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  1. "Municipal Authority" subject to preemption?
  2. Dave's OC/CC Log
  3. Registration?
  4. Friendly wave from passing Trooper
  5. nra vice president speaks against the small arms treaty
  6. Abington Memorial Hospital: Carry Friendly?
  7. Carry at Warped Tour Scranton PA
  8. Exchange between the wife and her parents' friend
  9. Urgent - UPMC Mercy Hospital Pittsburgh Posted??
  10. I found this while surfing...
  11. Mc Donald's Firearms Policies
  12. "Next time, make sure you bring your carry permit."
  13. Master list of national media groups WE SHOULD SEND positive outcome gun stories
  14. Travelling to USSNJ for a weekend in AC
  15. carry and conceal
  16. UT and AZ CCW ?????
  17. A open carry, CCcarry log?
  18. I now know why your father carries a gun
  19. legal representation / insurance / protection / services
  20. Travel question
  21. Jeff Bloovman & James Yeager talk Open Carry
  22. Over A Dozen Killed, at Least 50 Wounded in Colorado Theater Shooting
  23. Relocating to PA, are my UT and FL permits valid for the first 90 days?
  24. Help with finding source citations
  25. Galco M6X holster
  26. Only need Delaware. Maine vs Arizona
  27. Progress,Rant morning BS.
  28. Goodyear
  29. Question about Non-Resident LTCF
  30. Texas man accidentally fires gun in Walmart, police say
  31. I'm good for another 5 years.
  32. Gun friendly theaters?
  33. Need advice regarding carrying
  34. TONIGHT (7.25.12) AT 8:00PM ON WPHT 1210AM
  35. Almost got into a jackpot last night.
  36. Expungement affecting LTCF?
  37. When your only tool is a gun...
  38. Carry at Lake Erie Speedway
  39. Something I thought would never happen.... happened tonight
  40. Maine permit for PA residents under 21
  41. Gun carrying man ends stabbing spree at Salt Lake grocery store
  42. Lehigh County and Jury Duty Summon
  43. Almost drew my firearm today.
  44. I feel like I joined a club...
  45. Turned an anti - huge surprise
  46. Moving carry question.
  47. CNN's Fareed Zakaria on Gun Control
  48. What would you do in this situation?
  49. Flying from PA to California then Driving back to PA
  50. Gun Owner Saves Cop's Life by Shooting Deranged Gunman! (VIDEO)
  51. New Custom Made Holster
  52. G17 vs. 1911
  53. handing out flyers while working.. paid to educate..
  54. Carlisle Fair grounds????
  55. Non-Resident Living in PA
  56. Tux fitting @ Men's Warehouse
  57. Plymouth Meeting Mall
  58. open carry lease violations
  59. What was your "evolution" of carrying?
  60. Jewelry store owner fires at 5 masked robbers
  61. license to carry needed
  62. Center Valley Promenade Shops Don't allow guns now, but is their policy legal?
  63. Glock 26 for CC????
  64. Too many anti gun establishments...(petition to not make commerce at these places)
  65. traveling to IL
  66. OC Bicycle carry - shoulder holster?
  67. TD Bank and My Information Given To Police
  68. oc/cc meet and greet and dinner aug17th
  69. Road trip to Florida with stop in SC, federal protection??
  70. Belt source
  71. My guns are not "on the streets"
  72. CC Glock
  73. GAO Report on Concealed Carry Permits - by State
  74. Country Fair Firearms Policy (Update: Gun Friendly)
  75. Carry Rant
  76. New tenant saw me carrying and asked the question
  77. Traveling to different states
  78. Going to OBX..
  79. Handgun safety and self defense
  80. Educating a few people tonight
  81. The Sikh temple and self defense
  82. Bank OC
  83. My experience in Harrisburg!
  84. 10 Shooting Skills Every Gun owner Must Know
  85. NJ LTC
  86. MD
  87. 911 Dispatch problems...post them here
  88. OC Encounter at Acme supermarket
  89. 380 opinions
  90. Traffic Stop Encounter - Lower Southampton, PA
  91. Colorado LTCF Reciprocracy
  92. Compilation of what happens when you VOLUNTARILY give up your rights...
  93. Disturbed by Johnstown police behavior
  94. Threaten to defend gesture...
  95. Concealed Knives
  96. Carrying in NY State?
  97. Any guns in MD for a camping trip?
  98. Changing Countys - Permit question
  99. Lake Tobias
  100. Extra fingerprints ltcf in Philly
  101. Philly.com Poll Thursday 8/23/12
  102. Gun permit
  103. Misdemeanor and firearms?
  104. LTCF Statistics?
  105. Wayne Trader Joe's OC Incident
  106. Does your workplace have a weapons policy?
  107. Carring in Courthouse Annex???
  108. Holstering a sidearm in public... Bad form?
  109. Self defense tools for MD visits
  110. couple of questions about LTCF
  111. LTCF References
  112. So college is starting tomorrow
  113. LTCF Montco/Pottstown
  114. custom Kydex holster in Pittsburgh?
  115. For G23 Owners Only..
  116. Heading to South Carolina
  117. ccw and alcohol in court
  118. King of Prussia Mall.
  119. just got my LTCF in philly
  120. Carry question
  121. No Firearms signs and off duty LEO's?
  122. New gun for a new shooter
  123. Transporting
  124. Why do most Cops not like/honor NR Permits?
  125. Went to the movies last night
  126. "What's with the knife?"
  127. ENCOUNTER...Henry County Sheriff, Indiana
  128. New LTCF Holder Looking for Training Recommendations
  129. Hollywood - Crown Center Stadium 14
  130. Chester County Courthouse - no gun policy for jury duty
  131. You can't be serious philly...
  132. Lansdale Bike Night
  133. Full Size CCW
  134. Carring at polling place if it is a school?
  135. Do I need a PA Carry permit?
  136. OC Lebanon Sheetz First LEO Encounter
  137. Sliced my left hand today ....
  138. .32 acp for carry?
  139. Firearms Prohibited Sign
  140. relying on "no firearms sign"
  141. Accidental Shooting in Berks County Courthouse
  142. Allegheny County Parks
  143. An incident I had OR Why today's children suck and I have my first grey hairs at 22
  144. Missouri Copblock activist shot by MO Highway Patrol
  145. More than trigger finger placement
  146. Pittsburgh Scarehouse No Weapons allowed
  148. G/F's LTCF
  149. Clarify - ANF and transportation (Canoes)
  150. York County LTCF...
  151. Is it true that any ccp is valid during a traffic stop
  152. Is a LTCF considered an authorization?
  153. Carrying in other states
  154. homelessness and the LTCF
  155. Ok so i missed the memo that 9/16 was national OC day LOL
  156. Lefty G23 Holster to accomodate unimax laser?
  157. Carrying with expired license while waiting for renewal
  158. What is the best iwb holster?
  159. Buckle-less belts (or other options)??
  160. How many of you carry more than 1 firearm for cc'ing
  161. Do you think we would be better off if the Philadelpha Sheriff issued LTCF?
  162. School board member won't be charged for taking gun to school construction site
  163. More joining the armed ranks
  164. Standing up to the GPU
  165. A Reply To: 'Your Rights Are Not Valid Here'
  166. Am I going to get hassled at seven springs
  167. What are they looking for at Hershey?
  168. How would you React
  169. the story of my shootout
  170. Carreer Link
  171. Carry mags?
  172. RE: my shoot out
  173. One of the Best IWB Holsters You've Never Heard Of
  174. Habitual Drunkards
  175. Has your firearm or license to carry been illegally confiscated by Philly pd?
  176. Security work and carrying...
  177. Long Gun in a PICKUP "no trunk" Question?
  178. Road Rage Leads to Self Inflicted GSW
  179. Security at Beaver Stadium?
  180. Anyone worried about penetration?
  181. Proof of ownership in PA?
  182. Gun Permit Denied Due To 52 Year Old DUI
  183. I am NOT 'ok' with this...
  184. In the market for two gun belts and I need your opinion?
  185. CC in WV state parks
  186. ES3 (new job policy)
  187. Orange environment, red people = ready to draw
  188. Carrying helping with a political campaign?
  189. Bucks County School pushing to further limit gun rights!
  190. *Need Support*: New student 2A group - Building momentum to fight campus policy
  191. My Safariland ALS holster review.
  192. Obey STATED policy?
  193. F3 3925 Prohibited from owning or possessing firearm correct?
  194. Blackhawk Serpa question.
  195. Carrying @ penndot
  197. Bodyguard 380 OWB holster?
  198. Question on moving out of state and LTCF
  199. Prohibited Offensive Weapons? Knives?
  200. Terror brhind the walls eastern state pen.
  201. Directed to show my ltcf at state game land range
  202. Update (?) to 6106 and implications?
  203. Kicked out of Xfinity Live - Philadelphia, PA
  204. Good question from youtube. "what would you do?'
  205. To the resident LEOs.
  206. No weapon policy in not for profit hospital?
  207. Shotgun on a boat ... but
  208. Facepalm Logic
  209. Pulling your weapon in defense of strangers?
  210. Travel to Texas
  211. How did the Right to Carry move "quickly"?
  212. Carry in Missouri
  213. Gun saves girl's life
  214. Gun Free Zones
  215. Breaking: Mass shooting in Milwaukee
  216. Breaking: Mass shooting in Milwaukee
  217. Secure Wrapper Issue (Mandatory Minimum of 5 Years Involved)
  218. Open carry in a gun shop
  219. PA Permit when Move
  220. DID PSP change the app?
  221. Revised LTCF application
  222. Carrying to doctors appointment?
  223. Who bears responsibility for shootings in gun free zones?
  224. How soon would you put it back in the holster ?
  225. state of emergency?
  226. My EDC: 50 cal, no permit required.
  227. Pregnant Woman Shot...
  228. florida non res license?
  229. gun rack in truck window
  230. Bank Manager shows a robber who is boss....
  231. Anyone carry a CZ75 or CZ85???
  232. LTCF application question
  233. Firearms Restricted
  234. Pistol Bayonet?
  235. Hostage situation at Park City Mall
  236. Pittsburgh Zoo Accident
  237. LTCF Renewal notice received 23 days not 60 before expiration?
  238. carry while riding in a vehicle
  239. I-96 Shooter caught -Michgian.
  240. Carrying at church in MD?
  241. How long till an innocent gun owner is caught up in this?
  242. FL CCW and PA LTCF Redundancy question
  243. oc meet in philly?
  244. Please identify this holster for me
  245. Conceal and carry.
  246. We came here to get away from guns.....
  247. i think i've made a Veteran's day today.
  248. Cool picture on fb from the NRA
  249. first time gun owner
  250. Philly Concealed Carry no CCW