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  1. Gotta choose just one !
  2. How Do We Compare
  3. Do I need a stiffer belt?
  4. What's the story with this website?
  5. Anti-Gun encounter
  6. CC in SC---how?**UPDATE 4/28, possibility now. Pending bill.
  7. Gun Belt
  8. Time of residency requirement to get my CCW in PA?
  9. Carry at Longwood Gardens?
  10. Fla case challenges legal OC
  11. CCW permit revoked in Philadelphia
  12. Holiday travel question
  13. OWB J-Frame Holster
  14. cc holder protects himself in ohio mall killing a robber
  15. Being prepared
  16. Bar attached to a casino
  17. CC intervenes, stops man from hitting woman (what would you do?) video in link
  18. flying with a handgun...a few odd questions.
  19. 2yr old shoots Mom!
  20. anyone else cc a large pistol?
  21. "Guns Save Lives"
  22. Luzerne County Jury Duty
  23. Rumor I just heard
  24. Gun Holder in Bathroom Stall (pic)
  25. Do I Need To Change My LTCF Address?
  26. Trigger pull weight
  27. Micro 1911 Holsters?
  28. Printed Pa gun laws
  29. How I pick a handgun
  30. Vehicle carry on {A for Ohio resident with CHL
  31. Firearm in vehicle exemption question.
  32. CCW a weapon registered to your spouse.
  33. Philadelphia auto show NO NO
  34. Store Clerk Takes On Four Armed Robbers, Kills Two, Breaks Up Ring
  35. Carry at home? Mom, Daughter Dead After Florida Robbery Spree
  36. Question about transporting a handgun
  37. Need center of back IWB holster for LC9
  38. Taking unloaded shotgun to Philadelphia gun show
  39. Kahr CW 380 vs Glock 42 vs Bodyguard .380
  40. Shopper tackles man with gun at Wal-Mart
  41. Carrying Double Action Revolver Cocked?
  42. Hello, and question!
  43. Lycoming County Courthouse - Guns & Phones
  44. 65 year old woman shot in leg by "accidental discharge"
  45. Buddy of mine robbed - shoots back, injures assailant (NOW WITH VIDEO)
  46. FYI - State of Emergency declared
  47. Northampton County Encounter
  48. CONSOL Energy Center
  49. Philly zoo - cc poll
  50. OC using IWB HOLSTER
  51. Snyder County Courthouse
  52. That was weird, My post about an Upper Darby defense shooting just disappeared
  53. Northampton County skipping character references on license to carry firearms
  54. hypothetical situation question
  55. Lebanon VA Hospital.....no guns allowed on property and no storage facility.
  56. Carry at local Social Security office?
  58. got a job in DE
  60. Carry Options for a Chef
  61. Senate bill would allow concealed carry nationwide.
  62. Picked up my brand new VP9 today and my LTCF
  63. permit
  64. Bulldog Safe in Civic
  65. G26 VERSUS G30S
  66. Traveling to Arkansas
  67. LTCF Application Refused
  68. Positive LE Experience in Wheeling, WV
  69. Received a yellow postcard in the mail after applying for LTCF
  70. Another one for the good guys
  71. LEOSA
  72. PSP Website
  73. Conveyance, and control of firearm
  74. Arbitrary LTCF Procedures ?
  75. Can a NJ resident get a PA carry with an FL
  76. Carrying in a School
  77. Using a restroom while in public.
  78. truckgun
  79. Carry in Children's Hospital of Phila?
  80. County of residence different from LTCF
  81. Flying US Air with handgun questions
  82. Concealed Carry in University of Penn Hospitals?
  83. York County Judicial Center check in question
  84. LEO encounter incident- Northampton County
  85. 440 Ross st...child support court...
  86. Teen killers sizing up victims, don't look weak
  87. My B.I.L has made me proud
  89. A driver got pulled over while carrying
  90. Lehigh Valley Auto Show
  91. Legal to carry in Ohio now
  92. A question for those who CC and OC.....
  93. Loaded Magazines. Legal or no?
  94. Ohio honors PA CCW
  95. Overnight in MD
  96. Ladies Packing Heat: Guns No Longer a Man's World
  97. Montgomery County renewal notice
  98. 3 shot, 2 dead when robbers attack a LTCF holder.
  99. Basic LTCF question.
  100. I Oc/Ced today
  101. Question regarding preemption law
  102. Amtrak 30th St Station in Philly
  103. Open carry or conceal carry
  104. Vacation
  105. Man shoots self during Easter Mass
  106. Man shoots and kills woman's son, and she thanks him
  107. Disney Summer Vacation. Too late for CCW application?
  108. New Walk-Through Metal Detectors At Citizens Bank Park
  109. Carrying on Army Corps of Engineers Managed Land
  110. Do you CC a BU when you OC?
  111. Interesting Moment With Some Adrenaline
  112. Carry Permit and moving to another state question...
  113. Carrying a homemade gun
  114. LTCFs well over a million now
  115. Should I bother carrying in North Carolina
  116. two similar stories, the big difference between the two? A gun
  117. Safariland GLS paddle holster?
  118. Former Student Arrested with Gun near School
  119. Wife applying for LTCF in Philadelphia
  120. Hellertown/Saucon Rail Trail
  121. How NOT to do it...
  122. Chinese Buffet/Open CCW IWB !
  123. Close Riding Paddle Holster Suggestions?
  124. Car Holsters
  125. Right-to-Carry on Army Corps Land - H.R. 2028
  126. Moved to different county question
  127. santander arena wanding?
  128. Flying today with a handgun in my checked luggage.
  129. Pa.thru Md. to Va.
  130. Allegheny County - New, Speedy LTCF Processing
  131. Lancaster County license process.
  132. EDC Flashlights. Who carries one and which brand/model?
  133. Hat tip to handgunlaw.us
  134. Rice Township Attempted Gun Ban
  135. Concealed Carry permit in Lebanon county
  136. Traveling Via RV or Motor home?
  137. Newbie here. My Pike Cnty LTCF experience...
  139. Carrying a modified gun.
  140. Jambo at Kutztown University
  141. Ohio Now Recognizes All Out-Of-State Concealed Carry Permits
  142. Entertaining and Practical Youtube Channel
  143. LTCF References Allegheny County
  144. Taking a gun to another country
  145. Hi now guy here
  146. Travel to INDY 500
  147. I Felt Naked Yesterday
  148. Moving out of state, Does my PA permit automatically become invalid?
  149. non resident reapplying
  150. Traveling and Carry
  151. Burnley Athletic Fields in Snydersville PA
  152. Alien gear holsters?
  153. Score one for the Good Guys!
  154. Transfer of possession
  155. Wearing holes in my pants
  156. PA statute of limitations LTCF
  157. Which type of holster has minimal wear and tear.
  158. Would you carry if you were POTUS?
  159. Renew PA nonresident for Ohio resident - Mercer County
  160. Who agrees with me?
  162. approved ccw
  163. The Smiling Face Of Firearms Ownership.....
  164. Does a drug paraphernalia charge prohibit you from owning a firearm
  165. Schuylkill County DA Open Carry youtube video
  166. non-resident concealed carry permit
  167. Approaching 45th calander day and still no mail from PPD regarding LTCF
  168. New Jersey carry permit?
  169. Anyone carry OLD guns?
  170. Shoulder Holster Question
  171. Pop quiz: What are you carrying at the moment?
  172. LTCF revoked because someone else left my vehicle unlocked
  173. LTCF Renewal in Cumberland County
  174. Uber bans you
  175. Carrying in NJ
  176. Nevada now recognizes Arizona permits
  177. Church Carry that meets in a School
  178. NV honors AZ CCW (again)
  179. Majority of Americans comfortable with seeing someone carrying
  180. Warning: Federal Court Rules that 2nd Amendment Right, Reason for Cops to Detain you
  181. Almost had to draw today
  182. Altoona Curve
  183. WV and VA carry with PA concealed carry reciprocity
  184. Address change and LTCF
  185. Lackawanna County, no LTCF printer for more than a couple of weeks so far.
  186. local police check.....not recommended? ???
  187. Public Library?
  188. Texas Gun Owner Allegedly Attacked by Illegal Immigrant Known to Be ‘Violent’ —
  189. OWB kydex holster recs
  190. PA LTCF: Address Typo
  191. Encounter with retired LEO
  192. Carrying a semi-automatic SBR with a silencer/suppressor.
  193. Silver Dollar City, Branson MO
  194. Good database of posted locations in PA?
  195. Vacation / travel pistol
  196. beaver county mall GUN FREE ZONE
  197. The 'moral superiority' drives me nuts...
  198. casinocarry
  199. Glock 20 holster...help!
  200. PPL park in Chester?
  201. Locking up Magazines and Handgun
  202. What do truck drivers do??
  203. Going to the range
  204. Open carry at Colonial Williamsburg
  205. What states have reciprocity with PA?
  206. Anybody from here in PA renewing their AZ carry permit?
  207. Traveling from PA to FL keys. A few questions
  208. act 235 certification card
  209. Handcuff Carry?
  210. Open carry story
  211. A what would you do scenario
  212. driving to a range or SGL
  213. My Ohio CC and OC Visit
  214. Concealed Carry at LCBC (Manheim or other campuses)
  215. References for a license to carry?
  216. Handgun Permits Nearly Tripled Since 2007
  217. Lake Lenape Park in Sellersville
  218. Any way for 18 year olds to carry?
  219. Understanding the castle doctrine/stand your ground question.
  220. Laser/Light Combo or Laser for Carry
  221. Positive Experience at the Schuylkill County Fair
  222. Pa. Renewal Question
  223. Presque Isle Downs & Casino
  224. 1st DUI, Please Help, Is My Current Firearms Collection in Danger Because of such ???
  225. Hollywood Casino - Grantville.
  226. State Museum, Harrisburg PA.... CC?
  227. National night out
  228. Have to drive through md
  229. Carrying while carrying
  230. Traveling From PA to SC
  231. Montco county 4H center
  232. Another little Open Carry story
  234. York fair?
  235. Expired LTCF
  236. This would suck...
  237. PA is #2: carry license trends in recent years
  238. military concealed permit
  239. Clay Thrower at Scotia Range Outside of State College
  240. Walmart on Bethlehem Pike in Colmar--OCer
  241. Carrying during the visit of the Pope?
  242. Ohio carry?
  243. Positive encounter at the Wine store
  244. Acd or ard and license to carry
  245. Cc permit
  246. Freddy Farms family center OC
  247. Question About FOPA/Air Travel
  248. Going from PA to Outer Banx, NC....have a question.....
  249. If at First...
  250. Question about animal attacks and self defense