lebanon county LTCF holders
  159. Got pulled over; Officer took my sidearm.
  160. Firearms and weapons of every kind are strictly forbidden
  161. Did you get your LTCF the same day you applied?
  162. Mixed carry this morning
  163. LTCF question
  164. Carrying on the Delaware River?
  165. Potentially bad situation (not me)
  166. Renewed my LTCF at Lanc county courthouse
  167. I need help findng data
  168. Moving to PA - Have VA Non-Resident CCW
  169. Holster shopping
  170. Concealed Carry Is Now "Permit Free" In Arizona !
  171. Prepin' for vacation..CC'ing
  172. "Illegal database"
  173. How do I carry over state lines?
  174. Protesters rally against Starbucks gun policy at Va Tech.
  175. what is the solution to this problem?
  176. Verry odd encounter today
  177. VA approves guns in unlocked compartments
  178. New BlackHawk Serpa for my Glock!
  179. "Why you don't use a kydex paddle holster"
  180. Transfer of Pistol from NYS to PA
  181. looking for a holster for my XD subcompact
  182. Close please, found the answer
  183. What if situation....
  184. Got asked an interesting question today
  185. No Firearms Rule Posted at Local Park - Advice
  186. an e-mail my father just sent me
  187. I think this is legal...
  188. What are the repercussions of drawing?
  189. Moving to Pa question
  190. Open Carry OR Concealed?
  191. DRPA thoughts/questions
  192. States that grant permits to non-residents-only Florida and Utah?
  193. Neighborhood Terror!
  194. Encounter Today
  195. 1970 Pakistani ammo?
  196. Weapons removed by local police
  197. Glock 26 holsters (with pics)
  198. Fly to Boston, drive to NH - legal eagles
  199. Rest stops
  200. Carry a C&R handgun?
  201. My first carry
  202. LTCF Application Question
  203. LTCF Arrived Today... whoo hooo.... Just one QUESTION
  204. Serpa failure....any opinions?
  205. Carrying on General Motors Property?
  206. Just picked up my LTCF :D
  207. LTCF! WOOT!
  208. Delco Courthouse
  209. Police arrest Bethlehem man for allegedly carrying a concealed gun inside a bar
  210. Can someone help me out please?
  211. Allegheny LTCF Turnaround Time?
  212. As promisied, a Fobus holster "test".
  213. Help what should I OC carry….
  214. Capitol Police prohibited my pocket knife
  215. This is my gun
  216. Of Children, Liberty, and the Right to Bear Arms
  217. Writing a Term paper on CC/OC
  218. Atomic Dog Holsters
  219. Guns in Starbucks
  220. Those of you with iPhones - CC & OC App
  221. Open Carry Debate in a Local Car Fourm.
  222. How far have you gone...
  223. New Mexico to no longer accepts Utah permits
  224. Sellersville Theater
  225. Washington County Parks in violation of 6120
  226. Employee parking and firearms in car.
  227. What would you have done?
  228. The DMV is covered by pre-emption correct?
  229. Need help picking tacticool holster out
  230. Rickett's Glen State Park...
  231. any kind of a loophole I can exploit - USACE property
  232. "Majority of Americans Oppose OC"
  233. Things that anger me
  234. Lansdale OC'er... Who was it? ;)
  235. response to BradyBunch OC poll
  236. i want to do this right
  237. Outer Banks, NC carry laws
  238. New Jersey carry permit
  239. open carry in littlestown
  240. Would you shoot to kill
  242. Can I use hunters safety class for Florida LTCF Non Res?
  243. carryind a sigma 40
  244. Self Defence Carry Insurance
  245. looking to open carry with someone
  246. Funny thing happened on the way to my pants
  247. what i carry
  248. has anyone shot this round
  250. "What to do when.. Pulled Over By A Cop..."