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  1. Cooperating with Police
  2. Converted Another!
  3. Where and When to get LTCF
  4. Residency Change Question NY -> PA
  5. About that time.
  6. LTCF - Record Levels in Erie County
  7. Handed out flyers and apps today
  8. Carrying/Possession On SEPTA from PHL
  9. Carrying my dads handgun to the range and back
  10. looking for a 586 holster
  11. Retention Techniques
  12. Is this legal?
  13. Positive Monco. Court House encounter
  14. What's the psychology behind this?
  15. Carrying today ?
  16. Interesting Conversation at work
  17. Just to be clear...
  18. OC while possessing a CCW
  19. Black Friday madness: Man Pulls Gun on Rowdy Line-Cutter
  20. Castle Doctrine
  21. I moved from Delaware County to Montgomery County do I need to apply for a new carry?
  22. How does one know when a state of emergency ends?
  23. Questions about carrying under 21
  24. Gun Condensation
  25. Churches offering concealed-carry weapons training to attract members
  26. Conversation while picking up pizza
  27. Armed Robbery close by at Local Fast Food
  28. How many people carry with full level 3+ retention?
  29. LTCF Renewal in Elk Co. -- 12 mins
  30. Long Time Lurker Making the Jump
  31. Detained and cuffed by Septa Police for Open Carry.
  32. Fired for defending his store...stupid AUTO ZONE
  33. York County Rail Trail "No Weapons" (Update)
  34. First time CCW
  35. Spouse and LTCF questions
  37. Introduction to you all and my Philly LTCF issues
  38. What actually constitutes "printing?"
  39. Philthy LTCF?
  40. The next generation
  42. Non Res Renewal LTCF help
  43. LTCF and Driver's License Address
  44. LTCF Required to check weapons at Court house?
  45. New reason to request police ID during an OC/CC stop in Philadelphia
  47. An anti's rant
  48. Carry & Schools, What Do You Do
  49. Federal buildings
  50. Philadelphia Police Encounter - Not bad, still annoying.
  51. Think things are bad here?
  52. Road Rage and a weapon?
  53. Another illegally seized gun ... I'm embarassed.
  54. Philly ltcf and 45 day wait
  55. I need help understanding the LAW side of carrying a firearm
  56. CCW Chewing Through My Pockets
  57. G27 holsters
  58. Seventh Circuit Invalidates Ban on Carrying Loaded Guns in Public
  59. DE drops reciprocity with VA
  60. Another Mall Shooting, This time in Oregon
  61. Buffalo Wild wings
  62. Start a new sticky?
  63. Auto Zone robbed
  64. What can I take with me for self defense in NYC?
  65. Update Wells Fargo center
  66. What happens when you're carrying and get pulled over?
  67. Stun guns
  68. What would you do if you hit a deer?
  69. Florida to Be First With 1 Million Concealed Gun Permits
  70. Searched, but found dated posts - is PA still a "no duty to inform" state?
  71. New to Open Carry. Keep one in chamber or not?
  72. Please Delete
  73. Wells Fargo Center
  74. Pulled over in Phila
  75. Where do I start with belts?
  76. Philadelphia LTCF - 45 Days means 45 days.
  77. Concealed carry, wife carrys gun registered to me.
  78. Recently moved, question.
  79. Record number of county residents seek permits to carry concealed weapons
  80. Concealed
  81. Allegheny County LTCF quesiton
  82. I was asked "where is your.."
  83. CCW in schools event??
  84. Question about a Hi-Cap ban
  85. Need some research help..PAFOAers
  86. Sending a Note to Springfield Mall RE: Code of Conduct
  87. LTCF question
  88. Might take road trip with buddy to Connecticut.
  89. Traffic stop while carrying. asked to exit vehicle
  90. Conversation with the Kia Service Manager....
  91. PICS System overload
  92. A Fobus holster that is too tight and makes the draw difficult
  93. Looking for a certain holster.
  94. Mags over 31 rounds?
  95. Libertarians Vs.Open carry ban
  96. Headed South for the Winter
  97. Urgent case law research request thread, RE: Hobson McKown "tries to take loaded gun"
  98. Out of state renew question
  99. i did some searching but, i am not sure i understand.
  100. School admin. building carry ??
  101. Off-duty cops gun "fires twice" in mall bathroom
  102. Maryland CCW?
  103. Picture come up on LTCF check?
  104. Applications skyrocket - WNEP16
  105. Carry from PA to FL via airplane
  106. Ever drawn your weapon?
  107. AR15 in Car
  108. Double blind experiment, sorta
  109. BlackDog Concealment
  110. PA Man Charged In School Carry Incident
  111. quick access to guns in your home
  112. New Resident LTCF
  113. PICS appeal
  114. Property confiscated in Subway (NYC)
  115. "What do you have THAT for?"... From a VETERAN!?
  116. Gun in Arlington Cemetery
  117. Looking to try a Diamondback DC9
  118. Holster for ccw
  119. Semi-auto vs Revolver for 1st concealed gun
  120. harisburg farm expo CCW allowed?
  121. EDC question
  122. PICS put me in "Undetermined Status"
  123. Carrying your permit?
  124. Family and guns
  125. Yelling man came at my vehicle
  126. Within a Vehicle
  127. Hypothetical Scenario
  128. Moving out of state question
  129. FBI Background check
  130. F. M Kirby Center - carry?
  131. Normal LTCF Aplication Process?
  132. Lehigh valley ltcf
  133. When they come for your gun !!!
  134. Sovereign Center, Reading
  135. Background check
  136. Holster ideas for an XDS, inside the waist?
  137. Looking for the thinnest kydex iwb holster out there
  138. Not issued receipt for checked firearm in Lancaster County Courthouse
  139. Helping a friend
  140. Fingerprinting for Florida License???
  141. Pocket Carry for lefty
  142. Guns Across America : Pennsylvania Rally @ capital building on Jan. 19th
  143. posted in the wrong area.
  144. luzerne co.
  145. New or Renew?
  146. Smartphone options for recording police encounters.
  147. Spotted OC at Cinemark in Moosic
  148. OWB concealable pancake holster for an XDM 9 4.5
  149. Businesses that post...How we rolled in Ohio
  150. Flying out of BWI - with pistol
  151. CC at Benedum
  152. Stewartstown's Ban on Firearms in Borough Building Challenged
  153. Rules for transporting firearms to a gun range w/o LTCP?
  154. Was carrying and got pulled over
  155. Going For My philly LTCF this thursday.. Some Questions
  156. Philadelphia LTC Reference Question
  157. Is this normal behavior for Philly cops?
  158. Transporting pistols in a car with passenger...
  159. Carrying a shotgun in a vehicle?
  160. Checked firearm at airport for the first time. Very positive experience
  161. New Signs at PPD GPU
  162. Roadtrip/reciprocity/airport check-in
  163. .22 Magnum carry for self defense?
  164. Chambersburg man banned from public school property
  165. One step away from an AD/ND
  166. NRA PPOH (Personal Protection Outside the Home) / Student and Instructor Course
  167. Carry fail.
  168. CrossBreed Pocket Rocket
  169. Whats the longest someone's waited for there LTCF?
  170. Carry at S/W Penguins game?
  171. Erie County not issuing new LTCFs?
  172. Good IWB for a cz 75bd?
  173. State police say glitch in gun-permit system fixed
  174. Paranoid or prepared
  175. Wife's LTCF Application Question
  176. Left handed in car carry
  177. Paradise Island Bowling
  178. Good holster for my M&P 9?
  179. What do you do when the carry permit takes too long?
  180. As I'm learning about CC and Open carry..
  181. Thanks!
  182. I'm new to the Buck's area, I need references
  183. Valu Home Centers in Erie now displaying No Gun signs
  184. Hypothetical scenario out of state travel New Jersey
  185. carry cross state
  186. Carry tips for a new father?
  187. Insurance to carry
  188. Concealed Carry at Northampton County Courthouse Experience
  189. LTCF for Green Card Holders
  190. Concealed in Strip Clubs???
  191. New Gun Owner Here - Hi!
  192. Florida gun loophole now closed
  193. App that lists anti-gun establishments
  194. Jenkintown Car Stop 2.9.13
  195. Visiting a friends home in upstate NY for a few days
  196. Village Night Club in Lancaster -- CC OK?
  197. CC in PA for NJ residents
  198. Florida NR CWP will no longer be valid in PA
  199. Full NYS Carry/No PA
  200. Almost new to pa
  201. 1/2 cc 1/2 open...?
  202. Leaving a firearm in a vehicle
  203. In your opinion (holster question)
  204. cc permit w/ dui
  205. How much Exposure...
  206. I have a problem with touching myself! Do you?
  207. I have a problem with touching myself! Do you?
  208. You can carry in 36 States...Arizona CWP
  209. Another Act 235 question, getting closer to actually applying.
  210. Is this statement true?
  211. Non Resident CCW
  212. Help a new gun owner find safer equipment
  213. Help with gun transfer...
  214. Help with a holster question
  215. Moving back to PA
  216. Dual mag carrier or two singles?
  217. How much ammo
  218. Paddle Holsters
  219. Fieldhouse in Philly
  220. So what is the law
  221. Can I legally carry when I ride
  222. Flying out of OH w/gun...legal?
  223. Bianchi Holsters?
  224. Holster question for hk tacical
  225. What Should I Know?
  226. question about LTCF
  227. CC badly printing=Made at Ephrata walmart.
  228. NePa county votes to defy gun restrictions
  229. Over The Shoulder Harness - Revolver
  230. Philly Expo Center- Oaks
  231. Anticipating LTCF rejection
  232. open carry reciprocity question
  233. Driving with a passenger who is on probation
  234. Carrying glock with 3.5 pound trigger
  235. Legal Representation
  236. 15 day wait? update 3/27
  237. Enough gun.....mindset?
  239. Motorcycle Carry Discussion
  240. MontCo...Must show cause??
  241. Informing LEO of cc
  242. What would you do, and would it be legal?
  243. CC practice question
  244. Going to Tony Lukes then the Flyers..can I carry?
  245. Heavily modified = legal trouble?
  246. Looks like I need a delco gun lawyer
  247. RAS?
  248. Question for 18USC, 926a gurus
  249. CC Question!
  250. need recommendations for a voice/video recorder