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  1. EDC Spare Mag Ammo?
  2. Idiot with a concealed carry permit.
  3. How to get unprohibited?
  4. conceal carry
  5. Firearms ownership transfer legalities
  6. Concealed carry permits at all-time high. Blacks and women largest group of additions
  7. Bucks County CCW Question
  8. Advice needed on Open Carrying while counter demonstrating in the city of Philly
  9. Question regarding mountaneer drive, in Stroudsburg
  10. Any county where I can apply for and receive license by mail?
  12. Wives and LTCFs
  13. concealed to carry firearms
  14. LTCF Investigation
  15. Got my Ltcf Today
  16. Yes yes, another school grounds question.
  17. LTCF question, moving out of the state then back
  18. Question about firearm in vehicle.
  19. Holster suggestions
  20. Traveling to Dover de for nascar race
  21. Alien Gear plastic clips
  22. State store carry?
  23. Penn State football fans will see new security measures at Beaver Stadium
  24. Franklin county Pa license time?
  25. Serious or satire?
  26. encounter with someone who 'knows' more than an OCer
  27. Maine carry?
  28. Traffic Stop with Douglass Township PD
  29. STOLEN GUN!!!
  30. Teacher Leaves Gun in Bathroom
  31. PA State Rep. Bloom Informational Discussion - Is This Correct??
  32. Can I carry in Philly
  33. Non-resident carry legality at a private business
  34. CCW in OH
  35. What 911 Dispatcher Says about OPEN CARRY!
  36. Taking septa tomorrow and getting off at 30th st station.
  37. Do police know if you have ltcf
  38. Wright Leather
  39. Ohio reciprocity for PA LTCF?
  40. threat of PFA
  41. Carrying Extra Firearm for Driving/Being Seated?
  42. Carry ammunition, load whatever I want?
  43. Proof of Firearm Ownership
  44. Told not to OC at public library
  45. Carrying at work
  46. Cops don't know the law lucky to keep gun.
  47. OC Claficiation
  48. Merrymead farm
  49. Nat Penn Bank now BB&T - No guns
  50. input for letter to pa auditor general, CLEAN proceedure \ PSP policy violations?
  51. So Many Schools In My Area
  52. PaCareerLink at it again
  53. Man says his permit to carry a concealed firearm gave him the right to "limb" someone
  54. Saturday Philly City Hall Open Carry Rally
  55. Confused about carrying loaded rifle in car
  56. SBR in car/truck
  57. Interesting occurrence at a local restaurant
  58. SAA EDC
  59. LEOSA and NJ?
  60. Checking in a pistol at Newark airport
  61. Horrendous Security at Penn State Beaver Stadium
  62. Carrying to the polls?
  63. non resident LTCF
  64. Fort Mifflin carry question?
  65. Mag Holder or Pocket
  66. Traveling to Washington DC and Virginia.
  67. Any CC issues at Phila National Museum of American Jewish History
  68. Ankle Holsters
  69. Caarnegie of Homestead Music Hall
  70. Keeping a round chambered
  71. Strand - Capitol in York?
  73. Kydex Holsters near York, PA
  74. Universoul Circus - Carry??
  75. Utah CFP Dec 10, 2016 Delaware County
  76. Most Gun owner / open carry friend county near Philly?
  77. Has anything changed in PA when it comes to carrying in a bar?
  78. Open carrying AR-15 on Halloween ,
  79. DELCO Sheriff LTCF 2016
  80. Bucks County Court House LTCF Renewal
  81. Brave Response CC belt/holster combo
  82. Does FOPA cover D.C.?
  83. Vehicle gun storage
  84. testing carry ammo question.
  85. spousal conceal carry question
  86. Done Hume holsters went cheap
  87. Where to get training for LTC/safety for my daughter
  88. Youngster carry on private property located in the sticks
  89. So What Does It Actually Take to Get a NJ Permit?
  90. To hell with you Maryland!
  91. nonresident new hampshire permit
  92. Dog Story
  93. Brandishing law - december 2016
  94. Looking For Suggestions For An IWB Holster For P30SK
  95. semi concealed carry
  96. Most comfortable leather OWB holster ever
  97. Non-Resident New Hampshire conceal carry permit, reciprocate in P.A.??
  98. Cops: Open-carry gun owner shoots SEPTA carjacker in Philly
  99. Citizen Helps Trooper
  100. Getting approved for a CCW permit.
  101. National Reciprocity Bill Will Apply to Non-Resident Gun Carry Permits
  102. Art Museum detectors, searches?
  103. Does cocking a revolver = "preparatory" action?
  104. Which ankle holster for my S&W M&P Shield 9mm?
  105. IWB Mag pouch/carrier
  106. Car Registration / Concealed carry
  107. Philadelphia Zoo, searches or detectors?
  108. Geisinger Danville carry options?
  109. Does tacloc use the same pattern as serpa/blackhawk
  110. Your LTCF, traffic stops, and confidentiality
  111. Possession of Paraphernalia
  112. 302
  113. Armed man intervenes when another man was beating a woman
  114. Utah concealed carry permit question
  115. Harrisburg farm complex
  116. Car carry, you have LTCF + its your gun, but passenger doesnt have LTCF= ILLEGAL ?!
  117. Delaware reciprocity. This is something people going into Delaware need to be aware
  118. Carry at the Passport office in Philly - prohibited
  119. Ruger GP 100 4" Kydex holster
  120. Headed to Richmond tomorrow - anyone here ever have any issues carrying in Virginia?
  121. Franklin County "explaination"
  122. Transporting from NJ to carry in PA
  123. IDPA shooter mugged while on line at Kroger
  124. Carrying while hunting- holster choice
  126. Concealed carry option
  127. American Airlines outs those traveling with a firearm and makes it easier for theives
  128. Moving/Reapplying for LTCF?
  129. traveling through airport
  130. Wife got pulled over today...
  131. cz 75 D compact PCR Holster
  132. What would do and when ?
  133. Background check for NFA firearms
  134. Leather IWB Holster with any cant???
  135. Lehigh County Government Center: Weapons policy ? Weapons check-in ?
  136. Shadyside hospital experience
  137. Non Resident Permit, Question on CSDDCA
  138. Important: Heard on Scanner: Erroneous LTCF Revocation
  139. Other lawful purpose case in Drexel Hill?
  140. Kydex holsters manufacturer in the Southcentral PA area.
  141. LTCF Application
  142. Mohegan Sun arena?
  144. Good encounter at beer store
  145. Is my LTCF still valid?
  146. making a trip to Myrtle Beach
  147. Your Carry Options in NJ
  148. Is pepper spray legal in Philly?
  149. How many permits would I need to carry in all 50 states?
  150. License to Carry Satellite Event -APR 29 Monroeville
  151. NJ Carry/Transit Options
  152. NRA CarryGuard
  153. Dorney Park adds metal detectors
  154. holster recommendation
  155. Question about carrying in CO
  156. CCW Philadelphia???
  157. Does anyone know????
  158. Confrontation with a crazy person today
  159. Paddle holster recommendations
  160. Open carry meltdown
  161. A nice Open Carry encounter (to balance the meltdown in the other thread)
  162. Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia?
  163. 2 day hike and camp next weekend - what's the current ruling on CCW in state forests?
  164. How often do you switch?
  165. Carry at Army War College - Carlisle?
  166. Maryland
  167. private security carry??
  168. NJ to PA for shooting, NOT carry
  169. North Carolina concealed carry
  170. How long do you keep your magazines loaded?
  171. NY Resident travel to Philly Airport without CCW?
  172. Pocket Holster with belt suspension
  173. LTCF change of address rules?
  174. Favorite non-leather carry belt
  175. Going to Maine for vacation and planning to carry
  176. Lancaster County Convention Center, metal detectors or hand wands?
  177. Regarding your LTCF showing up on a traffic stop...
  178. Flying Frontier Philadelphia to Denver---okay to check firearms?
  179. Utah permit/licence/whatever they call it.
  180. OC with badge next to gun smart or dumb?
  181. Philadelphia Airport Travel with Firearms
  182. Open vs Concealed carry ..Where is the line between which is which?
  183. Trump on the 2nd Amendment
  184. Wells Fargo - Can you cc into a concert?
  185. Saw something that moved me today
  186. My wife and I need to renew carry permits, help
  187. Carrying at raystown lake.
  188. lake wallenpaupack Carry
  189. ohio reciprocity??
  190. Not One of Us
  191. Discrimination while getting LTCF? Nope :)
  192. The Rivers Casino, (Pittsburgh)
  193. CLAIM: Open carry not permitted if possessing LTCF
  194. Concealed Carry Application
  195. Strange encounter at diner with family: what would you do?
  196. rimfire Henry Rifles
  197. Cc application
  198. Philadelphia City Hall
  199. Going to Colorado tomorrow...CCW anything I should know?
  201. where to apply for LTCF if county has no issuing agents?
  202. Indiana County Jury Duty
  203. Stopping for ammo at FFL
  204. Good encounters at McDonald's and Shop Rite
  205. Aramark Tower in CC
  206. Strange encounter at diner PART II
  207. What permit can I carry with?
  208. Good Job Ephrata Community Hospital
  209. Duty to Inform when stopped by police
  210. New county permit
  211. Pittsburgh Regatta at Point State Park
  212. Open carry issue
  213. Open concealed carry... Hazleton
  214. Trip to Wisconsin
  215. IDF Mag Holders and transporting long arms ?
  216. Idlewild
  217. Carrying in a car.
  218. License to carry Philadelphia legal question
  219. Pete's produce farm, West Chester pa
  220. Legal carrying a gun question
  221. State Theater / Easton, PA
  222. Closed. Delete if possible
  223. LEO possible encounter
  224. Help with FB discussion
  225. Carrying while riding a motorcycle
  226. A fix for stiff plastic (kydex) holsters
  227. Anyone have an OC encounter with armed guards?
  228. Motorcycle: Visible carry on public roads going through state parks ?
  229. License to carry revocation
  230. Positive comment at....Kohls?!
  231. Constitutional Carry
  232. Santander performing arts center
  233. bloomsburg fair
  234. Private business in federal building
  235. Philly Airport and CC
  236. Why getting a gun permit in Philly isn't exactly bang-bang | Stu Bykofsky
  237. Traveling to Dulles, VA on business
  238. Road rage leads to gun pulled, motorcycle run over
  239. Is that real?
  240. Nationwide Reciprocity
  241. Positive encounter at Margaritas restaurant
  242. Concerts on borough property?
  243. Out of state dl, philly ltcf. Arrested
  244. Can I get my ltcf back...?
  245. PennDOT Driver's License Center - Indiana County
  246. Buddy works for DHS in DC and found with lo0se rounds in backpack Advice for him?
  247. Denied LTCF in Philly. Please help with appeal.
  248. Pennsylvania to Kentucky through West Virginia
  249. LEO encounter
  250. Can my friend legally transport my firearms with a note giving him my permission?