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  1. Contact information for PA Legislator's
  2. PA one gun per month
  3. [CLOSED]Municipalities in violation of 6120 (Preemption)[CLOSED]
  4. Lackawanna county parks preemption violation.
  6. Preemption violation: Looking for members near Prospect Park/Delaware county
  7. How can I change a preemption violation?
  8. How To Read A Bill
  9. carrying as a bounty hunter
  10. H.R. 17: Citizens' Self-Defense Act of 2009
  11. Anyone else here in Matt Bradford's district?
  12. Castle Doctrine HB 40 in 09 does anyone REALLY want this passed? If so please read
  13. HB 1292 - Changes to Licensing (LTCF)
  14. get ready to call your lawmakers!
  15. Matt Bradford Town Hall
  16. Breaking News DA.s oppose your rights to self defense
  17. Private gun sales and transfers in PA
  18. Are YOU Tired Of Municipalities Violating PA Firearms Preemption Law?
  19. Shipping blackpowder pistol from Europe to America
  20. LTCF revisions for uniformity
  21. Gerlach backs out....
  22. Sam Rohrer Needs You!
  23. Purchase in PA by NY'er, PA non-resident license
  24. Section 302
  25. Congressman Platts response to H.B 40 e-mail
  26. Storing Firearms
  27. expungment
  28. how can I keep up with all these new bills
  29. Maryland Bill HB 52
  30. Pennsylvania Alert: Maryland House Bill 52
  31. $35 Gun Registration?
  32. Purchase limits in PA
  33. Assault weapon laws
  34. Legal Question reagrding fees
  35. Assist Sec of Energy married to VP of Glass Company getting Fed Weatherization Grant
  36. State sets sights on handgun licenses...
  37. Secret Ballot Vote For PA House Of Rep Republican Leadership Position To Impact State
  38. NFA Trust Legal in PA?
  39. bringing gun from IL to PA
  40. Pennsylvania Has Twelve New Sheriffs
  41. How many PA LTCF permits are there?
  42. United Way now Funding Anti Gun Group
  43. Lawsuit Planned Against Cities Please help
  44. Sale to NY Resident
  45. Head's UP ! B.Miller and Heeding God's Call planning new gun shop protests !
  46. Reciprocity with MD a possibility?
  47. Pennsylvania Gun Friendly?
  48. Jerry Knowles
  49. Will these charges affect my LTCF?
  50. Want to go after CeaseFire PA ? Stumbled onto this while looking for something else
  51. Radnor Township Considering Mandatory Reporting of Lost or Stolen Firearms Could be C
  52. PSP/PICS rescinds illegal edict on AR-15 Receiver transfers (No more white form)
  53. transfer between parent/child definition
  54. Are you smarter than (most of) the leadership in Philadelphia?
  55. mailing ammunition
  56. Some activity in other states.
  57. Any election poll workers here?
  58. Official PA state firearm
  59. Got a complex interstate travel question
  60. parking off work site with firearm inside with LTCF?
  61. Castle Doctrine?
  62. Denied a Concealed Carry Permit???...
  63. Apply for a LTCF in Montco and get Terrorized
  64. Trouble In Philly
  65. Heading God's Call to protest Shooter Shop next week
  66. Jon Murtha has died
  67. Protest the protesters at The Shooter Shop
  68. PA Non-Resident LTCFs to Require Application In Person????
  69. Centre County To Stop Issuing LTCFs By Mail...
  70. Saturday, February 13th in Philadelphia
  71. Sheriff Durante (Montgomery County) Passed away
  72. Hatboro to vote on Lost and Stolen
  73. FREE TICKETS IF YOU REGISTER BY 5PM THURSDAY for Sam Rohrer's Mobilize for Liberty
  74. Springfield (Delco) Prohibits Carrying?
  75. The fallacy of ATF Trace Data and "crime guns" / Heeding God's Call claims
  76. CNN Gun Series airing this week in mid Feb
  77. Senate Bill 842 (castle law)
  78. CCAC Ok's Concealed Weapons Group!
  79. Say, WHAT??? Borough of Albion Passes Gun Ban!
  80. Lost and Stolen Ordinance-Time to add Swarthmore
  81. Support Russ Diamond for Lt. Governor
  82. Swarthmore, PA considering lost & stolen ordinance...
  83. Starbucks CONSOLIDATED thread RE: Sun. 2-21-10 Political Activism push back!
  84. PA Private Handgun Sale to OH Resident
  85. LOst and Stolen Information Site
  86. PA did reverse the "21yr age for AR" crap - correct?
  87. North Sewickley Township to Consider Gun Ban!
  88. HB 2267 An Act amending Title 34 (Game)
  89. Ambler Borough rejects Lost & Stolen!
  90. Out of State F2F Law?
  91. What to do?
  92. long guns
  93. Lost & Stolen firearm ordinance...
  94. Support Pro-Gun Steve Johnson for Lt. Governor
  95. Would 6109 fail an equal protection challenge?
  96. Daryl Metcalfe is running for Lieutenant Governor
  97. Butler Township Gun Sales
  98. I don't even know where to begin...
  99. See where the PA Gubernatorial candidates stand
  100. Conshohocken passes Lost and Stolen!
  101. HB 2358 Amending Title 18
  102. Northampton County Alert.
  103. Radnor Township to Vote March 22nd on LOST AND STOLEN
  104. Any initiatives to craft a montana-style firearms bill for PA?
  105. HB 2369 - I thought this amusing.
  106. Transferring firearms?
  107. family transfers
  108. Beware of "flash mobs" in Philadelphia
  109. April 2, 4pm Round 2 at the Shooter shop, Please come out and support Gun rights!!
  110. Bridgeport Resolution on 'Lost and Stolen'
  111. How do I know a hand gun for sale isn't stolen? + other questions
  112. McKeesport - Lost and Stolen
  113. McKeesport's Lost or Stolen effort
  114. Baldwin Borough Lost or Stolen
  115. Wilson Borough [Northampton] - Lost and Stolen
  116. Moving to Philadelphia
  117. Gift
  118. buying guns out of state
  119. Bethlehem - Man Defends Girlfriend and Baby
  120. anti gun group on thepittsburghchannel.com
  121. Church and CC in PA?
  122. A Question on when an attacker enters my home.
  123. gun transfer
  124. Explanation of Pennsylvania Gun Records
  125. Gun Control Petition
  126. misdemeanor in new york
  127. Lower Merion To Amend Carrying In Parks Ordinance
  128. Corbett and the Pennsylvania State Police Database
  129. Democrat Tony Williams for Governor
  130. Question about inheriting guns
  131. Rohrer on Gun Control: "The Choice of the Weapon is Not the Focus.
  132. gun transfer question
  133. Please delete post.
  134. The NO Show "protest" from HGC Yesterday and a bit of a Bombshell !
  135. Luzerne County fails to send LTCF renewal notices
  136. 2A rally meet
  137. Can I carry a fixed blade in Pa?
  138. Tom Corbett reserves disarming Pennsylvanians as an option
  139. The entire Lock Haven area is in violation of preemption
  140. Ceasefire PA has infiltrated Temple University
  141. Last Day to register to vote or switch parties is TODAY!
  142. Plymouth Township Lost & Stolen Ordinance Notice
  143. CeaseFirePA Press Release: Radnor, Upper Merion, Baldwin, Whitaker
  144. light sentence eh
  145. 186 PA Mayors Launch Gun Show Loophole Ad Beginning Today
  146. automatic confiscation, $1500 required to reclaim your firearms!!!
  147. Can't get a straight answer on self protection
  148. CeasfirePA at Westmoreland Co. Commissioners Meeting
  149. Anti-gun groups guilty of conspiracy to commit a crime?
  150. Upper Merion Passes Resolution To Pressure The State For Lost & Stolen
  151. Onorato wants to abolish Preemption
  152. How do I get an FFL or NFA dealers license?
  153. Democrat Tony Willams and Preemption
  154. My experiance in Harrisburg last week @ the Capitol
  155. PA law regarding training minors in Firearms???
  156. Post-Shooter Shop Protest: A Call for some New Ideas
  157. Harrisburg Rally Feedback
  158. Rep Oberlander: Overwhelming Support Exists for Right to Bear Arms
  159. Just heard from Metzgar about Castle Doc.
  160. ANYONE SEE THIS ?? Freedom Shoot May 8th / Rohrer & Corbett to attend ?
  161. CeaseFirePA's 2010 Voters Guide
  162. Is the Philly Gun Task Force a form of gun control?
  163. So-Called Federal Gun Free School Zone
  164. Lt. Governor
  165. Pennsylvania 17th Congressional District Republican Candidate Forum
  166. Tom Corbett vs. Sam Rohrer on the 2nd Amendment..
  167. Wilson Borough Proposes Lost & Stolen and The Evolution Of Proposal
  168. State Forest Target Shooting
  169. State Law on Target Shooting
  170. PA Senate District 14
  171. Sam Rohrer Responds to an Anti in Chester County
  172. Mike Fitzpatrick for Congress
  173. Petition to get Sam Rohrer on the Glenn Beck Show
  174. FOAC Voters Guide
  175. no debate here...
  176. Gun Shows
  177. Plymouth Township Public Meeting On Lost & Stolen Tonight (5/10)
  178. 18 Pa.C.S. 6105.1: Restoration Question
  179. Firearm Owners Against Crime- Biased BS!!
  180. Upper Allen Township to amend law banning weapons in parks
  181. Wilson Borough Approves Lost or Stolen
  182. Cheltenham Considers Lost or Stolen (5/19)
  183. Should FOAC endorse Tom Corbett on their guide? Is he pro or anti-gun?
  184. Lead contamination and shooting ranges.
  185. Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund Endorses Rohrer for Governor
  186. Reading Mayor comments on Wilson Borough
  187. Rohrer rally & concert at the Capitol this Saturday (May 15th)
  189. Plymouth Lost or Stolen. "Severability" Disclaimer?
  190. PA Law regarding Lending or Renting firearms
  191. Rifle ownership transfer - hows it work.
  192. legality question
  193. Honest Question about Sam Rohrer
  194. Background check question
  195. Now Whitemarsh Township Proposes Lost or Stolen (Looks Very Promising)
  196. Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund E-Mail Alert
  197. Three Anti-Gun Bills to be Considered Next Week!
  198. ok, so it's settled...Corbett won
  199. Is a PICS check required if you have a LTCF?
  200. Grab your Phones NOW!! S O S ... --- ...
  201. Anybody see this!!!! HB1043,1044,1045
  202. Jenkintown: Lost Or Stolen Proposed
  203. House Bill 2536 Offered
  204. kinda loaded long gun in car Question
  205. Lentz to introduce legislation "to strengthen gun permit law" in PA
  206. HB 40 is out of the Judiciary Committee 5-25-2010!!!!
  207. Upper Allen Proposes To Amend 35 Year Old Preemption Violation
  208. Harrisburg May 25 2010
  209. Question of the Day: Does there need to be a change in state gun laws?
  210. Lackawanna County; new preemption violation 5/26/2010
  211. Range closure
  212. Couple of questions in preparation for the move...
  213. Friends of the NRA in PA
  214. Here's Another Bill to Watch out for HB 2537
  215. HB40 amendment
  217. ACT 235 been there, done that?
  218. Carrying During State of Emergency - Question
  219. House Bill 1045
  220. The "One gun a month" Debate
  221. Will the April 2A Rally @ the Capitol continue?
  222. Sale to private citizens?
  223. How many rounds in a hunting rifle?
  224. Lost & Stolen: CeaseFire Adds 2 More Towns
  225. Reciprocity Question
  226. High Court Refuses to Hear Phila. Gun Ordinance Case
  227. Question about FTF Trade
  228. PAFOAers NEED TO WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!
  229. Here's another to watch out for: HB 2570
  230. Any info on new sheriff?
  231. Question on Interstate C&R FTF Transfer
  232. Just to get everyone angry! Here's HB 2574!
  233. gun permit 'loophole'
  234. CHELTENHAM TWP - 6/16 - Lost & Stolen up for a vote.
  235. Of possible interest SB 1401
  236. Lost and stolen editorial on Philly.com
  237. How A Bill Becomes A Law In Pennsylvania
  238. Want to Help out in the upcoming Election
  239. Ceasefire PA and Moms Against Guns "Join Forces"
  240. An idea for some offensive action
  241. Continued Communication With Bryan Lentz regarding HB 2536
  242. Oley Ordinance Passed - Prohibiting Firearms in Township Building
  243. Radnor Township Commissioners Meeting Tonight 6-21 7 PM
  244. Friend arrested in NY for having a legally owned handgun in trunk
  245. Let's look at this: HB 2600
  246. Don't Be A Victim Political Video
  247. LTCF Fees in Morning Call
  248. What is the real situation if I want to carry a shotgun in my vehicle all the time?
  249. Legal to shoot on friend's property?
  250. New PA Resident - Can You Help?