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  1. Welcome Erie County Gun Owners
  2. Erie County CCW Application Form
  3. Erie county friends of NRA
  4. Where can I shoot near Harborcreek?
  5. A shopping we will go....
  6. Time to write some letters.
  7. Erie gun owner help needed
  8. Lethal Weapons Training Academy
  9. Erie Paper
  10. Tom Corbett Nominating Petition Meetup for Erie County
  11. looking for stun gun retailers in Erie area
  12. glocks have been recovered....
  13. anyone have a bead blaster that i could use?
  14. CCW Classes?
  15. H E R Gun Shop?
  16. Warner Theater
  17. The snow is gone....
  18. concealed carry legal?
  19. any USPSA practical pistol shooters?
  20. Looking for a range in the erie area.
  21. Has anybody heard of this?
  22. Erie Townhall with Sam Rohrer
  23. Tom Corbett in Erie
  24. Some "more or less" local folks.
  25. Tulio Arena, Seawolves, Block parties, etc...carry concealed?
  26. "Band of Brothers" and "The Pacific"
  27. The Keystone Armory
  28. SGL, 7-25, BE THERE!
  29. Keystone Gun Club
  30. Who knows someone that would own this gun
  31. Ammo
  32. NFA Stuff
  33. Tall Ships Erie
  34. Gun Raffle
  35. H-creek W-mart, ammo out in the open, oh no!
  36. Wattsburg fire dept. gun raffle
  37. Rocky Grove FD Gun Show
  38. Walnut Creek Rifle Club "Sighting in Days"
  39. Gem City open indoor tonight
  40. Gun show, Harborcreek, 12-18.
  41. erie convention center gun show
  42. Taurus PT709
  43. Bob McDowell on WJETTV speaking about Gun Control
  44. 270 WSM Ammo
  45. Mosins
  46. Snow shooting
  47. Concealed Carry Question
  48. AR-15 Stripped Lower Receivers
  49. Spring get together?
  50. Good Places To Shoot
  51. Place to rent and shoot?
  52. Curiosity
  53. Open Carry Friendly/Unfriendly Places
  54. Ammo Can
  55. Recent Tac Shoot
  56. Anybody going to Celebrate Erie?
  57. Too long since the last post here!
  58. gravel pit park
  59. 2nd amendment rally in Waterford?
  60. Hunting Licenses
  61. Erie Gun Show OCT 15th
  62. Meadville gun/knife show
  63. Lethal Weapons Academy Handgun 101
  64. Walnut Creek Rifle Club Sighting in Days
  65. Dayum, too close for comfort!
  66. Front page Erie Times another shot dead/ pepper spray
  67. Anybody want to do a fun shoot this weekend?
  68. stores, ranges, and rod n gun clubs
  69. 600-1000 yd ranges
  70. Utah Concealed Carry Class
  71. Walnut Creek Rifle Club is NOT closing
  72. ranges that rent handguns?
  73. Erie, let's shoot! Get-together. 1-31?
  74. taurus pt845
  75. 2012 Erie County Friends of the NRA Banquet, April 3
  76. Backyard Plinking?
  77. Anyone familiar with Bay City Gun Club?
  78. New Member in Erie
  79. Erie Gunshow
  80. Gem City gun club gun show Saturday.
  81. Jason Owen for PA State House in Erie, PA
  82. out door group shoot
  83. Neighborhood Yard Sale 6/1/12 & 6/2/12
  84. New Gun Shop in Millcreek
  85. OC meet
  86. Erie OC meet aftermath!
  87. Erie SGL, Intermediate Rifle Target And Other Questions
  88. would anyone be willing to oc-aug 3rd
  89. He's gone, is anyone still interested in OC meets?
  90. OC meet discussion, ONLY!!!
  91. Cops called for having a gun outside.
  92. OC at Roar on the Shore
  93. Assistance Request.
  94. OC meet at Chick-Fil-A?
  95. Border Patrol
  96. OC breakfast?
  97. rock island 1911
  98. Erie County Sportsman's Leage 300 yd Rifle Shoot
  99. Gun Blueing
  100. Best place to buy and sell firearms near Erie?
  101. SGL 101, 314
  102. Gem City
  103. Lethal Weapons Training Academy
  104. Erie Gun show this weekend 10-13&14, anyone going?
  105. Utah CCW
  106. Starting a new job today.
  107. Friendly Reminder Walnut Creek Rifle Club
  108. Walnut Creek Rifle Club Sighting in Days
  109. Gun permit piece in Erie Times
  110. first range day with Taurus pt111 millennium pro duo tone
  111. im 4 NRA
  112. bayfront gun show next week!!
  113. Harrisburg 2A Rally Jan 23
  114. Snow....bah.
  115. even here in corry!!
  116. is anyone from erie going to the rally
  117. Erie Gun Owner's Congressional Townhall Meeting Jan 30
  118. looking to car pool with anyone going to the rally
  119. anyone going to the meeting at bobs gun shop
  120. meet and greet erie pa 1-25-2013 or 1-26-2013
  121. meet and eat will be help this sat at 5pm
  122. Bob's gun shop...range rentals?
  123. Video of gun rally
  125. meet and eat at perry square erie pa
  126. 5.56 at walmart
  127. non resident permit
  128. No Guns = No Money NWPA our new facebook page!
  129. new ffl in erie pa
  130. Erie Gunshow
  131. Well it's official
  132. Ammo Report- Erie Area- Post any finds here
  133. Ok trying this again - Bob's has got me covered thanks all
  134. PA Firearms Law Seminar
  135. Gem City club needs .22lr for junior rifle, donate if possible.
  136. Gun Shop Details in the Area
  137. Cabela's coming to Millcreek
  138. Cabela's coming to Erie
  139. Hitting the range!
  140. What's your take on the Ammo crisis?
  141. Gun Clubs in the Erie area
  142. Just for laughs - Ammo prices on GunBroker
  143. Bayfront Convention center
  144. No Cabelas for Erie!
  145. Who, for new Erie county sheriff?
  146. Pro gun billborad - Erie
  147. Looking for a wrench
  148. Walnut Creek Range
  149. Help with PA travel information
  150. Gun Range @ Sampson Rd
  152. Erie Pro Gun Rally
  153. LTCF turn around
  154. dust off your rifles
  155. Walnut Creek Rifle Club 50 yard range
  156. Looking to Swap 40S&W & 9MM for 380auto and anyone who is a reloader
  157. New mossberg predator
  159. Guns and Coffee
  160. Need a local for a recon mission!!!
  161. Waterford pa Rally Aug 10 2013 100pm
  163. newbie
  164. Walnut Creek visitors...
  165. Gun Shows
  166. Does anyone own a Calico weapon?
  168. Fun Shoot at Keystone Gun club Erie PA
  169. Swap Meet at Keystone Gun Club
  170. Travelling in Erie area
  171. Snow city USA!
  172. gun powder
  173. From the Commonwealth Court
  174. paper patch bullets
  175. USPSA orientation, 2-15, sounds like fun!
  176. new gun owners
  177. Anyone planning to attend this Edinboro CC seminar?
  178. And now an Erie CC seminar!
  180. Gem City Gun show/swap 4-19
  181. Anyone with a subcompact 9mm I can shoot?
  182. Little Help for a Non-Res?
  183. Field & Stream
  184. Dura or Armory Coating - Erie Area?
  185. Gem City Outdoorsmen Club
  187. gander mountain has 22lr
  188. How to act during a traffic stop
  189. .22 ammo in stock
  190. SIGH!
  191. Advice on traveling to Erie this time of year
  192. PA Application Question
  193. Anybody going to the group shoot?
  194. A little excitement around here, what time is the riot?
  195. Gun bash in erie today august 8th 2015
  196. I-90 closed until May!
  197. Couple gun shows coming up.
  198. 3 Gun Activities/Matches
  199. Woo hoo, more local excitement.
  200. Erie Insurance Arena gets metal detectors
  201. JR's Last Laugh
  202. Gem City Outdoorsmen
  203. Much going on in Erie
  204. Erie County friendly to Non Resident Pistol Permits?
  205. Officer involved shooting!
  206. Any body got a trigger pull gauge to lend for a week or so?
  207. Non-Resident Renewal
  208. Hey, wey got a Trump boat parade too!
  209. Shooting at Partners in Harborcreek
  210. Trump's coming!
  211. Former Field & Stream, now Sportsmans warehouse, HAS AMMO!!!
  212. Oh boy, Sampson rd game commission range shooting!
  213. Keystone Armory Gun Shop
  214. Gun owner tries to board plane with gun at Erie "International" Airport
  215. Remington 300 Savage corelock 150 gr
  216. Shooters Warehouse