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  2. elizabethtown fair
  3. Newbie - need help
  4. POPE Visit to Philly - and State of Emergency Question
  5. Wife got her LTCF.
  6. nice encounter with Verizon installer
  7. Noted changes in NRA terminology - for the better
  8. Robbery gone wrong? I say robbery gone right!
  9. Loose German Shepard in Roxborugh park Shot
  10. To stipple or not to stipple? That is the question
  11. Kickoff and rib festival location?
  12. buying a gun or a conceal carry permit with expunged record
  13. Traveling to IN. with CC pistol.
  14. Sometimes it scares me that I am to comfortable with CC.
  15. Armed robber gets a gun put in the mouth…
  17. Judge dismisses traffic stop gun rights lawsuit against Jefferson Hills cop
  18. Moving to PA from TN
  19. Carry question G43 vs. G19
  20. going to Virginia
  21. "Movie Tavern"
  22. Armed Robbery - but no charges
  23. CC or OC?
  24. LTCF Application in Allegheny County?
  25. Bloomsburg Fair CC , Mixed answers !
  26. OK to carry at York fair?
  27. Did The Papal Visit Gun Ban Violate PA’s Preemption Law?
  28. References question for CC
  29. CCW in Macy's
  30. Federal Grand Jury Summons ---Philadelphia
  31. U.S.A L.T.C.F
  33. Let my Father borrow one of my Pistols
  34. NPS in Philly
  35. Traffic stop. Legally owned firearm confiscated.
  36. Renewing LTCF Before Moving To Phily
  37. Haunted House Defends No Gun Policy After Officer's Viral Post
  38. uscca
  39. Daltech Force SuperBio Belt?
  40. More information on confiscation of guns at traffic stops.
  41. Pittsburgh Laws on Pepper Spray
  42. Excellent encounter today
  43. Expunged Records and CCW
  44. Maine/PA No Longer Honor Each Other
  45. How to transport an AR?
  46. Good news bad guys bad news for them
  47. Awesome Encounter with PA State trooper (off duty)
  48. reciprocity agreemenT between PA and OH?
  49. OC at Norristown DMV
  50. The intense stare
  51. Lots of interest lately
  52. Hello new member
  53. looking for a good florida forums site
  54. Glock 30s leather holster with thumb strap?
  55. EZ Pull & Save Junkyard in New Ringold Now a Gun-Free Zone
  56. The truth about “stopping power” – Anatomy First (MAC recommended)
  57. Obtaining Philadelphia LTC - what a nightmare
  58. Must you renew a PA LTCF in county of residence?
  59. Kydex or leather?
  60. Flying out of BWI w/firearm
  62. Hello From a new member
  63. A few OC encounters
  64. Alien Gear plastic clips
  66. Self Defense Insurance
  67. Mag, Flashlight, multi tool (or victorniox) pouch?
  68. PA LTCF and the Philadelphia GPU
  69. help edjucate josh innes 94.1wysp
  70. Surefire G2X Pro or Streamlight Polytac LED?
  71. Carry of a loaded long gun in vehicle
  72. Can my girlfriend with CC permit CC any of my guns?
  73. Licence to Carry w/ 3rd degree misdemeanor
  74. PA Resident to Non-Resident Permit
  75. New glasses
  76. LEOSA Qualification
  77. Need help with Boston MA laws.
  78. counties
  79. LTCF after moving out of state
  80. OMG I thought i was going to get felony stopped.
  81. Carrying/owning/transporting a handgun under 21
  82. Nice encounter at park
  83. Non DUI ARD LTCF Northampton county
  84. What is a "separate compartment" in this instance...?
  85. In Bucks, concealed-carry permits up 175%
  86. Florida Gun Laws
  87. PSP Commonwealth Concealed Carry Program
  88. anti gun antiques
  89. Will you be willing to help?
  90. Sell me on an IWB holster
  91. Comcast Center
  92. Record of Sales Data Base
  93. Her hey entertainment no longer allows legal carry
  94. Force of Law and "No Weapons Allowed" signs
  95. Virginia to stop honoring out of state concealed carry permits on Feb 1, 2016
  96. Non-res permit questions
  97. Ar pistol concealed in truck
  98. New to Carry /New to Firearms
  99. New Year at the Giant Center - Bears Game
  100. No firearms signage - Bucks County Government Annex Levittown
  101. do i have to reapply for LTCF for moving to another county
  102. Church that has a Pre-K/child care attached to it
  103. Situation at Kohl's in Landsdale
  104. fyi- virginia
  105. ccw permit question on experation
  106. obtaining a non residents concealed carry permit
  107. Wells Fargo center flyers game
  108. Can you CC at the PA Farm Show?
  109. Non-resident license to carry for my wife: which state?
  110. LTCF Character references, Pike Co.
  111. cumberland county public library weapons ban
  112. Pennsylvania governor issues state of emergency ahead of storm - Jan 21, 2016
  113. Carry in New Orleans... Worth it?
  114. conceal carry license revoked
  115. CC In Fire Station/Hall
  116. Utah CFP Class / AZ Live Fire Option - Feb 7th Sharon Hill, PA
  117. NJ Resident Open Carry in PA, Concealed in Vehicle w/ Utah CCW
  118. Philly Auto Show
  119. PA Town off 95 or 84 for out of state renewal
  120. West Chester/Chester County Utah Non-resident Concealed Carry Instructor
  121. Expired ltcf.
  122. Michigan Constitutional Carry?
  123. Address Change on LTCF...?
  124. OC encounter.
  125. Thumbs-Up: Berks LTCF Process
  126. Tioga LTCF
  127. CHECKLIST: 12 Guidelines For Successful Concealed Carry
  128. What's the CC Protocol at the Outdoor Show?
  129. Gun Owner Saved Cop From Attack by Kids
  130. So, I moved to a different county...
  131. Built My First Kydex Holster
  132. Ltcf expired/but renewed
  133. Transporting AR15 to range
  134. Need help from you kydex holster makers
  135. SAO for pocket carry?
  136. Carry Permit Philadelphia
  137. Have to go through NY what are the transport requirements?
  138. 82 Year Old Woman Kills 2 Teens Who Broke Into Her Home
  139. Law school troll
  140. Utah License...is it worth it?
  141. Was it something we
  142. Bogey1 question about your post
  143. Yesterday was great day(for me)...
  144. Utah Non-Resident Concealed Carry Class, Chester County PA
  145. jury duty tommorow
  146. Another Philly LCTF in Process
  147. Judge: "No good reason to take gun" (in public)
  148. Interstate travel with handgun
  150. Sidearmor holsters
  151. More Applications
  152. Places with "no guns" signs
  153. OC encounter at Shop Rite
  155. ‘My 4-year-old gets jacked up to target shoot’ mom brags hours before he shoots her
  156. Berks County Sheriff's Deputy Foils Attempted Taxi Cab Robbery
  157. Gun/light holsters
  158. Customer with concealed carry permit fatally shoots ax-wielding attacker at 7-Eleven
  159. Lawful demand of LTCF (Split from Sticky)
  160. A "shout out" for great service Doylestown,PA sheriff's office (LTCF)
  161. M&P Shield Holsters
  162. No Firearms - Chuckie Cheese (Altoona)
  163. No Firearms / Weapons - UPMC Altoona
  164. CC/OC
  165. DeSantis pocket holster question
  166. 19y/o open carry question
  167. PA LTCF valid in Mississippi?
  168. Delay in LTCF approval
  169. Recommend a Pro Gun Lawyer
  170. Concealed carry in car without license
  171. Westmoreland Co sheriffs office,Great experience!
  172. Kydex Color/Pattern Opinions... (which should I get?)
  173. Non-Resident/Resident?
  174. Open question - the use of TITLE 18, U.S.C.
  175. Received My Renewal Notice
  176. Did Disney Recently Install Metal Detectors?
  177. Scranton Cultural Center
  178. Gunfight Erupts Around Car Full of Innocent People. Practicing Active Self Protection
  179. Good experience at CVS
  180. Armed Robber Kills Store Owner Whose Gun Wasn't Ready
  181. New to the site and wanted to say thanks
  182. Going to NJ, unfortunately... (Only 1 night thankfully)
  183. can my wife carry my handgun
  184. re:can my wife carry my gun
  185. Runners: Carry Belt Suggestions?
  186. Trump at farm show tomorrow.
  187. opinions on wife's new-found "interest" in shooting
  188. Denied for LTCF in Philadelphia. Submitted Appeal same-day. What's Next?
  189. How many holsters did you buy before you found the one??
  190. Northampton County LTCF - New 28 Days
  191. Legal Implications if you Draw Your Pistol?
  192. Indiana County Renewal
  193. Holy crap! LTCF renewal reminder in the mail today!
  194. Open Carry: Sheetz #258
  195. Lancaster County LTCF
  196. What firearms can you carry?
  197. Applies for philly LTCF, question?
  199. Monroe County & the Sheriff mandated that I needed 2 personal references
  200. PNC Park (Pittsburgh Pirates) Firearms Check In?
  201. Legally Armed Jogger Defends His Right to Carry Gun in Front of Phila Police.
  202. Renewal notices
  203. Level 2 bar/club Harrisburg
  204. Meet,greet and shoot!
  205. Carrying in a WV National Forest
  206. So I woke up in new Jersey today
  207. Concealed carrier insurance?
  208. new no gun hospital
  209. Border Gun Storage
  210. Question regarding LTCF and expunged juvenile record
  211. Kydex Mag Holder for M&P Shield
  212. Mentally disturbed man kills 2 in New England stabbing attacks
  213. Carrie Furnace carry policy?
  214. Can County, Township, cities ect make there own firearm laws?
  215. LTCF for NR
  216. Old LTCF
  217. Do you need to contact FFL's before you make a purchase?
  218. Utah Class Chambersburg
  219. Do gun companies allow employees to carry at work?
  220. no guns at my hospital
  221. Arizona CWP
  222. Possible Lifetime Concealed Carry Permits in Missouri
  223. UPDATE ON RENEWAL-Got my renewal notice with a strange instruction
  224. Holes in my shirt from concealed carry.
  225. new shooter: What happens if you take your gun across state lines?
  226. Open Carrie vs Concealed Carrie
  227. New LTCF
  228. Refresh My Memory: Transit of Rifles WITHIN PA
  229. Binns Park - Lancaster PA
  230. Helping a Stranded Motorist While OC'ing
  231. Denied LTCF
  232. Legal or not
  233. Good encounter at Giant (hatfield)
  234. Pistols bought in former state of residence
  235. LTCF Renewal ?
  236. Flying with pistol first time
  237. Luzerne County LTCF renewal <sub 30 minutes
  238. Laurel Hill Campground question.
  239. Sign up at baked a pizza shop in Robinson.
  240. Getting fingerprints taken by a law enforcement agency
  241. CCW Transfer from WV to PA
  242. Personal Pocket Carry Report - Kel Tec P32
  243. .357 sig conversion for conceled carry?
  244. How do you handle your CC gun at end of the day?
  245. Is concealed carry permitted at the meadows casino?
  246. Transporting from PA to NJ to PA
  247. Travel to North Carolina
  248. Have you stepped up on you carry, OC or CC?
  249. Mobile Safe Storage
  250. Need holster help for cc