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  1. Wyoming County courthouse issue.
  2. Did I handle this properly?
  3. Firearms prohibited in Longwood Gardens
  4. Wow! Fayette County must be #1 in the state for "gun permits"!
  5. Your favorite C.C. Holster ?
  7. Kudos to Sheriff Weaknecht
  8. Delaware County still non-resident friendly?
  9. what is a waiver of disability?
  10. Well it is real now!!! Got my Il. C.C.
  11. My first hair raising experience (boring story, but a question at the end)
  12. OC... You're doing it wrong.
  13. FL CCW - Roganized shooting competition qualifies for training
  14. Reading museum carry
  15. What is a school defined as in PA?
  16. Local guy shoots himself with a holstered glock
  17. Concealed carrying citizen saves woman
  19. I'm lookin for a new voice recorder...
  20. Westmoreland County - 45 minutes
  21. Looking for CC method opinions
  22. Radio 104.5 Summer Block Party Concerts
  23. Place of Business is Close to a School
  24. Open Carry Bike Night
  25. Grandma gets shot four times, opens fire with .45, survives!
  26. (Very short) I had a really annoying day yesterday, but heard something great.
  27. PA no longer recognizing Utah Non-Res permits?
  28. Spare mag vs backup hand gun.
  29. Non-Resident Vehicle Carry in PA
  30. No firearms @ port providence (schuylkill trail) UPDATE 6/3/14
  31. PA LTCF under 21
  32. Are these carry/permit statistics true? PA #2
  33. chipotle
  34. Dogs and guns...
  35. is the new ltcf the least offical gov doc ever?
  36. Wanted to float a concept (OC in State Parks...sort of)
  37. How about now?
  38. My LTCF
  39. Drew for the first time...
  40. First Person Defender Series
  41. some people
  42. Montgomery county courthouse lock-box?
  43. Saucon Rail Trail Clean-Up.
  44. need to be certain
  45. The ONYX - IWB Holster for 5" 1911
  46. Open carry a Glock 41
  47. Cop Killed, Concealed Carrier Brother Shoots Killer
  48. The word of the day: "AMMOSEXUAL GUNNERS!"
  49. PA->OH->MI Travel questions
  50. can any arm chair lawyers clear up some things? ( real lawyers and LEO welcome :) )
  51. Is northampton county slow to issue permits?
  52. Berks County Sherrifs Annex Unable to process LTCFs
  53. Large pistol pocket carrying
  54. Utah re-issues in less than
  55. 18 years old to OC? Please show me where...
  56. What should you do?
  57. LTCF'er stops robbery by Stroud Mall
  58. Kennywood carry
  59. Banking OC Style.
  60. Please write a letter to the editor of the Pocono Record
  61. A friend was home invaded and shot
  62. A Police Chief's Take on Carry...
  63. Idlewild Park Carry
  64. Can guns save us in most threatening situations
  65. Question on either OC or CC on bike path that goes through school porperty
  66. Army Corp of Engineer's carry
  67. Unlocked / open doors?
  68. Travelling to Louisiana
  69. LTCF PHILADELPHIA first timer here
  70. CCW for the first time, what am I doing wrong.
  71. State of emergency hypothetical situation
  72. Perry township park preemption violation??
  73. Question on carrying another person's gun
  74. My Head Hurts
  75. State forest long gun open carry
  76. Guy Pulls Gun In Road Rage Incident
  77. Gotta Luv Bucks!
  78. Saw an OC'er in Philadelphia on my own block!
  79. Carrying on Quasi-Municipal Property
  80. Question
  81. Great Business Sign
  82. JULY 4TH.O/C N E PA
  83. LTCF Renewal / Lancaster County Sheriff's Office
  84. New LTCF today
  85. My kind of resturant
  86. Add another to the unfriendly list
  87. PA resident carrying in MD & DE
  88. Airlines: What's a "secure container"?
  89. Gettysburg
  90. Audit of which PA sheriffs are non-resident friendly.
  91. Odd thought from the other day...
  92. Pocono Record: Does carrying guns make us safer?
  93. Karma's a bitch ey ? Multiple carjacking teen shot by woman with CCW
  94. 1 in the chamber or not
  95. Dual US/Canadian citizen living in Canada trying to get LCTF/CCW
  96. Vehicle carry question
  97. Great Article covering the issue of PRINTING
  98. Got my Philly Permit today
  99. Doc shoots patient in Darby Pa.
  100. Should businesses have the ability to ban carry in their buildings?
  101. Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 2.0
  102. Dogs
  103. Does anyone want to go to D.C. for some OC?
  104. New Comers seeking to own a gun for self defense
  105. No Firearms Policy at PA Colleges
  106. Need advice for trial for carrying knife in Philly
  107. Carry Question for the group
  108. Found - Good CCW app for Android & Apple
  110. Recent florida/utah/arizona
  111. Open/CC in the Poconos????
  112. CA Judge Rules guns should stay in the home...
  113. Magazine limits in DE?
  114. Are the two separate Ref. sheets still required in Philly?
  115. Recalled Hornady Critical Duty Ammo
  116. Harrisburg attitude to OC/cc and location info
  117. Friend pulled a gun yesterday
  118. Stupid CC guy at FNP/soon to be felon.
  119. Encoutner In Delaware at shop rite and Bjs wholesale club
  120. School me on Virginia?
  121. Loaded carry legal W/O any permit in your pov in CO!
  122. Not a Positive Encounter yesterday at Walmart.
  123. What do you carry?
  124. Utah alcohol documentation
  125. Another good guy/gal win
  126. Non-resident CC permit
  127. Flying Into Pittsburgh
  128. Something to think about if you ever have to defend yourself.
  129. Transporting handgun in Ohio
  130. Colonial Park Mall, No Firearms
  131. What would you have done?
  132. .380 to 9mm?
  133. Utah or Arizona permit?
  134. Old City Shooting Case Update: Lawsuit & Interesting Insurance Implications ...
  135. Am I eligible for a cc permit
  136. XPS 45ACP - Holster Options
  137. Justifiable Use of Deadly Force
  138. BUG - Who carries and what?
  139. Best Belt for CCW
  140. Employer Info on LTCF application
  141. Army heritage walk through in Carlisle
  142. Do any PA Constables want to weigh in on this one?
  143. Virginia and my LTCF
  144. O/C Mt Pocono,Real Nice Response Today !
  145. Handgun Possession in Delaware
  146. Had to disarm myself today
  147. Oops I forgot my Wallet
  148. 'Made In America' concert kicks off in Philly
  149. Laureldale, PA rail trail
  150. US Lawshield Seminars
  151. Holsters
  152. My experience with the Berks County Courthouse and Checking firearms
  153. Bucks Co Commissioners "balk" at gun lockers for new courthouse
  154. Another Woman Saves Herself
  155. Can a PICS Challenge Process consideration stage be extended
  156. Getting permit but arrested in NJ
  157. Is this a real thing?
  158. How do you carry?
  159. +1 for Wisconsin victim who carried
  160. PA LTCF Application Question
  161. Asking to see LTCF
  162. Usual wait time for LTCF in Philly?
  163. Delco: LTCF address change frustration
  164. Philly co. to Delaware co.
  165. ahhh the favorite part of buying a new CC gun
  166. I was assaulted. Advice needed
  167. record expunged
  168. do they wand everyone at Bloomsburg Fair entrance?
  169. Considering my Carry Options...
  170. What kind of holster do you use?
  171. Escalation.
  172. Cop tried to pull my gun out of the car
  173. Florida Non Resident Permit
  174. Handling a handgun in a public restroom.
  175. Concealed Paranoia?
  176. Best states for carry 2014
  177. Where can I buy a belt suitable for a holster?
  178. Video: Gas station clerk shot during robbery, kills two of three suspecects
  179. LTCF renewal
  180. County applauds response to Mercy Fitz shooting. (including the doctor who stopped it
  181. Consequences of Using a Firearm In Gun Free Zone?
  182. New to PA, a little confused on open carry here
  183. Non Resident Permit Question
  184. Right to Inform Question
  185. carrying at 6,questions..
  186. Talk about double standard.
  187. Video: Illegals Flooding Over the Border… But This AZ Farmer Was Prepared
  188. Reciprocal carry with Viginia?
  189. Carlisle for the car show/swap meet
  190. Shotgun in Ohio
  191. Positive experience
  192. Concealment License in Delaware County
  193. The Scarehouse Metal Detectors or Search?
  194. District N9ne Concert Venue
  195. Coming for a visit. AR 15 pistol okay?
  196. transporting/shooting handgun <21?
  197. Nosy Neighbor Puts Up Sign to “Out” Concealed Carrier
  198. National and State Parks
  199. Since when does the Second Amd. protect the right to carry firearms?
  200. Trans Siberian Orchastera
  201. Received LTCF Today
  202. denied
  203. Fastest and Cheapest way to carry in DE
  204. question on dogs
  205. Transporting Loaded Long Gun
  206. Carrying in New York
  207. Carrying at the John Heinz-Tinicum wildlife refuge?
  208. Heading to harrisburg today
  209. Alien gear, long wait
  210. jury duty in Philly
  211. QUESTION(S)
  212. Handgunlaw.us Seeking Assistance on Carrying Long Guns in Vehicles
  213. Carry loaded or unloaded rifle?
  214. Leaving Gun in Car
  215. Carrying in Philly
  216. Authorized person to do AZ finger prints?
  217. Our image problem
  218. Good guy with a gun, Canada
  219. Military Recruiting Offices
  220. Montgomery county courthouse positve visit.
  221. Just Renewed - Jefferson County
  222. Hi. My first thread of an Ohio resident
  223. What is the best IWB Holster?
  224. Carrying without testing?
  225. Concealment Backpack
  226. untrained polling officials!!!!!
  227. how to deal with being pulled over while carrying
  228. Handgunlaw.us Draft of Long Guns in Vehicles Update
  229. Philadelphia OC 7 November - Five Guys encounter
  230. Going to Illinois..let me make sure I got this right
  231. PennDot No Firearms Allowed?
  232. State of Emergency and LTCF
  233. Gun Lock Boxes at Municipal Court
  234. NJ Resources...
  235. Speaking of NJ........
  236. Sugarhouse Casino will continue to Ban Firearms despite change in law
  237. Quick Post: Positive Experience at MontCo. Courthouse
  238. Open Carry in PA State Parks ok?
  239. Registered Owner
  240. Israel easing gun controls.
  241. Carrying while on the can
  242. 11/18---Customer shoots, kills would be robber
  243. adjust carry choice based on location?
  244. 18 year old confronts and captures robber
  245. What if you had to draw your gun and perp flees?
  246. LTCF..Finally!
  247. Allentown Hockey Arena CC?
  248. It's Cold Outside: How Will you Pull that Gun?
  249. Rivers Casino no carry.
  250. Philly marathon