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  1. Pennsylvania House Republicans Call on Senator Toomey to Stand Up for 2A Amendment
  2. An Open Letter to my Representatives ...
  3. Who to target in Senate after this morning?
  4. eMail to PTR
  5. Toomey Caves
  6. Toomey sold us out
  7. Two Pennsylvania Army National Guard Pilots Killed in Afghanistan
  8. Sellout #2. Fitzpatrick
  9. We need Sam Rohrer to run against Toomey
  10. Need a good Lawyer for Restoration of Gun Rights
  11. Small amount of marijuana and paraphernalia conviction - May I own/purchas a firearm?
  12. Entry to courthouse delayed for an hour and a half!
  13. please e-mail Pat Toomey
  15. To Our 2A Friends in PA
  17. 5 guns stolen from unlocked vehicles
  18. Congressman Thompson discusses gun control proposals - Apr 12, 2013
  19. Bikers & patriots rally April 13th
  20. LTC Permit by County
  21. Please fill out this Gun Rights Survey ASAP!!
  23. Letter from Steve SanTERDO...I'm really getting fed up
  24. Bucks county Democratic wants to close the PA state loophole
  25. Response from Senator Casey - no surprise
  26. Emergency Gun Survey
  27. Response to Sen. Casey
  28. Gun Free School Zones
  29. York city
  30. Senator Bob Casey e=mail reply
  31. Liabilities of Gun Free Zones in PA
  32. looking for some advice
  33. Use LOGOs when writing politicians
  34. Response From Casey
  35. Anti gunners & politicians Take Heed!
  36. Anti-gun protest in New Hope
  37. Books on defending gun owners?
  38. Rally in Montrose - April 19, 2013
  39. Who to endorse besides Toomey
  40. Election for DA in York county
  41. Troopers pulling over folks on way to rally
  42. CCW unjustly convicted in Lehigh
  43. Is there something we can do about the witch Kathleen Kane?
  44. old duis
  45. Anti-gun events at University of Penn planned
  46. Remington Sells out to NY!
  47. Philadelphia lost M16 full auto
  48. Want My Firearm Permit Reinstated After ARD DUI Expunged
  49. Permanent vs. Temporary Address Issue
  50. recieved a pettion from the anti's IMAGINE THAT !
  51. My letter to Toomey
  52. Rally to show support for Metcalf’s HB 357 bill
  53. "Gun Control Fail. Now What?"
  54. Here's a reason to ask to see an LTCF.....
  55. response from Mike Fitzpatrick...
  56. LTCF Application Confidentiality
  57. If It Isn't Gun Related..
  58. Second Amendment Preservation Act (HB 436)
  59. Re: Doylestown rally March 30th
  62. Township Supervisor Tells Reporter NRA Had Me Enforce Preemption Violation
  63. Last Day to Carry (with Florida License)
  64. Where does Buck's sheriff stand?
  65. IWI in Harrisburg?
  66. Montco Residents asked to Respond!! Jury Selection Committee violates Title 18
  67. Hb1243
  68. gun transfer law
  69. What can we do to help keep Corbett in office!
  70. Help me make the argument
  71. Coming home
  72. Chief mark kessler being intimidated!!
  73. AK47 used in Philly shooting
  74. Question about "references" for concealed carry permit
  75. Quinnipiac Poll: Gun Issue Boosts Toomey Approval
  76. Lawyer: Character reference checks illegal for license-to-carry applications
  77. PA Senate SR103 Resolution to reinstate high capacity magazine ban
  78. PA poll Everybody beats Corbett!
  79. open carry walk May 19th at 1:30 to show that Harassment just makes us stand taller
  80. Luzerne County sheriff won't sign off Class 3
  81. Chesco Sheriff stands by Gun Raffle
  82. Schwartz gun control Response
  83. ***ALERT*** April 29, 2013 Dems push for background checks on all gun sales in Pa.
  84. Potential GOP Darhorse Candidate for Philly Mayor?
  85. New PA Resident - Need to wait 90 days for pistol?
  86. Another Generic Response from Fearless Pat Toomey
  87. I got a response from Toomey!
  88. SFN still helping us fight for our Rights
  89. New Toomey letter
  90. Yet another "upstanding" MAIG member
  92. Is anything being done about the Philadelphia pre-emptive violation?
  93. Age 19. Conceal Handgun in PA with Maine Conceal Carry Handgun permit
  94. S665 Universal Background Checks
  95. Former PA resident -- moving with a rifle + selling
  96. castle doctrine/stand your ground question
  97. 2nd Amendment Preservation & Gun Control Protest Rally
  98. Ag shuts down other non-resident permits?
  99. Rallies and Boycots DO WORK
  100. PA Castle doctrine and Stand your Ground Law.
  101. Laura J. Doerr Memorial Park Preemption Violation
  102. Morrisville rally this Saturday 5/11
  103. the proof about Pat Toomey
  104. Some one stole my Gun what i Should do next?
  105. Local Media stirring up things up in Chesco... (AR-15 raffle)
  106. what was Casey's motivation?
  107. Return of Property - Philly
  108. Issues with a rally this coming June in Erie.
  109. Purchasing firearms in PA PICS
  110. FEMA Drill to take place at Dorney Park May 13th, 2013
  111. Latest reply from Bob Casey
  112. Where are all the Pro-Gun Bills in process ??
  113. Shootings by Philly police soar as violent crime plummets
  114. Dealer Question - Gun Locking Devices
  115. Aliquippa PD Losing Guns...
  116. Philadelphia Gun Rights Rally MAY 25th!!!
  117. I'd probably avoid SEPTA for a while
  118. Pennsylvanians against Leslie Dutchcot -- Steal guns once, shame on you...
  119. Non-resident dual citizen, take competition rifle to Australia
  120. Delaware County Sheriff: Primary Election
  121. East Rockhill Twp. Goes on Record - To Do Nothing
  122. Bill to 'dismantle' state police gun database (registry)
  123. Trying to find some info
  124. Why gun is confiscated after use in bonifide self defense?
  125. May 23 Gun Control panel in Philly
  126. Handgun Transfer Law
  127. Florida ccw reciprocity.
  128. PSP response to challenge: "Status undetermined"
  129. ARD & LTCF
  130. Why does a DUI strip you of your 2A rights?
  131. 1911 United visits York to talk gun violence
  133. HB1445 commuted a crime as a teen no guns for you
  134. Moving with my firearms?
  135. PA HB 1010 48 hour Waiting Period & All Sales At FFL
  136. Stanley E. Saylor may support "mild" gun-control
  137. AR-7 in car question
  138. 10:30 All Carbon County 911 Lines are down!
  139. windsor playland park rules issue
  140. Sold to FFL- no paperwork. ???
  141. surrendering Ltcf
  142. MAIG and CeasefirePA in Harrisburg today!
  143. HB1479 high caps mag permits and prohibition
  144. reference request
  145. When is an arrest, an arrest?
  146. Any experience with appeal process for Ltcf in Allegheny County
  147. Man charged with carrying gun on school property (looks like "other lawful purpose")
  148. CeasefirePA - in their own words
  149. Looking for info about persons not to possess fire arms
  150. What would you have done?
  151. what's the grace period for renewing a LTCF?
  152. What can a LEO see on stop?
  153. Pro gun rally in Doylestown
  154. Legality of Application for LTCF in Philadelphia
  155. Ar pistol in car with a 16 barrel
  156. Action Request - Rep Mackenzie District 134
  157. Kahr Firearms Group moving to NEPA!!!
  158. Bill would close concealed carry loophole.
  159. Some litigation history for the kids....
  160. Question about sbr and full auto permission
  161. Buying a .22 rifle from a friend...
  162. what advantage to a non-resident permit?
  163. Burglary...
  164. Erie Rally Story on The Blaze
  165. President Obama May Announce 19 Executive Orders on Gun Control Tomorrow 11:45 am
  166. Colorado is going after a 2nd Rep with a recall
  167. 63 percent growth in Yorkers with concealed-carry weapons permits
  168. Local Supermarket Owner Offers Gift Cards For Gun Turn-In Program
  169. 4th of July armed march on state capitols?
  170. Bucks gun group splits over carrying firearms at rallies
  171. Gun transfer/purchasing question.
  172. DA: Pa. cop shot man holding underwear, not gun
  173. Proposed Pennsylvania Bill Creates Means For Relief For Prohibited Persons
  174. burning of the Wrightsville Bridge
  175. Berretta wont move to WV LETS GETEM HERE!
  176. AR Pistol
  177. PA DUI question
  178. New gun group tempers its message
  179. Federal Authority in Penna. Where does it come from?
  180. Can a 16 year old own a firearm if his/her parents buy it for them.
  181. SB 505 (Please support - ask your State rep to push for it)
  182. What is a firearm in Pa?
  183. Why are PA LEO's becoming *this* over-zealous?
  184. Man accidently shoots himself, State College Walmart
  185. range practice in the backyard
  186. MAIG $$ for Toomey !
  187. What would the charge be...
  188. Are there any initiatives to abolish PICS?
  189. HB1010 Hearing coming up...
  192. "Kill Zimmerman" Painted on business before arson
  193. Info request
  194. New Resident Buying Handgun
  195. How mad does this make ya!
  196. PA man gets 8 1/2 years in terror promotion
  197. Mother of Newtown shooting victim urges Pa. lawmakers to expand gun background checks
  198. ROLL CALL
  199. South Londonderry twp. preemtion violation
  200. Decided to take on a Preemption Violation
  201. latrobe SWAT standoff
  202. “JUSTICE FOR TRAYVON” Counter protest!!!!
  203. Need a possible RSVP for OC rally in Hazleton to support an OC advocate who needs us!
  204. prohibited person question
  205. abc inside story- PA Castle Doctrine.
  206. Holder and Trayvon's Mom to Speak in Philly
  207. N. Philly shootout feet away from gun free zone sign and surveillance cameras
  208. Is Sen. Toomey still a Senator?
  209. Another Misguided Politician!
  210. PA to no longer honor Idaho carry permit
  211. Visit to Pennsylvania...
  212. Handgun purchase approved LTCF denial
  213. Question regarding state lines
  214. "Roof" Park in Paradise PA in Violation of UFA
  215. A gunman blasted shots through the wall of a Pennsylvania municipal building
  216. Ross Township Shooting Gives Rise to Anti Moves
  217. Anti-Gun program Coming to PA Classrooms
  218. Overpasses for Obamas impeachment
  219. Pa Constitution Article X sec 2.
  220. GOA Event
  221. Private School Carry??
  222. Question on lawfully owning a found gun
  223. Pa gun rights..
  224. can someone help me with explaining a local ordnance
  225. Just a thought on local laws
  226. Northumberland County - Possible Preemption Violation
  227. Buying a hand gun from my father ?????
  228. County Sheriffs not accepting out of state LCTF applications
  229. Easton, PA School District Admin Building
  230. Restoration of Firearm rights ia pa.
  231. Bloomberg bus in Oakland
  232. bristol township buckcs county ufa violation
  233. Philadelphia Police can't seem to find some of their own guns, including M-16.
  234. LTCF holder shooting in West Chester
  235. firearm rights
  236. Moving from DPRMD
  237. Bloomsbergs MAIG coalition
  238. Denied purchase of first handgun!!!!! Help!
  239. Sen. Bryan Cutler response
  240. Out of state LTCF in PA.
  242. UFA Violation - Lake Lenape Park - Sellersville Borough
  243. Family transfer. Quick question
  244. Being reimbursed for legal fees
  245. Non served temporary PFA and license to carry
  246. Bucks County Sheriff's Race
  247. Potential LTC and Transfer Issues.
  248. Montgomery County Parks - New signs and ordinance update
  249. Preemption violation: Northumberland County Expands Security to Admin building.
  250. Ridiculous Re-Writing of 2nd Amendment!